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Thursday, September 1


The anointing upon BUSHIRI will make you afford everything



The anointing upon Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,  the founder and president of Enlightened Christian Gathering and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri  Ministries, is powerful and it can make you afford anything. It will move you from poverty to prosperity.
The beloved prophet,popularly known as Major 1,has so many  successful business tycoons,entrepreneurs, millionaires and billionaires in his church. He even formed a Billionaires Academy at his church where he meets his sons and daughters and share ideas on how to run a successful businesses.

Major 1 always says that ECG doesn't attract millionaires,  it produces them. It is an error to meet a prophet and continue living in poverty. We have witnessed so many testimonies of people under the anointing of Major 1 testifying on how they started from nothing and now they are millionaires and billionaires. How they won tenders through faith and hokima wisdom.

Recently, Major 1 invited his son,a renowned speaker and business consultant,Lucas Sadler, all the way from Australia, to teach on how to establish businesses. when Major 1 was teaching on tushiya anointing,he mentioned this:- "I will not give you fish, but rather I will teach you how to fish!" His teachings  enable believers to become that long awaited streak of breakthrough that will enable them to deliver their families from generational curses of poverty

Surely the anointing of Papa Major 1 is worth to be pursued especially if you attend ECG church, which is more like  a university where we are schooled on how to move from one dimension of life to another, from being a nobody to being a somebody by a  great teacher and multimillionaire like Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, with Jesus Christ being the center of it all.All we need is a ravenous spirit to chase it, and surely we will achieve it!

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