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Wednesday, September 28


Slow poison Chapter 24


Its been two days since I've been discharged
I was living with THULANI while his friend crushed on another friend's place just for the time being because THULANI thought for some reason unknown to me i was still in danger
After taking a shower i wore my long sleeve vest and my leggings with platform heel knee lengths leather boots

I topped it of with my biker jacket
" Mmh you are making me jealous" thulani said as he entered
He was coming from the shower
Me: how am i making you jealous nah
Him: just look at how sexy you look, my whole assets are actually on display right now
He came towards me with a towel wrapped from his waist downwards
His body still dripping wet showing his well built body
My man was sexy no lie
She planted a feather kiss on my forehead
Him: do you really have to go to school today
Me: hell yes, i have missed on so much work
Him: just wish we can stay in and cuddle the whole day
Me: just cuddle really
Him: you know ( he winked and gave out his sexy smile)
Me: ai am going to school, we can cuddle later
Him: mxm do school really have to spoil the fun always
Me: shame toba right, now go get dressed before siba late
I baby kissed his lips and wiped the lipstick with my index finger
" You should have just left it there" she referred to the lipstick
Me: lool why
Him: so that they can see that am taken
Me: i think they will think that you now gay thats all or vele you are gay
Him: whoa never, how can a strong men like me be a woman
Me: asati, all i know is that it takes a strong man to handle another man
Him: yabona ke Hlehle
He came my way and i ran towards the bed and jumped on it,
He also jumped in,he held me and pinned me against it
"So you were saying" he said tickling me
I just laughed so hard
Me: i didn't mean it ba,,,, by maan
He continued tickling me and stopped when he saw me running out of breath
Him: you so ticklish yoh
Me: mxm
He collapsed ontop of me
"Shit" he said lifting his head
Me: what is it
Him: my crocodile just lost control of himself
Me: which crocodile
I really had no idea what he was talking about until i felt his boner
Me: wololo and too bad cause you ain't getting any shame now cause am in my periods
He rolled his eyes and hesitantly get off me, he lotioned and wore his black jean and white t-shirt
With his black leather ankle all-star
He looked even more handsome not forgetting the bennie because my man was really a hat person
I quickly sprayed and brushed my weave neatly
We looked good no lie
" We taking my car right" i said
Him: no stress as long as i will drive, i really don't trust women driving skills
Me: whatever, am not in a driving mood vele
We had a quick breakfast before we took our stuff and drove to school
We parked on the students parking lot then got off
He was walking me to my class when i noticed three girls staring at us
We continued walking until we got near my class
"Will see yo ngo 12:00pm e cafeteria ke" he said
We kissed briefly before he left
I was about to enter the class when a female voice sounded behind me
" Sorry girl" the voice said
"Are you talking to me" i said turning
Then i realised it was the three girls from the parking lot
" Jah am talking to you" one of the girls said
Me: owh how can i help you
Her: heee really, so you are fucking around with my man and you have the guts to ask me that nonsense
Me: am sorry but what are you talking about, do i even know you
Her: yiva Zanele, this bitch be shitting with her mouth
"Ai shem uyak'jwayela skeem" the other girl answered i guess it was the zanele girl
I was scared no lie, i feared the big ass hands of those girls
They looked so intimidating, but the one who was talking about her man was worse than the other two
She was tall with a firm fit body, she had wide hips and big ass
The was also gifted on the dairy side
Her breast were bigger than mine
And a figure of a bee, her stomach was so flat
Her body was like our south African Nicki Minaj
And she was beautiful shem
Too pretty for the noise she was making
" So I've started being crazy now, I've started talking alone like a fool" she said
Patting my cheek with her big hand bringing me back to life
" Mtrape wena Carol, she's too full of herself
Adelela kabi lama coconut" the other girl said
I froze as soon as i heard the name Carol
So this was thee Carol
Wow Rato was right this girl was a no go area
I didn't know whether to pee myself or shit myself
Either way i was tossed and ready to mess myself because of fear
"U right yati Zuki, i think a few slaps can teach her a lesson" she said
She held me by the vest i was wearing, i swear i felt tears threatening my eyes
A group of people were already there cheering the crazy carol to teach the boyfriend snatcher a lesson
Me: please you don't have to do this, i didn't know he was your man
Carol: didn't he tell you that he has a child
Me: he did
Carol: so where did you think that child came from, heaven
I am the mother of that child and Thunder is my man
We are a family and you are ruining that
Its always has been mduduzi and me in his life so angati kutsi wena ungenaphi
Usvalo saliphi libhodo
Me: am sorry i didn't mean to intrude, i swear i will stay away from him
Just don't do this
"She's lying beat her wena Carol, those coconut wanna bes are full of shit
She is a freshman and already she's stealing our boyfriends
This yellow bones are just disrespectful" some girl shouted from the crowd
Some were even making videos.
"Beat her Carol, ebile she's a junky, they found her almost dead the other day because of drug overdose" another girl spoke
I think carol liked the praises, her grip became tighter on my vest
Before i knew it a hot slap landed on my left cheek
" Ungjwayela kabi, i will teach you a lesson you will never forget
After this you will never come close any of our boyfriends" she said
" Am sorry please, i will leave him" i cried out
But another slap landed on my right cheek
People kept watching and cheering
" Yah mshaye carol" they kept saying
She was about to slap me for the third time when someone held her hand
The crowd kept quiet, some murmured
I looked up and it was THULANI
She pulled carol away from me
"Carol ufunani emvakwami" he said sharply
Before she could answer a hot slap landed on her cheek
She screamed louder
I couldn't stay and watch, i wanted to get out of there
I just searched my way in the crowd and ran out, not minding thulani who was busy calling my name
Good thing the car keys were with me, i ran straight to my car, got in the driver side and drove off the park roughly
I drove out the school, i didn't even know where i was going
My eyes were clouded with so much tears
Knowing that beating or fighting someone in the school vacinity was a crime and called for expulsion
I dragged carol by her long braids out of the school
I asked alex to follow Hlehle and make sure that she was ohk
The group of students were busy following behind
We got to an open space near the park
I pinned her so hard against a tree
" Thunder you are hurting me, am sorry ohk
I was fighting for us, that girl is not even your type, she can't handle you at your worst
And i can, i love you, we are a family, mdu, you and i there's no place for her" she yelled
This girl's head was really dysfunctional
She really was a medical case
" Yey wena , i don't love you anymore get that into your crazy skull
Hlehle is the woman am with now, i love her
Move on get yourself a man and get laid because i see that you need a good sex session " i said
" Never thunder, i will never let you be with her" she said making me even more angry
" I will still beat her if i see her anywhere near you" she continued
Me: i think you have forgotten me ne, i need to remind you that i dont entertain madness
I took off my belt and started
Flocking her mercilessly
" Noma ungangishaya Thunder oksalayo ngiyakutsandza
(Even if you can beat me thunder the fact remains that i love you)" she said
I knew how stubborn she was, to her this was a game
She thought hlehle was one of the floozies i usually mess around with
I needed to show her that i meant business
I took out my gun and placed it on her head
Students started screaming while some ran away
" Just lay a single finger on her and i swear to god i will spill your brains out" i hissed
I guess she noticed the seriousness in my voice she started shaking with fear and shedding tears
Me:are we clear
She nodded repeatedly
Me: i cant hear you
Her: i promise, i promise i will stay away from her just don't kill me
Me: good
I removed the gun and she quickly picked up her bag and ran towards the school entrance
I placed my gun back into my bagpack
Right then my phone rang it was Alex
Me: Leza where is she
Him: i cant find her boss, i found her car near the bush but she's not in it
Me: what, what do you mean leza
Him: all her stuff is here, but she's gone
i think someone took her
Me: shitt, get the gang together now, i think i know where she is
Him: sho boss
I dropped the call and took a taxi back to my room i needed more bullets for my gun
My father had bitten more than he can chew

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