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Tuesday, September 13


Slow poison Chapter 15


I watched with so much. Joy as this brat took out a glass and poured her self a glass of juice
Just what I wanted because I just spiked it after pouring my own glass
I made sure that I increased tHe cocaine batch since I went to keegan to get the drugs first before coming into the house
In my head I had killed her a thousand, I hated the fact that she still denies having anything with Tommy while I saw everything
DeeP down I was fuming with anger
" Umh this juice taste really funny yati" she said
Me: yeah I noticed too but its still drinkable
Her: yeah it is
I let out a devious smile while she continued drinking her juice
15 minutes after she had drank The juice the drugs started kicking in
She has started being loud and even more bubbly
She stood up from her bed and came to sit on mine
" I feel so good, in fact I have never felt this hype
I love you so much friend, you are my first best friend ever" she said pulling me in for a hug
She hugged me so tight
Me: I love you too chommie
Her: who needs Thulani when I have you
Akahambe ayofa Thulani
Me: wait what are you on about
I said quickly breaking the hug
Her: owh konje I didn't tell you
That asshole has a baby
And apparently the baby mama still loves him
Me: whoa what, omg you kidding right
Her: am not, in fact my heart has never been so shattered I love him so much and I don't know if I can stand the baby mama Drama
( She burped louder)
Wow that's great so Thulani has a baby
The lord works in mysterious ways
Now all I had to do is to poison her crazy mind and make sure that she doesn't go back to Thulani
Her: Thulani has a baby, he is a damn father
How can such hotty have a baby, he was supposed to be mine without any strings attached
Ngyamtsandza yat, I know he is an ass but I love him
I need to forgive him like ses'nyiko said
She sniffed
Me: no, don't forgive him dear, let me tell you forgiving him would be like selling yourself short
Don't settle for less it doesn't suit you
Beside love alone is not enough and what if you get back with him only to find out that he is still fucking his baby mama
Phela man can be dogs
Her: Lani wam akasinjalo, he will never do that to me
He chose me and he said things were over between him an his ex
Me: well thulani is a man and from experience nana all I can tell you is men lie and are very good manipulators and I can tell you the baby mama will always be in your relationship
A relationship with a third party is no relationship at all
Her: you are right yat maybe I should just stay away from him for good
Me: you should, anyway who is this baby mama
Her: I don't know I heard him calling her Carol
Me: Caarrool as in the famous carol of the big three girls layi campus
Her: do you know her coz I don't
Me: I think I do but I hope you are not talking about her
Her: unani lomatiko
Me: well she is a township girl n uyashayana shem
Her: well I hope its not her
I just zoomed out, I had found a perfect plan to get her to leave Thulani
I needed to talk to carol and point her in the right direction
"But you should know, when it gets too cold
You not alone
I'll melt the snow" that was my junky singing melt the snow
As if her horrible voice was not enough she stood up and started dancing
Her: iyoo iyangbusisa le song, blessed am I ngayo shem
I just stared at her
Her: chommie maan come join me
Let me see how you get down
Me: no am so tired, and hOw can I dance while there's no music
Her: angitsi I am the music, I sing and we dance
Me: sOrry I'll pass
She pulled me up but I resisted and I ended up pulling her to me
She fell on my lap and our lips collided
Instead of pushing her away I just continue sucking her soft lips softly
At First she seemed lost but eventually she responded to the kiss
We kissed for the longest while
And to my surprise she was a great kisser
" Hhayi sentani" she said breaking the kiss
Her: ai tsine siyahlanya shem
I just ignored her I was still held In content by the kiss
she continued rambling alone until she finally fell asleep
After she was sound asleep in my bed
I stood up went to my bag took out the small bottle with the liquid drug and the syringe
I drew the liquid in the syringe then went to the snoring brat held out her arm and searched for vein
When I found it I drove in the syringe, she moved a bit at the stingy sensation
Then she continued snoring while I injected the drug in her veins through her blood stream
In few seconds I was done and I took out the syringe and placed it back in my bag together with the bottle
I breathed out heavily, I hoped this drug does what they said it will do
Keegan said the drug will fasten then process
It was like a catalyist in making an addict
Grace was Busy with her pile of work she had two cases she had to represent the following day so she needed to leave no stone unturned to make sure that her clients don't go to jail the following day
" You really need to eat yat". That was Jamal her senior
He walked over to her desk
" Well I have two cases tomorrow so I have no choice but to work my butt off" she answered closing her laptop
Jamal sat on top of the table putting two take aways
Besides him
Grace stood up and stood between his laps
They shared a passionate kiss
" Tell you what, let me feed you then after I will help you with your case" jamal said in between the kiss
Grace: hmm that sounds like a plan love
They continued french kissing which elevated into something more
jamal's hands traced down grace's soft skin, vigorously he rubbed grace's nipples through her silk shirt and lace bra
Their breathing patterns escalated they wanted each so much
Grace's hand traced over jamal's black formal trouser
She brushed his already hard manhood
You know how it is with office sex, the fear of someone walking in on them limited the time for four play
Jamal got off the desk he took down his trouser leaving it on the knees
Grace lifted her pencil skirt up exposing her lace tong
She bend over holding on to her desk, jamal thrusted her from behind
He firstly moved in a constant pace, while grace moaned quietly fearing to make any noise
Jamal, feeling the adrenaline rush increased the pace, he slammed harder and faster
Their flesh collided making a slap like sound as his flesh slammed to her big round ass
Grace huffed louder placing a hand on her mouth as to not moan louder
Finally jamal came, and so this grace
He then took out his dick and wiped it using a tissue
" I see you still got your game" grace said wiping her self with a tissue too
Jamal: well you get me going and besides I had to feed my lil princess in here
( He placed his hand on grace's tummy)
Grace: lol so your lil princess eat sperms
And how do you know that its a princess
What if its a boy
Jamal: I can feel it, she is a princess,
Anyway so those two idiots believed the story
Grace: yep, I did exactly as you instructed
I told vusi the pregnancy is his but I can't be with him so I will pin the baby on mxolisi
Just like you predicted, they fell for the trap
They both think its their baby
JAMAL: I told you, human being are too predictable, I knew they will fall for the lie
I still can't get why you with that VUSI of a loser though
GRACE: I told you VUsi knows too much about me
If I dump him, he might do something repulsive
And you know if he starts talking we may loose everything
He will give MXO a reason to divorce me
And if that happens our whole plan will fail
Jamal stayed quiet for a bit far too long
" How about we just kill him" he finally said
Grace gasped for air, shocked by the bombshell her lover juSt dropped
Grace: ki,,kill who Vusi
Jamal: No, your husband mxolisi, see if he dies you can claim everything
And we can easily get his company
Grace: what if he has a will and it turned out he left nothing to me
JAMAL: that's why you studied law we can easily replicate anything
And we will make sure that sister of yours gets nothing
Grace: you have a point there, I still don't get it though
Why do you want Mxolisi's company so bad
JAMAL: I know BRA MXO, we come way back with him, he owes me
And to think that he couldn't even recognize me at the party makes me more furious
He owes me and am willing to take back what he owes me by force if I had too
Grace: owh, I just wish I could know where he puts his company papers
I mean I searched everywhere in that house and still nothing
JAMAL: then he has to die for me to get what's mine, after his dead then we both can get married
Be a happy family just the two of us and our lil princess in here
Grace: and THANDOKUHLE she may have MXO's blood running through her veins but she is still my daughter and I love her
I can't just let her suffer so you have to promise me that if we do this you will consider THando and treat her as your own
JAMAL: relax I will never mistreat your child
I love you with her
So I promise I will be a father to her
Grace: good then so how do we go about assassinating mxolisi
JAMAL: just give me few days to come up with a perfect plan
Grace: mmmh mr planner, I trust you
" And I love you" jamal said drawing her closer to him and they kissed
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As we meet the connaiving RATO

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