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Saturday, September 17


Slow poison Chapter 18


I left Teekay alone upon receiving a text from keegan saying he was already outside to deliver the next batch
Immediately after exiting the dorm I could see him
I quickly ran to him, it was already dark but since it's the weekend students were busy roaming around
Me: hey
Him: hi girl

He stared at me for the longest while, it's like there's a lot he wanted to say
Me: it's anything the matter kg
Him: no
Me: so where's the stuff
Him: but ain't you over doing it now
Me: meaning
Him: like, I just think it's enough, I mean am sure there's enough powder in her system to get her hooked
You should stop injecting her now, or else you may end up killing her
Me: that's not your call to make, have you suddenly grown a conscience huh
When have you started to be a good Samaritan
Him: chill girl, I was just saying
In fact I don' t wanna be responsible for anybody's death
Me: you have developed cold feet I see
But you know what maybe I should call your boss and tell him about your little chat
Him: whoa hold on there would be no need for that
From now on I'll just deliver the stuff and keep my mouth shut
Me: you better, cause am sure that's what Vusi is paying you to do
Now can I have the stuff
He took out the bottle and gave it to me
" You really are heartless" he hissed after giving me the stuff
Me: it takes one to know one
I then let out a smile while he just clicked his tongue in annoyance
After that he just walked away without even saying any word
Mxm like I care
I just placed the bottle inside my jacket pocket and walked back to the room
Keegan had just swerved around the corner with his hands in his trouser pocket and he had on a black Bennie
He was so deep in thoughts that he never saw someone walking his way until he bumped into him
" Aibo mjita you need to watch where you going" the guy he bumped into said
" Eish am so sorry bra yam, let me get that for you" he apologised then bend down to pick up the phone which fell when he bumped into the guy
" Hade bro" he said again handing the phone over to him
He stopped midway upon seeing who the random guy actually was
For few seconds his heart was filled with fear
He could clearly see him through the darkness because of his light skin
He swallowed a spit, his mouth hanged open
There's just a lot he wanted to say or could have said starting by stating that he was now a betrayer
" My eyes are deceiving me, tell me it's not you fana
Skull what in the hell are you doing in jozi this night near my school resident" the guy finally said
With his facial expression one could clearly see the shock painted all over his face
And he had a bunch of questions roaming in his mind
Mostly he wondered what his former gang member was doing near his school at that time of a night
Keegan: hey bra Thunder,,,,uhmm
That's the only words he managed to say
He quickly handed him his phone
He sweat profusely feeling the heat of the moment, he was very much afraid of his former gang leader because he knew how dangerous and irrational he tends to get when betrayed
What was gonna become of him if Thunder learns that he now works for his father
The man he hated the most
He placed his hand on his head, and a nicely embronded tatoo of a skull rested in his wrist
He took off his Bennie
THULANI: what are you doing here
Keegan: I was in the neighbourhood so I decided to check on my girl,she resides here
THULANI: owh really
He stared sharply at him and noticed how keegan couldn't stare back at him
His eyes were just all over the place
Keegan: yes bra Thunder
THULANI noticed the rapid quenching of his left eye
And right then he knew that keegan was lying
He always does that Everytime he had something to hide
Thunder: owh so how is the gang
Keegan: they,,,,,they are fine
THULANI took a deep breathe
" You know that I know you are not telling the truth right
You better not be here to do what I think you are doing" THULANI said
Stunned, keegan chocked on his words
He coughed for a while
THULANI: what's in the bagpack
Keegan: my,,,,my clothes
THULANI: owh really, can I see
Keegan: it's just clothes bra Thunder
THULANI: skull what do you take me for, a fool
He shook his head no
THULANI: then why are you making me a fool, I know you skull
In fact I made you
Do you think I have forgotten that we used to use that bag for carrying our stuff
What are you doing here
So you are now dealing in schools, which you know is against our code
What happened to the gang
I left you guys with a huge amount of money
Where did it all go and how is it that you are now breaking the code
Keegan shook even more, he had no way out
Thulani: what exactly have you gotten yourself into
Keegan: I can explain
THULANI: not right here, let's go to my car and we will talk in my flat
Am sure Alex would also wanna hear this
THULANI led the way to the school parking lot while keegan followed behind him scared as hell
It was almost 23:30 pm, after dropping Jamal to his house Grace drove to her house.
Her mind was in battle, with her left hand she took out the bottle from her hand bag again
One more time she stared at it
Her car swaying out of the road is what brought her back to planet earth
She quickly took control of the car getting it back on the road
" Omg I almost killed myself, I can't die, at least not yet
Maybe after getting married to the man of my dream
I hope Jamal is sure that this poison can't be detected
And mxolisi's death can never be traced back to me
I have to get this right, just a few drops in his water and it's good ridden to bad rubbish to that sucker" she thought out loud
" I cant wait to see the look on my step sister's face when she learns of mxolisi's death
Poor her, she will have to raise the baby all by herself" she continued
She tossed the bottle aside and replaced her memories with the hot session she had with Jamal at his house
She smiled to herself, she couldn't wait to finally be with him officially
And that small bottle was the solution to her problem
She was gonna kill mxolisi then inherit everything
And together with Jamal they are gonna built their empire
Get married,drove into the sunset and live happily ever after
Her phone disturbed her, Vusi flashed on the screen
She frowned she really was in no mood for him
" You also suppose to die mxm" she said at the phone before picking up
Her: baby hey
Vusi: hi love, how are you and my soccer star doing
Her: we are ohk, just tired
Vusi: but sounds like you are driving
Her: well I am, I'm just coming from work
Vusi: work, at this time
Her: well yes, I had a lot to do, and I have back to back cases to represent in court tomorrow so I was preparing myself
Vusi: you work very hard, you need to take a break , think about your condition
Grace: ncooh you care so much
Vusi: I have to, phela you are carrying the only heir to the Ngwenya clan
So next week you still on right
Grace: about what
Vusi: you have already forgotten, I told you that we have to sign my taxis over to you
Grace: owh so you were serious about making me the owner of your taxis
Vusi: yes, you are the mother of my child and I will do anything for you
Maybe then you will finally divorce that hot headed husband of yours and marry me
Grace: ncooh you so sweet, but you know why I can't divorce him
Am doing this for Th.......
Vusi: for Thando, I know but I still don't get why though
I mean Thando is an old woman now she can take care of herself
Grace: she's still a baby and divorce will shatter her
Vusi: ah if only she was never conceived
Grace: yeah if only
They talked for a while, finally Grace hung up
She had already reached her house so she drove in
As we meet the all fake devious Grace

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