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Wednesday, September 7


Unscripted love Chapter 93 - B


#93 B
Day Four
Levi decided to take the day off in a bid to be my lifeguard and save me from myself, so we decided to go out and run some errands. I complained about having to squeeze into a bra and joked about how I was not going to wear a bra and embrace the ways of my ancestors. I liked saying that just to get him riled up.
We slipped into Victoria’s Secret to get bigger bras and panties for my bigger booty before we headed off to another store at the other end of the mall. I knew something was up when Levi was a little too excited about going there.
“Oh. My. God.” I exclaimed at the site of a massive photo of Levi and a female model hanging behind four mannequins at the entrance to one of the biggest retail chain stores in the country. “When you told me that you landed a modelling gig you didn’t tell me it was something this big. Like, this means your face is basically in every mall. Men are going to look at your pictures to get ideas on what they should buy.” My voice went up an octave in excitement.
“That’s the idea.” Levi smirked. “You are going to have to stop fast forwarding the commercials because yours truly is also featured in the TV commercial.”
I smiled warmly at Levi as we walked around the men’s section taking photos of him in front of his own photos. His smile almost never left his face as he relayed the story behind every photo and the look they were gunning for. We shopped steadily for the next two hours then we decided to get some books before heading home.
Sitting at the bookstore café my husband was reading magazines about rifles and cars as he sipped his double tall breve mocha latte while was drinking my apple juice and reading Cosmo for ridiculous sex ideas that never work.
I was about to tell Levi about what they called the scissors when I heard a snicker in front of me. I raised my head, ready to scold whoever dared to stand too close to me but the culprit beat me to it.
“Maybe next time, you should try the Soweto wheelbarrow,” Lerumo suggested with a hint of humour in his tone.
I was genuinely surprised to see Lerumo – as though some part of my brain had ceased to remember that he existed in real time and space. I had gotten to a point where I wasn’t making a conscious decision to forget Lerumo. I’d forgotten him. Levi and I stood and shook his hand in greeting before settling on our seats again. We engaged in a cordial conversation about the baby’s due date and brushed on the autobiography he’d purchased before he turned on his heels and left.
There weren’t any butterflies. My pulse wasn’t racing. My heart wasn’t skipping a thousand beats and that’s when I knew that my brain altogether ceased to fixate on the relationship that could have been. And it turned its attention to all that I had now, instead. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact time when my love for Lerumo soundlessly packed its bags and slipped out quietly into the night when it realised that in the wake of bigger things, it was no longer needed.
Levi and I headed off to visit my sister and drop off the stuff we’d picked out for her. On our way to the car, he stole a single pink rose out from their garden and handed it to me. I looked at him, pure lust and love in my eyes.
As we made our way down the street leading to the house, I reached over and felt in between his legs while kissing his neck and jaw. Teasing him as he drove. I was surprised when he adjusted his seating, allowing me more access. I liked this daring Levi.
He pulled into the garage and we were out of the car within seconds, leaving our purchases behind. I walked towards the door leading to the house. Levi grabbed my hand and pulled me back, grasped me by the hips, and gently pushed me against the hood of the car. He quickly closed the gap between us, grabbed my thighs, and pulled my core to his jean-clad erection.
His lips grazed my forehead. His fingers strummed my hips. I laid on the spot in his arms, in that nook right below his shoulder. My hand rested on his stomach, my fingers played with the buttons of his pants. The strumming became stroking. I let my fingers glide over the fabric, gently scratching his erection on my way back up. A smile crept on my lips.
His hands were now rough and possessive on my skin, reaching up to grab a fistful of hair. My head was thrown back. My eyes met his; dark, hazy. That look. He groaned out loud and pulled away just enough to reach underneath my knee long nude dress and relieve me of my black panties which conveniently located themselves in his back pocket. My mind reeled, sounds of excitement reverberated through the garage.
In a swift movement his pants and underwear were off and he positioned himself at my entrance. I laid back and reached between my legs to grab him and pull him into me. In an instant I was filled, my whole existence succumbed to this force of his, this awareness of pleasure deep within my walls. My favourite sound escaped his lips.
I couldn’t think, couldn’t process. He moved within me, his strokes got faster, my body matched his rhythm. I wanted him. I wanted him in every pore of my body. I wanted to inhale him, swallow him, take as much of him as I possibly could. My hands slid down his back and over his behind, cupping the round flesh in my palms.
He watched as my mouth opened in a gasp of ecstasy while my chest heaved with desperate gulps of air. I pulled on his shirt, my breasts pushed up into his hands as my back arched. He watched me come completely apart beneath him. We devolved into a muttering mess of words jumbled together: Fuck. Baby. Oh Yes.
I clung to his shoulders, aware of the throbbing going on between us, the fierce madness my insides hadn’t felt in so long. I cried out, the sound stuck in my throat, tears welling in my eyes. He sensed the force that was threatening to weaken me so he trailed kissed up my leg, one hand around my neck.
“Cum for me.” He whispered. It was as if on command my body responded. My legs stretched out beneath him, the waves threatened to crash inside and over and under and again he commanded, “Let it go.” I lost all semblance of control as he pounded into me with absolute reckless abandon. My body convulsed under, relief and satisfaction apparent in my limbs, both of us trying to steady the heavy breathing.
And it ended exactly how it began. His fingers strumming……and his lips grazed my forehead.
His lips slowly kissed my stomach while we landed. I draped my arms around his neck. He smiled down at me and I smiled up at him. That moment being the one I looked forward to every time.
It took moments –several of them- for us to disentangle, re-dress and stumble away from the hood of the Gaydon headquarters produce.
I ran a bubble bath for myself but I ended up inviting Levi to join me. I didn’t think that we’d both fit in the tub but we managed when we sat facing each other with my stomach between us.
He gave me a look as he leaned forward and began rubbing my clit underwater. I was tired, but horny pregnancy hormones surged through me once more and increased when I saw his erection surface through the water. I loved that turning me on turned him on.
I brushed my lips along his jawline and he shivered. Goosebumps rose on his skin as my fingertips slid down his arms, I knew the water was cold but I wanted to think that they were partly from my touch. He tried to climb on top of me in the tub, but no amount of spreading my legs or bending my body was made this position possible with my huge belly between us. He mentioned how he missed being chest to chest, I missed it too. We decided to drain the tub and resume this in the bedroom.
Day Five
I finally slept past the alarm. My husband had hit the snooze button about four times already and it was safe to say that he was going to miss his morning class. I tried to ignore my need to go pee to enjoy a few more minutes cuddled next to him. I had no idea how late he stayed up last night catching up on his sports, but I missed having the energy to stay up with him.
I eventually rolled out of bed at eleven and I threw some bagels in the toaster and turned on the coffee pot. I felt kind of grouchy. My husband would be home a little late because he was meeting his boys for drinks. That didn’t help my mood.
I trotted up the stairs to tell him breakfast was ready but he was still in the shower. We’d bathed together and I didn’t have any flashbacks so I dared myself to join him in the shower. My arms were crossed over my boobs in a lame attempt to keep them warm, as I shivered from the cold mist that splashed me while he was under the hot water. Our showers used to be so much more erotic but it was as though both of us were afraid to stand too close and trigger memories that would rather be forgotten. At least we were inside the shower together.
We headed in the doctor’s rooms for a check-up with the gynaecologist that had slipped my mind. I knew Levi had a good reason for missing class. Before long I was sprawled open on the table. Dr Clark checked my cervix and swabbed me for cultures or something that made me feel like a biology experiment, but having my husband hold my hand helped ease the discomfort. I wondered if she could tell we had sex last night. I blushed at the thought.
The grumpy mood was massaged away when I met up with Sbahle for a day of pampering and catching up. I thought I was observant but I only noted the bling on her finger after our massages and facials. Even then, she basically flashed it in my face under the guise of showing me her new manicure.
I squealed and immediately assumed that she was engaged to Kwame. She corrected me and chuckled at my shocked expression before turning away and heading towards her locker.
“You can’t just drop a bomb and walk away. When did you and Alu get back together?” I questioned, following her. “Does Kwame know that it’s over forever this time? Wait, didn’t the guy move to SA to be with you?”
Sbahle shrugged before unleashing a grenade that I didn’t see coming, leaving me speechless and al out of questions.
When eight o’clock rolled around and Levi pulled in the garage I all but ran to get my view on the love triangle off my chest.
“So Kwame is married and has been married this whole time?” Levi asked as he grabbed his plate of food from the oven.
“Yes. But she didn’t know at first. It’s not like Forgiveness that gunned for a man knowing that he was married.”
Levi was not deceived by my careless distinction. “So that makes it okay?”
“I’m not saying it is okay. I’m saying it’s different. It’s complicated.” I tried to explain.
Levi huffed. “I don’t understand your double standards at times. Your family was ripped to shreds because your father was having an affair. Sbahle is doing the same thing to another family and she has you drawing distinctions. Fucking a married man is not okay. It is never okay!” Levi exclaimed, shoving his food in the microwave and pressing the start button to warm it up.
“Did you hear the work ‘okay’ coming out of my mouth? I said her situation is complicated because she was already in love with Kwame and they’d been dating for three years when she found out.” I eyed Levi’s back that was turned to me.
“Does his wife know about Sbahle? Has Sbahle told her married stud that she is engaged to someone else?” He shook his head. “This is why AIDS is rampant in this country.”
I was taken aback by his statement when he was so free with his penis. “So says the man who was humping someone else a week after burying his wife.” I sneered.
Levi turned. “I told you about Pearl because I didn’t want you finding out years down the line and making it a huge deal. I did not tell you so that you could shove it in my face when you make nonsensical distinctions that do not exist.
I am not holy and I am far from it but that doesn’t take away the wrong here. Sbahle is fucking two guys at the same time and that is wrong. One of the two is married which is also wrong. She has one thinking that she is in love and ready to settle down with him which is plain fucked up. The fact that you don’t see that worries me.” He admitted.
I sunk to my seat. “I know it’s wrong. That’s why I told her to take a step back from both of them to figure out what she wants to do. I guess I understand that it’s not always easy to do the right thing given my misgivings in the past.”
Levi shot me a look at my sombre tone. “At least Lerumo wasn’t married. Nothing good ever comes out of an affair, honestly. If a person can cheat with you then they sure can cheat on you. Ask my mom.”
“Is Joel cheating?” I asked innocently.
Levi chuckled. “Funny how we always assume wrongdoing on the man’s part. She was cheating on him with Henze. Guess that’s why he didn’t warm him about the raid.”
So why was Joel asking me to lie on the stand? I wondered.
“Did Joel push you?” Levi suddenly asked a question that had been asked and answered.
“No.” Was all I said not bothering to look up at Levi.
I got the feeling that Levi knew I was lying but he didn’t dwell on it. Instead, he made me pinkie swear that we wouldn’t cheat on each other which made me laugh.
The massage, new hair and nails made me feel like a new woman. My body was ache free and I was in the mood but my husband was sitting on the couch with our cat, reading some news article on his phone. I tried to distract him by feeling up on him. Sadly, he didn’t seem horny. He was much more interested in reading up on our doula in between jokes about the size of my feet. I didn’t find his jokes funny. I cried and stormed off. Stupid hormones.
He followed me to the guest bedroom and climbed into bed next to me while apologising for making fun of me. He handed him his iPad and suggested that we watch an episode of something before bed. I chose some animal show. I fell asleep watching wilder beast drinking water.
Day Six
I was rudely awakened by what felt like a thousand babies stabbing my lower back. Thinking that I was in labour, Levi and I rushed to hospital only to be turned back and told it was a false alarm.
When we settled back to bed at four in the morning my husband offered to massage me and I handed him the cocoa butter. He rubbed my back and my tummy as he spoke to our baby. The baby kicked in response. I loved seeing my husband interacting with the baby. It made me fall in love with him all over again. We fell asleep while talking about how it would have been nice to meet her that day.
I leaned against the door frame, sipping my late morning coffee as I watched Levi sleep. He was sprawled out in the middle of the bed, with one arm tucked under the pillow and the other resting low on his stomach under the thin white sheet. A slow smile played on my lips, and I felt my body react to the man in our bed. We had to attend some or other conference he told me about and I knew just how I wanted to wake him up that day.
Putting down the mug on the dresser, I walked over to the bed and slowly started tugging down the sheet off his body along with his shorts. I smiled appreciatively as his cock came into view; even in its flaccid state it was impressive.
I watched him stir as the warm summer air caressed his skin. He settled back into his sleep as I positioned myself kneeling between his spread legs. I lightly slid my hands up the inside of his muscular thighs, and I watched him shift once again.
The sides of my small hands brushed against his cock, ever so gently. I saw him twitch at the touch of my soft skin against his flesh. I traced a fingertip along his shaft and saw him harden even further. His hips gyrated almost unnoticeably as I squeezed the base of his cock. Moving my hand up slowly, I grasped him harder and heard a low moan escape from his lips.
I looked up at his face as I leaned down to tease his tip with my tongue. I saw his lips part and his dark eyes open as I wrapped my lips tightly around him. I heard his low growl when his eyes connected with mine and I slowly took him deeper into my warm mouth. His jaw clenched as his hand went into my long, dark hair and gathered it in his fist.
He didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to; it was all written across his face. I wanted to give him the same pleasure he had given me in the past; I wanted him to get lost in the same desire I had given myself to.
My eyes stayed locked with his as I rubbed the head of his cock across my flattened tongue. I was the one in control now; it was a powerful feeling. I pulled my mouth away from his throbbing shaft, started to stroking him fast and hard. I felt the grip in my hair tighten, and his look intensified. I felt him swell moments before pulling him out, just before he found his release.
“Good morning,” I smiled before jumping off the bed. “Time to bath and get ready for your conference. You still haven’t told me why I have to wear a red dress.” I could tell that his mind was still unravelling and the last thing he was thinking about was the dress code. I placed a single kiss on his parted lips and slipped into the shower. He waltzed in moments later and made sure to return the favour.
The day only got better when the conference turned out to be the baby shower. The white and gold affair was beautiful, grand and I cried through the entire thing. Apparently Levi insisted on having a shower for both of us because it was OUR baby. Instead of arguing with him and trying to make him understand why baby showers were reserved for women, his mother got the event planner to run with the idea and invite all of his friends and mine.
They also got him a fake pregnancy belly that he had to wear that day. Two hours in, he was already complaining of back ache. He jokingly mentioned something about getting a massage from some Thai massage parlour that he liked when he threw in the towel and took off his belly. I made it clear that I did not want any female putting her hands all over his body, professional or not. He didn’t argue. He knew by now that there was no use in arguing with a jealous, hormonal pregnant woman.
I had very slight pain in my tummy, and wondered, ‘Is this another false alarm or am I in labour?’ I told both my mother and Emily about the slight pain but they didn’t think I was in labour because I was so calm. They made it sound like I wouldn’t mistake a real contraction for a cramp. From that moment on, the pain I anticipated was a prison for my mind. In that jail cell of fear and confusion the time passed without me being able to keep track.
I had a huge smile on my face long after we got home with all the presents that didn’t even fit in storage. I thanked Levi for coming up with the ingenious idea of having a joint shower because I had so much fun playing all the baby shower games with him and all his crazy friends. It sort of hid the fact that I didn’t have a lot of friends because I sucked at keeping in touch with people. I was so engrossed in my relationship I sometimes forgot that there were other people.
It was a lovely day where I forgot about the aches and pains and just focused on the joy of having life growing inside of me. I was still having cramps that felt like period pains but I was not strapped to a bed, screaming like a banshee, begging for drugs and in insurmountable pain, so obviously I was convinced that I was not in labour.
Day Seven
I managed to get a little sleep, but at about 3:30 in the morning, I was rudely awakened by a gnarly contraction. I woke Levi up. We sat there chatting about the possibility of being in labour and waited for another contraction. After a few minutes and I said, “No way. I'm going back to sleep.” After all my due date was four weeks away.
I realized with the next contraction that it wasn't going to happen. I was awake, my husband was asleep. Although my contractions were getting tough, I never thought to go to the hospital because they weren't lasting any longer, or any closer together in time, just more intense. In my mind it was still false labour and I just had to pace up and down until the pain went away.
Somewhere around 4:15, I was shoved into panic mode when I saw what looked like water tricking down my leg before my waters gushed out with a huge push, exploding all over the floor. My stomach tightened, I heard my own scream without being aware of making it. Seeing the look on Levi’s face when he hurdled out of bed, I couldn't help but chuckle.
I put on some clothes while Levi ran down the hall to tell my mother my water broke. He believed it was a wonderful coincidence my mother was around when my water broke but I felt God planned it that way because we would have run around like chickens with our heads off. Mom quickly packed a hospital bag and we headed out.
I lay still on the maternity clinic’s bed as the medication was administered and waited for the agony to subside. With each contraction came a pain that dominated my entire being. The pain was more intense than anything I had ever imagined. Nothing could be more brutal, not whips or chains. The room was only the bed and four walls. As the hours passed my helpers melted into the background as if they weren't even there.
In those moments, for those seconds that stretched into infinity, there was nothing else. I could hear screaming from other rooms, yet I made no sound at all. When the pain passed it was only for a minute or so and I breathed with closed eyes, unwilling to re-engage with life outside of my own body.
The room might as well have been empty for all the awareness I had, and when they did talk, touch, gain my attention I found it so hard to engage. To reply I had to find myself from the deepest recess of my own mind and drag myself forward, to use my voice, open my eyes.
After what felt like eternity and just when I thought I was going to pass out the doctor told me that it was time, time to push. Levi dabbed a damp cloth on my forehead and held on to my arm. My mother and my doula reminded me to breathe and that I was doing great thus far.
With a guttural grunt I pushed and was told to stop and wait for another contraction. I felt the baby crowning, the hot stretching of flesh and held my breath. It felt as though a part of my soul was ripping clear of my body and leaving me to remain with the baby to comfort her on whatever journey she was going to take.
I followed the cycle until the baby fell into my own mother’s hands. We were all expecting to hear a piercing cry but there was no sound. The silence at her delivery penetrated my being.

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