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Wednesday, September 28


Slow poison Chapter 21


It is said that destiny is something we have no control over and that things always happens for a certain reason and right now sitting in this damn corner I wish I knew what the reason was.
I honestly refused to admit that GOD brought HLEHLE in my life only to take her away so soon
I tried to be damned strong, you know be a man and not cry just like we man are expected not too but it was just damn hard
I kept sniffing like someone lobhema snuff
I had my face buried deep in the hospital floor and alex was busy brushing my back trying to calm me down
I am sure he might have thought of me as weak to be crying like that ehhossi
"Dammit kantsi labo doctor bentani skhatsi lesidze so
(Dammit what could the doctors be doing for such a long time)
What if..." I couldn't even finish that sentence
Alex: nooo.. No.. No bra Thusko you can be thinking of such things
You need to be positive
Thando will be fine and nothing will happen to her
Me: mara litaima lifunani kimi ( what does my father want from me)
Why is he so hell bent in stepping on my toes
Kuncono vele ngimphihlite buxopho ngalenganono kube kanye
( Its better I just spill his brain up with this gun once and for all)
Alex: now you talking,I never thought I would ever say this but we need to get the gang back together and prepare for war
Me: exactly
Right then the doctor came out, he had no emotions or whatsoever
He was just unreadable
" Doctor how is she" I asked standing up from the bench
He took a deep breathe
" We had managed to drain the excessive amount of that toxic drug in her body
Am glad you brought her in sooner, should you have wasted a second longer she could have died
The drugs had corroded most of her system, sending her brain into shock waves
Her body suggest that she has been using the substance for a while now in a measurable quantity but last night I think she took the drug excessively and her respiratory system decided to shut down
With such low oxygen in her body the embryo that was growing in her died" the doctor said, I think it was more like rumbled
Me: doctor in a simple straight forward english please
doctor: in short we managed to save her but she lost the pregnancy
Me: whoah utsiniii (whattt)
Dr: I said she lost her pregancy
Me: am sure you are confused doctor, l don't think we are referring to the same person here, Hlehle was never pregnant
Dr: am referring to THANDOKuUHLE NKOSI, the girl who was brought in here few hours ago because of drugs overdose
According to the results she was almost 14 days pregnant
But because we use the menstrual cycle calendar we count from her last menstrual cycle which was over two weeks ago
It means she was over two weeks pregnant
Me: hell it can't be, I made sure that we use protecting
Dr: well sometimes condoms are not 100 percent safe especially when sexual intercourse occurs during the ovulation period where chances of pregnancy are high
Just a single sperm can do the job
I guess it was one of those mistakes
Me: omg, I need to see her, can I see her
Dr: of'coz, follow me
" You guys go right ahead, I will check on KG" alex said
I followed the doctor to her ward
We walked in
" She is in an induced coma, we needed to put her to sleep so that her body can rebuilt and her brain can reconnect again" the doctor said
" But you can talk to her, she can hear you". He continued then he walked out leaving me alone with her
She had all those machines connected to her, she looked so pale and her lips were cracked
She just looked like she was in a lot of pain and I couldn't help her
The machines beeped louder, as she breathed through the pipes which where connected in her nose
Seeing her in that state was just so heart breaking
I sat on the chair beside her bed. I took her hand which had the drip needle
Her hand was just so cold and soft
I held on to it so gentle, I took a Deep breathe and swallowed the lump away.
I needed to be strong for her
" Hey, they said you can hear me. I just wanna say thank you for calling me
I just wish I could have been there sooner
I should have seen this coming
I want you to get well for me, I love you HLehle and I can't see my life without you
Yes I may have a son but I still want a future with you.
I should have told you about Mdu but I was afraid
I was afraid of loosing you, I guess with you I am afraid of doing anything
You are my weakness and I will give up my life for you to live
I had never felt this way about anybody not even carol
Before you I was just a heartless, ruthless guy
I was just a lost cause but you have to get better and get out of here so that I can tell you all about it ohk" I said
I didn't wanna cry but looking at her and knowing that she has just lost our child and almost lost her life made it hard for me not to cry
My father had robbed me my happiness and everything that matters to me
He has just chewed more than he could swallow
I was ready to take his life if it was the only way I was ever gonna find peace
I stayed there a bit longer hoping that just maybe Hlehle might wake up but she never did
But nonetheless I was prepared to stay for as along as it took
As long as I was gonna be by her side when she wakes up
It was exactly one hour since Grace got to work
She was busy pacing up and down in her office feeling so anxious
She wondered why Jamal was still not at work
Could something be wrong with him did he get held up somewhere
Her cellphone rang on her desk, she rushed to it hoping that it was Jamal but to her surprise it was an unknown number
" Hi" she answered in a hostile manner
" hello can I speak to Mrs Grace Nkosi please" the caller said
It was a male voice
Her: yah this is she, who are you and how can I help you
Caller: this is detective Thabethe from Mbombela croissant police station
I am afraid I have some bad news for you ma'am
Her: am listening
Caller: are you with someone there
Her: just come out with it detective whatever it is am sure I can handle it
Caller: ohk ma'am am afraid to tell you that your husband was involved in a car accident this morning
For some reason yet unknown to us he lost control of the car and it ran out of the road straight over the bridge and it caught fire when it reached the ground
Am afraid your husband burned almost half of my body
With the work of the police force we were able to collect some few items on the scene that led us to believe that it was your husband
The line was so quiet, Grace didn't care about any of the stuff the police said
Infact she wasn't even interested in hearing it
The only thing that was important to her at that moment was to know Jamal's whereabouts and if he was safe
" Ma'am are you still there" the detective asked
Grace: yes am here
Detective: ow ohk so we need you to come down the station for some clarification
Grace: ohk I will be there, thank you for letting me know
Then she hung up. Right then her office door swung open
Jamal walked in looking all handsome and sexy
His face clearly stated that he was way younger than grace, he still possessed his youth
" Thank goodness, where have you been" grace said running to him and hugging him tightly
" Gosh can I atleast get some air" jamal said trying to break out of grace's tight hug
Grace: am sorry, its just thAt you had me worried sick
Where have you been
Jamal: relax am fine, I had few errands to run before coming to work
Grace: you should have atleast called
Jamal: you right and am sorry ohk, sorry I got you worried
Grace: you are forgiven, and guess what
Jamal: I have a feeling you are about to tell me
Grace: well the police called, mxolisi was involved in a car accident on his way to work
They said he lost control of the car and swerved over a bridge
Jamal: it means the poison attacked him in the car
It weakens and numbs every joint and muscles in the body before killing the victim
Am sure that's how mxolisi lost control of the car
Grace: I don't care what happened am just glad that he is dead
Now we can finally be free to be together
We can finally get married
Jamal: you really are a smart woman
How did you get him to drink the poison so quick
Grace: that was just easy, I know that he always drinks the bottled water every morning so I just poured the poison in the bottles
I have been leaving with that bastard Forever so I know him like the back of my hand
Now I have to figure out where he kept the company papers
Don't worry baby victory is ours finally
Jamal just let out a side smile and drew her closer for a kiss
After a certain call Tommy hung up, and shifted his attention back to his work which was driving
He drove for four hours before coming into a halt
He parked near an unknown hotel dropped a certain man before driving back to his place
He hoped and wished that after all this is done he will not get caught in the cross fire
He hoped that at the end of all this he would still be able to have the one person he desired the most, even though what he was doing might end up hurting her the most
He could be responsible for taking a parent away from her
he had no choice but to do this, it came with the job
Now he had to do his last task which is finding out where exactly is the boy
He had hoped that his informant would have found something tangible by now but there were still no leads
If only he knew what really was the connection between the no nonsense taxi owner known as mr ngwenya and mrs Nkosi
He went to his private room and watched at the board carefully to see what he has been missing
The single lead that could blow this whole case apart
He sat on his chair and began with the paper work

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