Thursday, September 22

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Kenny Kunene knows nothing besides eating punani – Julius Malema

Kunene knows nothing besides eating punani – Malema

As the war between outspoken businessman cum politician Kenny Kunene and opposition party leader Julius Malema rages on, Malema has hit back at Kunene, reminding the self proclaimed ‘sushi king’ of his ignorance.

Kunene was the first to tickle Malema during his interview with SABC Morning Live. Kunene called all sorts of insults, labelling the EFF leader a sellout. “I founded the EFF… One of the reason that I left the EFF is exactly what is happening now in the EFF: The lies, the facade that is being put to the people of SA and the world that this is a revolutionary movement and that their leader is revolutionary man whereas he is the biggest liar,” Kenny said.

The EFF leader and his legions of supporters did not take long to respond to Kunene’s comments made in an interview on Wednesday morning.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has taken to Twitter to lash out at Kenny Kunene over comments he made on SABC2’s Morning Live on Wednesday.

Responding to the comments, Malema said Kunene must first get 20 000 national votes before he gets a mention or a debate from him. “Otherwise he remains irrelevant”, further saying in Sepedi “Wa swa moloi” (the witch is burning).

Malema further went on to describe Kunene as someone who is ignorant and only knows love making with women. He was asked by a reporter on what could be the reason for Kunene’s outburst, he replied, “Kunene is uneducated, he knows nothing besides eating punani, he should start going to school now so that he reasons better.”

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