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Saturday, September 10


Slow poison Chapter 14


actually ran out that vicinity of that flat
Good thing I always carry my wallet everywhere I go so I just border a taxi back to campus
I was so hurt crushed
The taxi seemed to be going slower
And being at the front seat the Zulu driver was already making a pass at me
He kept bragging about being the owner of the taxi he was driving and that he had more taxis
Mxm typical black person talking about riches he doesn't even have
I mean I can never be so desperate in such a level of dating a taxi driver
I mean I like my guys clean not someone who just washes the face by the tap every morning when he rushes to work
And defiantly not anyone who will ask the girl who sit at the front sit out
Imagine being checked by a taxi in the school premises lol I don't wanna be the joke of the school
I didn't hide how disgusted I was by his passes
" Ey my sister my name is Sipho but they call me sphola" he said
Me: ah I thought as much
Him: ah what do you my sister
Me: I mean that its common that most. Taxi drivers are named Sipho in my area
Him: ah my sister that's because abo sipho ba rich
Me: good for you then
Him: so can you give me your number
He took out an scrap Samsung E250
I just laughed sarcastically
Such a straight downgrade for a rich guy he claims to be
Me: sorry but my numbers are too expensive to be lodged in such a phone
Him: sorry what
Me: you can't even afford a simple blackberry to save your life
Him: ah I have apple phone I left it at home
Me: the fact that you just call it that means you don't own it
Now can you please drop me here
Him: ah baby don't do that
Me: I said am getting of here
He stopped the taxi, most people at the back were already laughing at him
I got of and banged the door
He was busy yelling and saying how full of myself I was
If only he knew that I could be worse than this
He must just thank his ancestors that he found me on a dull mood and I was not in any mood to talk
Mxm that's the reason I hate public transport
The road to the dorm felt longer than usual
I finally reached the entrance though
I greeted the security before taking a lift to the room
The moment I got there I unlocked the door and walked in
Rato was not yet back
I threw myself in bed and just broke into a howl
How could I been so stupid to not have thought of this
I mean I fallen in love wIth thulani that I was hurt beyond repair
How could I let go of him while my whole world seems to be revolving around him
But what else can I do I know am far to young to be a step mom or worse being entangled in a baby mama drama.
I cried till tears ran dry all that was left was the hiccups and the pain
The tears failed to wash away the pain
And my heart remained broken
How could thulani forget to mention that he was a daddy
I hate drama and this carol girl I smelled smoke and where the is smoke there's defiantly fire and a lots of drama
I was hurt and confused. My phone rang it was thulani so I just let it ring
He kept on calling until I decided to switch my phone off
I really had nothing to say to him
I took my other phone and call the one person who knew how to cheer me up
I called sis'nyiko
Like expected she answered on the first ring
Her: hey nana
Me: sis'nyiko
Her: owh dear are you alright you sound so down
The minute she said that I just gave in and started crying again
Her: please dear tell me is there something wrong
What happened did someone hurt you or something
Me: no... Am.. Its
(Words refused to come out)
Her: nana take a deep breathe and talk to me
(I did as instructed)
Her: is it a boy, did a guy assaulted you
Me: its thulani
Her: and whose this thulani person
Did he beat you or touch you coz I swear to. God if he did am coming in that school
I will sure him heLl
Me: no ( I smiled in between the tears still thrilled about how much sis'nyiko loved me
Its like she was my biological mother)
Me: he didn't beat me or touch me in anyway, he is my boyfriend, well was my boyfriend
Her: what did he do
Me: well I just found out that he has a son and the baby mama is still inlove with him
Her: owh nana such is life, this things happen
How long have you been dating
Me: few days he hid this from me
Now the baby mama called him this morning confessing her undying love for him
Her: did he say he loves her back
Me: no, he said its over between them and that he loves me
Her: then maybe he's telling the truth, maybe he still was gonna tell you about the baby
Me: I guess so
Her: you love him right
Me: than charlie (my first bf)
Her: wow you must really love him
Me: I do, I feel like he is the only thing that is sane in my life right now
He's the reason I wear a smile each morning I wake up
Her: then what are you waiting for, go get your man
Hear him out and forgive him
You don't wanna be miserable all your life thinking how it would have been like if you had given him a chance
Me: but am not ready to be a step mom
Her: am sure the guy didn't ask for marriage so there's no need to bother yourself about that now
Enjoy life who knows you might even take great interest in that baby in future
Me: loL I doubt
Her: well you never no, anyway hear him out
And if you guys decides to continue with the relationship just make sure you use protection
You know your father will kill you if you by any chance fall pregnant
Me: don't worry sis I will be careful
Her: great then, please don't forget about your books
Me: I won't, thanx for your advise
Her: you welcome, you know am always here for you
Me: anyway where are the parents
Her: they are at work
Me: ohk bye then
Her: bye nana love you
Me: love you too
I then hung up feeling a bit better
Sis'nyiko just knew the right words to say
But I wasn't ready to hear thulani out
So I just took a nap instead
I woke up later went to take a shower then wore a trek pants and a sport bra only
I prepared few salads rice and lamb stew
Well that's the only thing I really knew how to cook
I was really a lousy cooker I didn't know most house stuff like cleaning and cooking because I never did it since there was sis'nyiko who did everything around the house
The stew and rice she literally taught me by force
After cooking I dished for myself and ate
Half way through my plate a single knock sounded then rato came in
She looked tired and drained
Her "girls out" must have really been hectic
" Owh hey you are home" she said, her voIce sounded rather cold
But I thought maybe it was just my imagination
So I let it slide
Me: yeah I decided to come back early
Her: owh ohk
Me: so how was your night out
Her: great
Me: you look tired beniytjukutja ngempela ne
Her: sort of, damn am so tired
Me: don't worry I cooked enough food
You can dish for yourself
Her: I can use a very cold juice
Me: its in the freezer, I already made it
Her: cool
She was busy in her bag
Then she took a glass and went to the freezer
she faced the other side a bit longer I really couldn't see cause she had her back against me
Finally she moved from the fridge with her glass filled with juice
She sat on her bed
Her: so how did it go
Me: well good I guess, I had a good time
I just didn't wanna tell her about the morning incident
I really didn't wanna talk about it because the more I thought about it the more angry I become
Her: mMh am sure you got some
I just smiled, we continued talking about Our outing
" So how is your family" she asked out of nowhere
Me: well they are great, in fact I've just spoke to sis'nyiko our house. Maid this morning
Her: wow that's great, how about that hot driver
What's his name gain
Me: tommy, I don't know. I haven't spoken to him ever since he brought my car
You really like him don't you
Her: well you gotta admit the guy is hot
Won't you date him if given a chance
Me: well I don't think so, I actually see him as a big brother
Besides he has never showed any interest in me
Her: owh ohk
Me: I will put in a good word for you because you really seem to be interested in him
Her: really you would do that
Me: yes, I don't know if he's single though
Her: I doubt it, he's too hot to be single
Me: lol hot guys can be single too
Her: if you say so
After eating I went to pour myself a glass of juice
After dropping rato Tommy drove back to the hotel he felt so shattered by the fact that he still couldn't see kuhle
He felt like his heart had been torn into shreds
I could she has a boyfriend
If only she could know how crazy he was about her
He took out his phone and attempted to dial her number but he dropped before the phone even rang
He was scared I mean he had no reason to be calling her
He finally reached the hotel parked his car and decided to drop by the nearby bar
To him drinking to dead was better than being battered by the memories of a girl he might never have
Well the may be few mistakes here and there coz I really don't have time to check, my meds are already hitting in so deep
Again am sorry for keeping you guys waiting
As we meet the bubbly TEEKAY

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