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Saturday, September 17


Slow poison Chapter 17


Its been a whole week since I spoke to Thulani or seen him
I avoided his calls and messages and alerted the guard never to let him in or show him my room
I made sure to avoid him by all cost partly because I was still mad at him and partly because of how weird and funny I have been acting lately

I tend to forget almost most half my daily activities
I will feel super happy for no reason at all or just feel sad
Luckily I had rato, she was with me in each step of the way
She was there anytime I started acting up
We were best of friends and she never once abandoned me
Apart from forgetting was the tiredness
I always felt tired for no reason and the pains I always felt in my arms its like I was being injected by a needle or something
Just yesterday my whole body was shaking for no reason and sometimes the itchiness will be there
It was friday, I hadn't gone to school well I have been bunking a lot lately I woke up in the late afternoon, I sat up straight and rubbed my eyes
Upon realizing that I was in my bed I got off but standing up was such a nightmare
I felt dizzy so I quickly sat back on the bed and as usual, I had no recollection of my earlier memories
Right then Rato came in
" Owh you are awake" she said, she seemed rather surprised that I was awake
I just stared at her, she looked so buffed up with a big nose and tiny head
I tried holding myself together but the laughter couldn't be contained so I just let it out
I laughed so hard until I felt knots in my stomach
Squeezing my eyes so tight led to tears rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably
I felt like I was floating in the air, my heart was just so happy
I had no worries or what so ever
Rato: are you ohk
I just nodded and laughed again the more she spoke the more she looked funny
" Waswaba nje yini nkinga yakho" I said seeing how tense she was
Rato: ah wa gafa saan am fine nna
Me: shame good then coz I really feel sorry for your parents
Rato: you feel sorry for my parents?, what for
Me: am sure they were in a hurry when they made you seeing how ugly you look
Am sure they are even relieved that you are gone
Phela wena nje uli wrong turn cobo
She looked so confused by my statement
Me: just look at how big you nose is, I have to get out of here before you finish all the present oxygen
I stood up attempting to leave but rato held my hand and I lost balance and fell on my bed
Rato: you can't go out like this, what if you get hit by a car or worse
Me: well I doubt a car can hit such a beautiful being like myself
And even if I die it doesn't matter, we all gonna die someday
Besides I know for sure that If I die I will go straight to heaven
Am Too cute for hell
Rato just laughed, while I tried getting up from the bed
" Gosh I have never been this happy well accept for the first I met Thulani.
I mean I feel so light, no worries and no stress" I said
Rato: I thought you were always happy mos
I mean your folks are rich, they give you anything you want
Hell girl they even gave you a car
Me: well they give me everything accept love and attentions
I mean since we got here have you ever heard me talking to them on the phone
Well the answer is no, they don't care as long as they give me money the rest is history
They don't care about my feelings hell they don't even care if am alive or death
They just all work and no love
See my life is no bed of roses, I envy those average and poor people because they atleast have their parents attention
Am sure their mother's call just to check on them
My mother doesn't even know whether I have started my menstrual cycle or not
I was already in tears, don't ask me why though coz I don't know
" Shame I have just the thing to make you forget your sorrows" rato said
She took a small plastic and flashed it on my face
Me: what's that
Rato: you will see, it will come you down
I watched as she poured it on my study guide making two lines
Me: is this, owh my god is this drugs
Rato: its just something to calm your nerves down, try it
I also take it when I feel shattered and alone
Me: so you into drugs, omg rato you don't look like a junky or someone who is using at all
Rato: well that's because its not addictive
And I do it occasionally, just try it and if you don't like it then you will stop
I hesitated at first, never in my life have I ever thought I will do drugs
Me: so what do I do
Rato: just sniff this line and tell me how you feel
Like an idiot that I was I did as lerato instructed not knowing that this was just the beginning
Mxolisi decided to leave work early, he drove straight to Nyiko's house
He made sure to pass by the mall and get the few stuffs that Nyiko ask him. To get for her
He reached Nyiko's house, drove in and parked on the driveway, he took the plastics, lock the car and walked in the house
The front door was slightly opened so he knocked once and walked in
He made his way to the kitchen where nyiko was busy preparing a sandwich for herself
Mxolisi stood by the kitchen door
He was admiring her well built body
He whistled shaking his head sexily
" Mxm stop with the whistles you are making me shy" nyiko said shyly she smiled exposing her dimple
Mxolisi: is the something wrong with me admiring the beauty that stands before me
Nyiko nodded still smiling
Mxolisi: that's absurd then, am. Allowed to admire god's creation
Nyiko: I hope you bought my wings ke in that admiring process of yours
Mxolisi: don't worry I did, I don't want you to chop my head off
Knowing you, you can kill for your wings
Nyiko: don't blame me blame your baby in here
He is the one wanting all these stuff
In fact he is turning me into a heavy eater
Soon enough I will be as fat as an elephant
Mxolisi: and you will look even more sexier
Nyiko: wena and your jokes
Mxolisi: am serious, elephant or not I will still love you
He walked over to her, he placed the plastic on the table first then he rested his arms on nyiko's waist
He kissed her softly
" I love you mama ka baby" mxo said
" I love you too but right now am really hungry
I will end up biting you" nyiko responded
She broke the kiss and warmed the food mxolisi came with
" When last did you talk to Thando" nyiko said
Mxolisi remained quiet and brushed his head
" Eish its been a while, the problem is I've been under a lot of pressure trying to keep the company running
And the going home to an irritating grace don't make things easier I hardly have time" mxo said
Nyiko: yoh mihlolo, too busy to call your own daughter
Aibo mxolisi that's so wrong in many levels
Money isn't everything you know
Thando needs her parents in her life
Mxo kept quiet not knowing how to respond to the bitter truth
Mxolisi: is she ohk though
Nyiko: why are you asking me
Mxolisi: because I know for sure that you two talk
Nyiko: angati mxolisi why don't you call and ask her
Call her
Mxolisi took out his phone and called Thando
The first number rang straight to voicemail
And the other number rang unanswered
"She's not picking up" he said
Nyiko: am sure she's already asleep
You must call her tomorrow
Mxolisi: I will
Nyiko dished up for both of them, they sat and ate
After sniffing that stuff. I had never felt so better
I felt like I was in heaven
The feeling was so familiar
And I loved every bit of it
My phone rang, after realizing that it was my father calling I just didn't bother answering it
I mean its been two weeks since I last heard from them
Why would my father be calling me today
I thought they forgot that they have a Daughter
I sniffed the other line, wiped my nose then faced up and let the powder take its toll
I had my eyes closed all this while
I didn't know I was missing on something so great
Damn I was in cloud nine
As we meet the all natural lovely TINYIKO

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