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Saturday, September 17


Slow poison Chapter 19


I woke up in the middle of the night, my throat felt so dry and it was burning
And as usual I had the tingly needle pain in my arm
I was still so damned high
I wondered if the highness is really suppose to last this long
I sat up cause I wasn't sleepy anymore
Rato seemed to be in a deep slumber, I really don't remember what happened after I took the cocaine but I hope I did nothing bad

I was so famished I could eat a cow but because the was no food in the house I settled for bread and juice
We always have juice made so I just poured myself juice and cut two pieces of polony and inserted it in my bread
I went back to my bed, sat down and ate
Drinking the juice brought forth a familiar feeling
I experienced the same feeling I felt when I took the cocaine although with the juice it was not as intense but it was still there
Finally it hit me
I had figured out the funny taste in the juice
It was drugs, the juice had drugs
I Placed the glass away but it was already too late
I had drank the juice to the last drop
"Omg I was being drugged before I even took the drugs" I thought to myself
But somehow this didn't seem to make any sense
I only live with RATo, n she would never do that to me now would she
Fear creeped in as pieces were coming together starting to make this mystery puzzle visibly clearer
The good feeling the juice usually brought turned into something else, I felt so nauseastic and I was getting a bit dizzy
A very strong headache kicked in, I got off my bed and walked to RATO's bed
" Lerato wake up, you are such a sn" I couldn't even finish the sentence I just hit the ground so hard before I even reached her bed
I wanted so much to scream but my throat was burning and something was prohibiting my voice from coming out
My nose was sore, and I felt liquid flowing from it
I touched it with my finger and realized that it was blood
I felt like I was dying
" LEERRAaaa" I called out but she seemed to be deep in her sleep
I raised my hand and took out my phone under the pillow
I dialed the number of the first person who came to my mind
It ranged a while longer until he finally picked up
"Pleeeease LAni heelllppp" that's all I managed to say
Thulani: hlehle are you ohk, what's wrong and where are you
I couldn't answer
Thulani: hlehle are you still there,,, hold on am coming
I gasped for air before realizing that blood was now gushing out of my mouth too
I tried crawling but before I knew it, it was lights out for me
I was still phased by the call I just received
I shook ALEX and SKULL who we decided he must sleep over so that in the morning he can take us to the girl she was giving the drugs too
I mean after explaining his long story few hours ago about how they squandered the money I left them with then after the money was finished the gang started to fall apart and it was every man for him self
He started to look for other means for survival until he came across my father who offered him a great deal
He was to sell drugs for him and run few errands in exchange for a promitable salary
And because of hunger and desperation, he took the job and few months ago my father promised him a huge lump sum of money if he do a job for him
That job was delivering cocaine to her girlfriend
That cocaine was gonna be used in my father's girlfriend roommate
And now things were running out of hand because skull thought my father's girlfriend is overdosing the poor girl
I swear I wanted to tear skull apart for the betrayal and the sinister thing he has stood so low to have agreed to do
I mean he knew my father and how heartless he can be
How on earth did he accept his bogus offer
" Majita vukan! (Guys wake up" I said shaking them
" Aibo ta'thulz yinton ingxaki (what's the problem) why are you waking us and fully dressed in the middle of the night where are you going" alex said
He rubbed his eyes and poked Skull who also woke up looking all surprised at me
Skull: and nou, kuyiwaphi
(And now, where are you going)
Me: get dressed majita, no time to explain but all I can is someone is fucking with my woman
Alex: your woman, which woman?
Me: alex nawe sometimes uba slima yati( alex you sometimes can be stupid you know)
Who else could I be talking about if not Thando of'cause
Alex: is it the same thando who has been giving you sleepless night for this pass week
The one who has not responded to any of your calls or returned any of your messAges
Is it that same Thando
Skull: who is Thando now, what happened to carol
Me: Thando is the woman who is in trouble right now
She called me few minutes ago
SHe could hardly speak
Now am calling her back and she is not picking up
Now gents get off that bed or I will drag you out by my self
Alex: so do we know where she is
Me: no but i am gonna check at the campus first
Alex: do you think the security guard will let you in this time
Remember you tried going there numerous times and the guards refused to let you in
What makes you think they will allow you in now
Worse in the middle of the night
Me: I think you know how good I am at convincing people
Now be quick guys
They got out of bed and get dressed while I took out my gun
Loaded it first before placing it on my waist
I was ready to kill anyone who was gonna stop me from seeing hlehle
Even the pathetic guard if I had too
Within minutes the guys were ready, I took the golf keys and we walked out
Teeky's ringing phone woke me up
" Damn why don't you just switch it off" I said sitting up straight
The first thing I noticed was her empty bed
Ohky that's weird
The phone rang again and I realized that the sound was coming from the floor
But TEEkay's lifeless body caught my attention
She lay faced down near her bed
I quickly got out off bed
" Omg Teekay are you ohk" I ran up to her
She had a measurable amount of blood from his nose and mouth
There were also white visible bubble oozing out of her mouth
I held her wrist and she still had a faint pulse
"What have I done" I said upon seeing the juice glass
It has downed to me that the juice she took actually increased the amount of drugs in her system
Well it was a lot because she firstly took it by nose, then I injected her when I came back from keegan and now she drank it on the juice
I was on a panic mode
" Owh god, what have I done"
I quickly took my phone and called vusi
It first rang unanswered
" Pleeaseee,, answer your phone dammit" I yelled and called again
This time he picked up in a second ring
" I killed her vusi, the drugs were too much for her system to handle: I said hurriedly before he could even say a word
"Hey come down ohk, tell me whAt happened" his voice sounded on the other end of the line
He talked in a sleepy tone
I tried explaining what happened as calm as I possibly can
Vusi: so is she really dead
Me: not really but she's not looking good at all
Vusi: then finish her
Me: what!!! Vusi no way
Vusi: if she talks do you realize that you will be in trouble, do you have a lawyer to represent you in court cause I won't pay any legal fees and I will terminate any traces that connect me to you, all in all you will be on your own Now you better do as I say
Finish her off
Me: how
Vusi: do you still have the injection
Me: yes
Vusi: inject her again, then wipe your fingerprints off the injection without removing it from her arm
Make it look like she injected herself
Can you do that
Me: ye...yesss I think I can
( I also nodded my head as if he could see me)
Vusi: when you done leave the room, erase any trace that say you were ever there this night
Me: owh ohk
I hung up, did exactly as vusi instructed
I then took my over night bag and my cosmetics then exited the room
I had to make sure that I pass the security unseen
But that was no problem since it was weekend
The campus was a bit busy some students were still up
So I did pass undetected
I decided I was going to Cameron's party down street
after so much intimidating and some few notes the guard finally let us through
He took us to the room, knocked few times. But there was no response
" Are you sure the girl called you from here" the guard asked
Me: yes, she didn't sound fine over the phone
Am sure she is in there
The guard unlocked using his spare key
We all opened the door and rushed in
Hlehle's lifeless body on the floor was the first thing I saw
I ran to her
" Jesus, what the hell"I said
I knelt down and turned her over since she was facing down
The injection on her arm caught my attention
" Baby what have you done, I said it
I knew you were somehow using" I said un able to hold the tears that embraced my chin
Guard: is she still alive
Me: her body is still warm
I check for a pulse and it was there, just so faint
Me: she has a pulse
The guard called the ambulance while Alex and skull helped me picked her up from the floor
"Owh lord, what have I done" skull said as soon as he saw Hlehle's face
Me: yini bro
He held his hands on his face
" Skull talk dammit" I said running out of patience
" That's her, thatsss her" he said
Alex: owh no, KG what have you done
I didn't even wait for his explanation, I took out my gun and shoot right through his left leg

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