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Wednesday, September 14


Slow poison Chapter 16


Tommy was still at the bar and as expected was getting a bit tipsy
" One more please" he said to the barman who handed him one more drink
He drank it at a slow pace since he was not in any hurry
" Can I have a castle light bra yam" another guy ordered
He took a sit next to Tommy
" Aita _da" he said to Tommy

"Ekse..." He stood mid sentence upon seeing who was greeting him
" Haau am I dreaming or what, Tommy,, Tommy parrez is this you" the guy interjected
Tommy: yep bra in flesh, wow look who we have here KEEGAN SIMMONS
What brings you to this side of the world
Keegan: well_well its work you know just trying to make ends meet
And wena sogidla la nou (you stay here now)
Tommy: I only wish, I stay in nelspruit
I was just here to check on someone
He said that with a disappointed look
Keegan: and by the look of things am thinking things didn't go your way
Tommy: owh no I did get some, I just didn't see the person I was hoping to see
Keegan: still love yourself some skirts I see
I thought you would have abandoned the game by now
Tommy: well I stopped that shit, my eyes are just fixated on only but one woman
Man I wish you could see her
She so perfect and so gorgeous she has everything I need in a girl
Keegan could see the sincerity and love in his voice when he spoke
Keegan: damn man you are hooked so bad its not even funny
So why don't you just get the girl
We both know that with your looks, charms and your smooth talk you can have any girl you want in the world
Tommy: yeah I can have anyone but her
Keegan: how do you mean mister smooth talker
ToMmy: well firstly she is way out of my league
She is rich and has a boyfriend
Keegan: well we both know that has never stopped you before
Bra you always love a challenge so what stopping you now
Tommy: well she is the boss's daughter
Keegan: whoa what, so you are attracted to your boss's daughter
Poi you are playing with fire
Tommy: well if that was the only thing then I wouldn't have mind
Keegan: so there's more, are you also attracted to your boss's wife
Tommy: hell no man, I can never be attracted to the wife, she is pretty yes but she is a monster,
the problem is am the family driver
Keegan: what
Tommy: yeah man I work as a driver for the family
And I know Kuhle can never fall for a mere driver
Keegan: wow man that's...
Tommy: unbelievable I know, with my engineering degree I still have a shitty job
But am not complaining though they pay me more than average driver salary, in fact its way more
Keegan: I hear you man, am also someone's lapdog with my engineering degree I also work as an errand boy to some flashy guy who also resides around nelspruit but I ran his jo'burg business
Tommy: life can be so unfair
Keegan: tell me about it poi, I still remember while we were still in the university, we were the top four
We had life figured out, we all hoped that after our course we were gonna work in south africa's topest companies
Unfortunately life had other plans for us
Now look at us stuck in shitty jobs
How about Micheal and paul when last have you heard from them
Tommy: few months back, micheal works in the states and paul owns his own engineering company in PE
KEEGAn: wow perks of being white, how I wish I could find a proper job, I really hate what I do
He looked troubled
Tommy: what's wrong you know you can talk to me we are bros
Keegan: I had my hands soiled in something so sinister
I think an innocent person's life is in turmoil because of my work and what I do
Tommy: how you mean
Keegan: my boss has me and his lady working on something so bad
I hate doing it but if I don't that man will have me killed
Tommy: am sure its not that bad
Keegan: trust me its worse, but can we drop it, I really don't wanna talk about it
Tommy: ohk ntwana akuna stress
Keegan: so how has life been
Tommy: well...
They talked about their lives and the university days which seemed like it happened long time ago
on the other side Thulani had been asleep the whole day trying to numb the broken heart
A soft knock sounded on the door, he jumped from the bed and rushed to the Door
He hoped it was TEEKAY knocking
But as soon as he opened the door his face turned sour
He wanted so much to slam the door in her face
But carol had already made her way in
" What the heLl do you want in my room Carol" he said with an irritated tone
" I just came to say hello to the father of my child" carol said slamming harder on the heel she was wearing walking to thulani's bed
Thulani: carol stop your funny games ayanyakula (they are irritating)
Carol: baby please, give us a chance, give me a chance we both know that I am the girl you loved and you will ever love
Let me make it up to you, am sure you remember this
When thulani lifted his eyes he was confronted by a completely naked CAROL
He swallowed hard as his eyes traced down carol's whole body
He stared hungrily at her firm round breast
Hers were a bit bigger than TEEKAY's
He remembered how much those breast use to turn him on
Carol: don't fight it, I know you want me just as much as I want you
She slowly catwalked to thulani who was still holding the door handle
" I know you want this, remember how I use to swing ontop of you" she whispered on his ear
biting his ear lobe sexily
Thulani's mind raced back, he remembered how great and intense the sex use to be like
How rough carol would let him go, she was the only one capable of taming his anger
She allowed the roughness and beating during their sexual intercourse, those role play which led to the greatest sex ever
She knew how to handle him
Carol breathed heavily on his skin.
" I love you THUNDER" she whispered again
She then moved from his ear to his mouth
She kissed him softly while her hand making its way to thulani's already hard rod
Thulani remembered those soft warm strawberry lips
But while his eyes closed all he could think about was HLEHLE and how much he would never hurt her
Roughly he held carol's hand which was two inches from his manhood
And he roughly pushed her
" Baby what, I know you want this, let me show you how much I love you" carol begged after seeing her efforts being rejected
" Leave,,,, I said leave" thulani hissed
" But babyyyy I.."
Thulani: phuma Carol, you are a cheap hoe and that will never change
You slept with my best friend
Get the hell out of my room
Thulani opened the door and pushed the naked Carol out of his room
She stood on the passage trying to cover her private parts
"Am sorry baby please" she said attempting to come in
Thulani: don't you dare try me, you know what I will do if you enter
Don't patronize me
Carol: thunder please
Her eyes were already teary. Much to Thulani's irritation
He just slammed the door in her face and made sure to lock it
Carol: thunder please give me my dress, I can't leave naked
She banged harder on the door
Thulani open the window and threw the dress out
" Please thunder give me my dress" she banged
" Your dress is outside, I tossed it out the window
Now leave my door before you break it" thulani called out
Carol: no you wouldn't dare, how could you do that to me
Am the mother of your child
" Well you are also a hoe so why don't you just let people see how hoerish you are, go get your dress down stairs" thulani said without remorse
Seeing that she had no choice carol went into the elevator naked as she was and with luck it was empty
But when she got to the floor it was packed and people busted out laughing at her, some were calling her all sorts of names while others took videos
She rushed out and her dress was infront of the building so she quickly picked it up and wore it
She rushed out of the vicinity with no dignity left
While thulani just took his phone and sent HleHle a text telling her how sorry he was about not telling her that he has a baby
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As we meet the charming TOMMY

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