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Saturday, September 10


Unscripted love Chapter 95


Formatted Memory
The sound of a hundred chairs dragging against the floor echoed throughout the examination hall like the rumbling of thunder as the first hour passed. ‘Happy hour' is what the students had taken to calling it. Students were not permitted to leave the examination hall until the first hour of a semester test session had passed, which meant after sixty minutes there was a mass exodus. If you finished within the hour because it was very easy, you were relieved. If it was because you had given up and accepted failure, then you were off to get drunk and re-evaluate your academic future.
I wasn't leaving at 'happy hour', and I hardly registered the sound of a human checkerboard of happy and dejected students migrating its way out of the large hall. No, I was too absorbed in solving the matrix equation I was using to solve a system of linear equations to come up with the answer to the sixty mark question that I'd been working on for nearly thirty-five minutes. I performed a few quick mental calculations and arrived at my solution.
There was a sobbing sound from somewhere in the sea of students scribbling furiously in answer booklets; someone had broken. The stress of exams and semester tests at post-secondary education institutions was one of the leading causes of anxiety in teens and young adults. For me it was being a father for nearly a month. Turns out adjusting to life with a new born was on the same list as exam and semester test pressure. I wrote rapidly, cursing my professor for the difficulty level of the test, but managing to get satisfactory answers to each question.
I sighed with relief when I completed the final question, and pushed my chair away from my desk, my long legs propelling it backward before I collected my calculator, writing utensils, and student card, and headed towards the adjudicator's desk at the front of the expansive room. I glanced at my watch, two hours fifteen minutes, considering the exam period was three hours I felt pretty good about that number. I handed the test paper and booklet to the woman at the table before retrieving my jacket and backpack, and then left.
Sleep. Sleep. Glorious sleep. Was all I could think about.
I drew my phone out of my pocket and turned it back on. I answered the text messages I'd received while I'd had it off, mostly family wishing me good luck for my test and requests to hang out or attend some or other party. There was one from a person I wasn’t expecting to hear from: my ex-girlfriend, Jenna. We'd broken up after dating for 5 months, when we left high school. She went to study medicine in Russia and it just ended. It'd been mutual, in a way, with promises that we'd still be friends and still talk all the time.
For a few weeks that had been true, but then the emails and text messages had dried up and so had my mother’s hopes that the breakup was just a temporary thing until we got back together. I’d seen her post photos of herself on her Facebook account showing what she was wearing for her 'night out with the girlz!', where they were going to go 'pick up some guyz!' because they were so 'hawt'. I worried what university was doing to Jenna's brain sometimes.
I continued to swipe searchingly through my text messages, and considered sending Jenna a reply but decided against it. I sighed and slid my phone into the pocket of my jeans. Rather than go to the gym like I was supposed to, I decided to head straight home and crawl into bed with my two favourite women.
I went to the stairway and descended the steps to the ground level. I reached the landing of the stairs and saw Futhi talking to her lanky guy that was eventually introduced to me as Lesiba. My slightly dimmed mood brightened at the sight of her.
"Hey Mr Cohan," she said when she saw me. “Phela I must show you respect now, you are a father and a husband.” She joked.
I chuckled to myself. “You make me feel like I’m 50.” I held out my hand to her non boyfriend, boyfriend “Lesiba.”
He shook my hand and said, “Mr Cohan.”
All three of us laughed.
“Please stop calling me that. Were you guys writing?” I asked.
Futhi: We were writing literature.
My brow furrowed in question. “What does literature have to do with law?”
Futhi: We have to do two elective modules so we chose literature.
“She chose literature and roped me into it.” Lesiba gave his account which earned him a playful shove.
Me: You never told me why you chose to study law. I thought you were set on teaching English, you’re clearly passionate about it if you chose literature as an elective.
Futhi nodded. “I was but my mom told me that teachers don’t make enough money. I had to choose between accounting, engineering, law or the medical field so I chose law seeing as its closest to writing and stuff.”
“Sounds unfair to me,” I replied. “A child should be allowed to study what they want to study.”
“That’s what happened to me as well.” Lesiba weighed in. “I wanted to study music but I was given the same choices.”
“I don’t think that was such a bad thing,” Futhi said, laughing. “Being an engineer is far better than being a musician.”
“An engineer? I thought you were studying law.” I pointed at the law of evidence textbook in his hand and said, “you are always carrying law textbooks.”
Lesiba: This is Futhi’s textbook. She attends all my classes and I attend all her classes.
“I don’t know why he insists on carrying my thick textbooks.” Futhi tried to play down the sweet gesture.
Lesiba: A woman shouldn’t have to carry heavy things. She might break her back with all these books.
“Oh, really.” I said, looking from one to the other as if waiting for them to profess their undying love to one another right there. Futhi dropped her eyes and looked at her hands like her nails were the most fascinating things she’d ever seen.
Me: If I didn’t know better I’d say you were dating.
Futhi gave a slight laugh, “don’t start.”
“I didn’t say anything. Anyway, I need to go home and get some sleep.”
“Umm, do you mind dropping us off at the mall on your way home?” Futhi asked.
“Sure. Not a problem,” I replied. “What do you want to get at the mall?”
Futhi: We are going to watch the new Spiderman movie. And no, it’s not a date.
I would have paid to see Lesiba’s facial expression but he walked two steps ahead of us. He held the door open for us and Futhi smiled her thank you.
"How were your other semester tests?" I asked, raising my voice over the howling crowd as we spilled out of the building.
"Good," Futhi replied at the same volume, "Historical Foundations to Private Law was kind of hard because it bores me to tears, but pretty good overall."
I looked up at Lesiba in anticipation for his answer and the sun tore at me. “And you?” I asked him when his answer wasn’t forthcoming.
Lesiba: I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch so I will wait for my results.
"How about yours?" Futhi asked me.
"Good," I said.
“How is the baby?” Lesiba asked.
My face lit up at the thought of Hailey-Hope. Perhaps Lesiba wanted a one word answer but they were bombarded with endless photos and stories. I mentioned the time we struggled with the car seat straps for close to 40 minutes and we were late for our meeting with the lactation consultant. I worried that the consultant didn’t really know what she was doing as she couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason why Hailey couldn’t latch on properly, but I was too unsure of myself to question her.
They were grossed out when I told them about her popping explosively on my bare back at her new born photo shoot, my wife and I thought it was hilarious. I left out all the other poop and weeing incidents and went on to talk about how I’d lost out on a major opportunity for sleep the previous night when Hailey-Hope slept for two hours straight for the first time. I had to use that time and all other nap times to study.
“You make it sound like she never sleeps.” Futhi commented from the passenger seat next to me.
Me: Let’s just say there is no longer a difference between night and day, it’s just a vicious 24 hour cycle. I don’t remember the last time I went to bed at ten and woke up at five.
“I suppose you sleep when she sleeps.” Lesiba said.
Me: Most of the time. Sometimes we just look at her sleeping and marvel at her dignity, her placidity, her tiny, perfect ears and gush about the awesome responsibility we've assumed. It’s not a walk in the park though.
Parenting is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. It’s daunting, frightening, and frustrating. No wait…. It’s been the most stressful, sleep deprived, time of my life. But it is also positively challenging. I see myself growing as a person in ways I never expected. And it is extraordinarily rewarding seeing Hailey-Hope unfold as we help guide her through her first weeks of life.
As we continued to talk about babies I didn’t mention that Hailey's Snuggle Nest, placed between our pillows so we could co-sleep, was a vast canyon separating me from Our Love. It's as if Hailey-Hope got her own king-size bed while Our Love and I had to hang on to the opposite ends of the bed. At this rate we’d never have sex again. I felt bad but I wanted my princess out of our bed and in her own bed soon, not in two or three years’ time. I knew that this was going to be met with resistance from the little one that only wanted to sleep in our exhausted arms and my wife.
Driving home after dropping the two off at the mall, I mentally ticked off the list of things I needed to do for Hailey-Hope’s birthday party on Saturday. I couldn’t believe that she was going to be a whole month old already.
I pulled up to the garage enclosure and there wasn’t any space so I had to drive to underground parking. I parked on an empty spot and cut the engine. For a moment, I just sat there, rubbing my eyes. I was tired and my stomach was grumbling from the peperoni smell that filled the car. I didn’t even like pizza but it’s the first thing that popped into my wife’s mind when I asked her if she wanted anything from the mall. That and socks for the baby that was crying in the background.
Knowing that the baby was going to be handed over to me as soon as I walked in, I selfishly pushed my chair down and took a short nap before I finally forced myself out of the car and strolled into the house.
Our Love was half asleep, watching reruns of NCIS on the television. I figured Hailey-Hope was with one of her grandmothers.
“Hey babe, how was the test?” she asked in her melodic voice. “You look tired.”
I fell on the seat next to her, totally exhausted. “Rough.”
She didn’t understand half the stuff I had to study so she didn’t probe. “Did you get the pizza?”
“Yes. But I want us to eat it straight from the box.” I said, not wanting to impose on her to go to the kitchen to put it on a plate and present my food on a tray like she always did.
I set the pizza box on her lap and said, “bon appétit.”
She gave me a wide grin and her attention focused back on the show as she ate. I studied her, still not believing how lucky I was. I’d royally screwed up my career and I was back to the beginning. I was no longer the ‘it boy’ or the blue eyed prince with the golden boots but her eyes still held the same admiration when she looked at me.
She was a devoted mother and wife but I sometimes felt guilty for being the reason why her dreams were deferred. Being a housewife is not something that she chose so I knew something in her was yearning for something more, even though she never complained. She resigned to follow me halfway across the world and now the ‘we wish you well with your future endeavours’ rejection letters she used to send came at her from every direction.
I stroked her neck. “How has my little girl been acting?”
She chuckled, “acting up is more like it. She passed stool twice but she hardly passes urine, which means she isn’t getting enough milk even though I breastfeed for three hours at a time.”
God, how can any mother be that patient? Most women would have given up on breast feeding but not Our Love.
Me: Do we need to see another lactation consultant?
She heaved a sign. “No, I think it’s time to accept defeat. Your mom thinks she is latching on just fine so that’s not the problem, I don’t produce enough milk. We will give her breast milk and formula.”
Me: I know you wanted to have her on breast milk exclusively but formula is not such a bad idea. I was on formula and look at me, I turned out great.
She smiled at me. “And handsome.”
“Careful now, you might just find yourself in bed on your back if you keep talking like that.” I joked.
Her head fell back in laughter. “You are getting yourself worked up when you know we have to wait for another two weeks.”
“When that day comes you won’t be able to walk by the time I am done with you. They must just get you a wheelchair.” I smirked.
She laughed even louder. “You are hopeless.” She placed the pizza box on the coffee table and straddled me.
“Now that the princess is on formula, my mother offered to sleep with her to night. So I was thinking that maybe we could make it to second base.” She purred. Her face, a breath away from mine.
My hand travelled down her back, light and playful. I coated my palm over her jean covered thigh. “I wish you were wearing a skirt.” I whispered.
She laughed and pushed my chest. I pulled her back to me and told her that I missed her.
“I miss you too.” She smiled, her lips slid against my cheek as her hand travelled up my stomach.
“I know the factory is closed due to biological reasons but maybe you could show me your chest.” I said.
“Levi!” she slapped my hand as my finger hooked in the top of her shirt.
“Just a peep.” I cooed.
She arched her back to show off her chest, still shaking with suppressed laughter as I trailed my hands over the curve of her breasts, adjusting her bra to lift her cleavage.
“Love them,” I smirked. “Now I get to gawk at you like you do when I get dressed in the mornings.” I joked, we bot laughed.
“Have I told you just how good you look naked?” she asked in an airless voice.
I moved my hand to the small of her back to pick her up and moved this to our bedroom.
Her eyes were the portals to her soul. Her lips, the corridor to her mind. I sensed what was on her mind as my lips reacted to her thoughts with a smile. Her mind expressed its bidding with words of love, and showed its intentions with a tender kiss on my shoulder.
I kicked the door closed with my foot as she pecked my lips. Denying her would be like refusing water in a desert. My eyes fluttered shut but my lips parted ever so slightly. It took me back to the moment when our lips touched for the first time ever. Her arms were around me. She slowly pulled me closer by wrapping her legs tighter around my waist. I responded and our bodies pressed tightly together.
I made love to her mouth by nibbling and teasing and taking pleasure from the soft caresses of our lips and tongues. Breathing became difficult, and my heart rate became erratic. The sweet invasion stroked my mouth to ecstasy. The kiss said many things that are difficult to put into words. When it ended the words “wow”, uncontrollably jumped from my mouth.
“That just took me back to the very first time you kissed me at the back of my car.”
My statement made her eyebrows knot. “WHAT? Did you just mistake me for one of your pigeons?” She snapped and forced me to put her down.
“What did I do?” I asked, in shock.
“Our first kiss was in the kitchen, in your old apartment!” She exclaimed.
I took a moment to look at her, convinced that someone was going to jump out of the bushes and say that I was getting pranked.
She sent the pillows flying off the bed in fury and crawled under the covers, leaving me dumbfounded.
“So this isn’t a joke?” I asked.
“Does it look like I’m joking?” She fired without turning to look at me.
“Babe, are you telling me that you were too drunk to remember?” I asked, sliding into bed.
“It was the day we went to the club.”
“We went to the club a thousand times,” she replied, curiosity evident in her tone.
Me: As in the day you were singing worship songs. We were in the backseat waiting for the others to get in their cars so we could move the party to my place. I leaned in to move your hair from your face but you kissed me. Kagiso hopped in the driver’s seat and told us to get a room. Do you honestly not remember?
“No.” She chuckled. “You must learnt to separate reality from fantasies.”
Me: You weren’t wearing your dress when you woke up the next day. How do you think that happened?
Thando: You took it off because it would have been uncomfortable for me to sleep in a tight dress?
I chortled. “I am a hot blooded male, I would never take off a girl’s dress for that reason.”
“So did we? You know….”
“No, we only got to second base. I cared too much about you to cross that line until we were both sure that it’s what we really wanted. I didn’t want you to think that I was just another guy only interested in getting you under the sheets when I was actually more concerned with getting into your mind, not your panties.”
Thando responded by moving closer to me, placing her back flush against my chest. It felt like a lifetime since we slept so close to each other. The warm fuzzy feeling sealed Hailey’s fate – she had to move to her own bed that cost me an arm and a leg.
“Does it really matter to a guy how fast he was able to have sexual intercourse with a woman? Like does it have a bearing on the way he perceives her and their future together?” Our Love asked.
Me: I don’t think it’s something that is measured with time. How fast or how slow a woman and a man take to have sexual intercourse is not in itself indicative of how long the relationship will last or how a man would perceive the relationship but we are all different. I believe that the greatest sex stems from an internal energetic connection between two people that truly love each other and it takes time to fall in love with someone.
“Do you think Lesiba and Futhi are having sex?”
The sudden question made me giggle. “I don’t know but I think it’s inevitable. They can only play the cat and mouse game for so long. The cat will catch the mouse and chow it eventually.”
My playful response elicited an unexpected chuckle.
Thando: I’ll chat to her about contraceptives just to put it out there so that history doesn’t repeat itself.
“Or find herself in Sbahle’s situation.” I added.
She laughed but I was dead serious. “You will never know what people are getting up to these days.” I said.
Thando: Sbahle’s not pregnant by the way so that’s a relief.
Me: Kwame must be relieved.
Thando: She didn’t tell him. I think she wants Kwame carry on acting a fool and show her who he really is. People show you their true colours when stuff hits the fan.
“Why are people always playing games? She should tell the guy and move on with her fiancé.” I said.
“Anyway, enough about Sbahle. When are you meeting with the prosecutor to prepare for the trial?”
Our Love sprung out of bed like an energizer bunny before she squealed, “I’m going to bath.”
“Now?” I asked. “Is this about the trial?”
Thando: I don’t want to take the stand. All I had to do was tell them when and where the drop was taking place and I did that. I don’t want to put my life or my baby’s life at risk by testifying.
Her statement came as a shock to me. “You think they are just going to let you go if you do not cooperate?”
“Everything is just a blur, babe. So much has happened. The therapy sessions have done more bad than good because I’ve had to dig deep, let all my demons lose so that I can face them. All my thoughts blur into each other. The prosecutor has files of pictures of people that I have to identify and they all look the same to me now.”
Me: But how? We spoke about this in depth. You told me about Obvious, Pharaoh, Danger and the others.
Thando: Who are the others?
I sat up. “I don’t remember all of them.”
Thando: See, I also don’t remember. I think I remember who did what where and why then I don’t remember.
“What are you saying?” I asked.
“I am saying everything is mixed up in my head.” She croaked.
I exhaled slowly, shaking my head in my mind, not wanting to send her into further distress. “You don’t remember?”
Her chest heaved. “I don’t want to remember.”
She marched across the room and went digging for something in the closet before going to the bathroom, leaving me to my raging thoughts. She had to remember.

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