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Thursday, September 29


How to ease period pains.


How to ease period pains.

Every woman's worst nightmare is that time of the month and it's worse when we experience period pains. Lucky are those who never experience the trauma. I experience period pains a day before my periods. I become weak, numb and all I want to do is roll on the floor naked because the pain drives me insane. I vomit, get rash on my entire body and lose appetite all day. I become grumpy and quick to anger there for I don't want anyone in my room for that day. What I do to ease the pain is pour water in hot water bottle and press it hard on my belly. It helps, I also boil hot water and ginger roots together and drink it,it helps a lot.

I always make sure I have pain killers in my house. When the pain gets unbearable . I  take an overdose of the pills. The Doctor said I should take just two but I take four tablets so it helps me sleep.  My sister used to get the same kind of pain but she would get hers on the first two days of her periods,she used to sweat a lot,vomit and complain about a headache. But she had a baby three years ago,gave birth through C - section and she has never again experienced the period pains. I gave birth the natural way two years after her and I still get the pains.

How to ease period pains.
-Hot water bath

-Rooibos tea with lots of sugar and no milk.
-Boiled water with ginger roots.
-Hot water bottle (press it on your belly ).
-Rub vinegar on the painful area.

-Eat even when there's no appetite and take two pain tablets after every meal.
-Lie on your tummy on a cold surface

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