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Monday, September 19


Slow poison Chapter 20


Skull screamed in pain, he opened his mouth as to speak but I pulled the trigger and the bullet just grazed through his left arm
I was about to shoot for the third time when alex jumped in front of the gun
Thank god I was so experienced with guns because if I was just an amateur I would have shot him point blank

And with how he just jumped the bullet I would have shot his skull reaping it apart
" Ufuna kufa yini LEZA, wentani, suka ng'dubule lenja maan
(Do you wanna die leza, what are you doing
Move and let me shoot this dog)". I said
Alex: muna you need to calm down, I can't just stand aside and let you kill KG
We both know that this is not his fault, the real enemy of progress here is your ratchet father
He's the one who deserve those bullets
Me: but why her, couldn't they have targeted someone else
Why her, why
Alex: that's there more reason why you need to keep KG alive
To find out the why
I looked down and let the tears fall freely
I was so angry and hurt at the same time
I wanted to lash out and right at that moment I had directed all my frustrations and my anger to skull
He deserved to feel the pain Hlehle was in
Its his actions that led the woman I love in this situation
Moreover it was just easy to entertain the anger and suppress the pain
The guard took out his (wokey talkey) or what ever you new school kids call it
He attempted calling other securities when I pointed the gun at him
" Am sure awufuni kwakho noma kini bahlabele magugu vandag
You better put that thing down and be a good guy, there's no need for you to play a hero today this is no action movie
Its real shiit, and in here heroes die, and not onLy will I kill you
I will come after your whole family too "
The security had fear written all over his face, he tossed the radio away
" Hade mjita, am not trying to be any herO
Please don't hurt me, I promise I will stay out of your way" he pleaded with tears forming in his eyes
" Good boy, Now WHERE THE HELL IS THE FUCKEN AMBULANCE!!!" I yelled out loud
Guard: I don't know what's keeping them because when I called they said they were on their way
Me: shiiittt , she will die here, her heart rate is deteriorating
She needs medical attention and fast
We need to take her to hospital
She can't die, I can't just loose her
Alex helped me lift her up and we took her into my car while the guard followed behind with the bleeding. Skull
He got him into the back seat with Hlehle
"Remember, mention what happened here and it will be the last thing you will ever say" I said one more time terrifying the guard even more before getting in car and alex sped of to the nearest hospital
We got to the hospital in no time, alex rushed inside and came out with two females and males nurses who had two stretchers
We laid hlehle on the stretcher and laid a pale skull on the other stretcher
My car had a pull of skull's blood
We ran with them inside the hospital with me holding for my dear life on that stretcher
They took her to the ER and stopped me from entering so I just stood on the passage
A while later I had sat down because standing was nolonger working
I had both my hands on my face silently praying
" God please, please save her for me
Yakena nawe kutsi ngimncanywa ngenhlitiyo yam yonke hlehle
(You know that I love HLEHLE whole heartedly)
Save her, because if she dies I might as well die with her
Life without her is just like an empty space occupied by nothing but air and loneliness
I know I haven't called upon your name for a while now but today I am humbling myself in your eyes
See my pain and save me from this heartache
I pray all this in your mighty name..."
" So what did they say" Alex asked ,interupting me from my prayers, he was coming from the other side where skull was taken
Me: still nothing as yet, how is skull
Alex: they are taking the bullet out of his leg, and he will need blood transfusion but luckily they do have his blood type available in storage
Me: good, he needs to get better so that he can tell me who is this trump he gave the drugs too
That stupid girl will pay
I said feeling my palms getting hot
Grace kept tossing and turning on the bed, she could hardly sleep partly because she was a bit nervous yet much excited at the fact that finally there was a permanent way to rob her step sister her happiness
She hoped that mxolisi will drink the bottled water she poison in the freezer
She actually couldn't wait for morning to come
See, upon her arrival before midnight grace found mxolisi already asleep
She saw that as the perfect opportunities to poison both the bottled water they kept in the freezer
Indeed she did pour few drops of the poison in the bottles
Closed them tight again and placed it back into the freezer
She tossed the poison bottle back into her bag then went to take a quick shower before retiring to bed
The following morning mxolisi woke up feeling a bit down
He took a quick shower since he was already late for work
He dressed formally and went downstairs
He prepared cereal for himself, sat down and ate
Grace entered the kitchen wearing only her shot nighty
She didn't even bother greeting her husband
She went into the freezer took out an apple and washed it on the sink
While patiently waiting for her plan to manifest
Well, after eating mxolisi washed his bowl and placed it nicely on its place
He went to the freezer, just as expected he took out the bottle water and drank it all at once
He took the other bottle and left
Grace had a visible grin on her face upon witnessing such exciting news
She jumped and screamed with excitement.
She ran upstairs back to the bedroom
She took her phone and called a number
It rang twice before the caller answered
" He drank it, I think our plan is in motion" she said excitedly
Jamal: whoaw come down, you don't wanna get to excited
We don't want people finding out the truth
Grace: yho sorry, I just couldn't contain myself
Am so happy that in few hours he would be declared dead and I can finally move on with my life
We can finally be together
I love you so much Jamal
I can do anything for us
Jamal: owh jah, I will see you at work neh and I love you too
Jamal cut the call before grace could say any further
" She actually bought it. Boss" jamal said to a certain man he was in the car with

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