Friday, September 23

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Sophie Ndaba loses weight after her Divorce.

Sophie Ndaba loses weight after her Divorce.

Sophie Ndaba loses weight after her Divorce.

The ex Generation actor was known for her chubby body and classy looks.  We got so used to seeing Sophie Ndaba as a plus size that we never imagined seeing her as anything less. Sophie who is now in Isidingo got married to a pastor sometime ago and everything looked all rosey, few months after her marriage we then learned she was getting divorced and that shocked many of us. She is an outstanding person who is not scared to share her pain. She talked about how her pastor husband is controlling and abusive both emotional and physically.

Sophie is a single Mother of three and also an ex wife of the exceptional actor Themba Ndaba. Sophie then disappeared from the face of media soon after the divorce and left a whole lot  of us wondering where she could be and if she's ok. Divorce has broken many strong women so we assumed Sophie was one of them. The bubbly actor and business woman then resurfaced to the face of earth looking very different. The first thing we noticed was that she had lost a whole lot of weight and she's got her self confidence back . She inspired many women to lose weight as she made a good example that losing weight is possible . However many women thought they would have to divorce their significant others in order for the miracle of losing weight to happen.

Hold up Ladies no need to lose weight by losing your marriage. Sophie simply says she lost her weight through Discipline and Determination, eating healthy and exercising.

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