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Saturday, September 17


Unscripted love Chapter 98


The next morning I was the last one into the dining room. I only had a few minutes to get food in my system before we’d head out to church.
“Good morning.” I greeted the room at large. I cast a general glance around the room trying not to let my eyes spend any more time on the unexpected house guest, Emily, than on anyone else in the room.
“Mom, did you have fun with your friend last night?” Sbahle asked, looking up expectantly as if waiting for me to declare my undying love for this new ‘friend’.

“Getting out of the house and seeing new people was fun, thank you for asking.” I brushed the topic off.
Tryphina grinned and put down her newspaper. “I heard you talking to someone on the phone at about three in the morning. Were you talking to him?”
I’d finished filling my coffee cup and had taken a seat at the table. I was talking to Joel. After thirty minutes of texting he picked up the phone and called to say goodnight, the call lasted way longer than we both expected and I’d only managed to get two hours of sleep.
“Thando are you still going to the zoo after church?” I asked, ignoring my sister’s question and sliding along to the next topic.
“Yes.” Thando said, not bothering to look up from her plate. At first I thought she was annoyed by something I did but I noted that Levi was sitting on the opposite end of the table. It was so easy to tell when they were fighting because they were always climbing on each other when they were in a good space.
“Is everything okay?” I dared to ask.
Levi gave a little huff and all eyes turned to him. I was tempted to ask what but I chose not to. “How is the baby? Is she ready for church?”
“Thando dropped the baby but she is fine,” Levi stated.
“I didn’t drop the baby. I looked away for two seconds and she fell off the bed. I didn’t know she was going to move.” Thando countered.
Emily gave a little giggle. “Babies fall all the time, Levi. You must learn to relax a bit.”
I couldn’t agree more. Levi was a wonderful father but he was overbearing and annoying at times... Okay, most of the time. He had so many rules and regulations that we had to follow when he didn’t even know much about taking care of babies. The mothers around the table shared their stories of times when they dropped the kids that were now grown and sitting around the table.
Sbahle must have been bored by the conversation because she rose from the table. “I’m going to give church and the zoo a skip, I want to be in my own company today. Mom, call me when you are done and I’ll come and fetch you.” She cast one last smile towards her mother and left the room.
“Mom, you weren’t here when we planned the trip, would you like to come to the zoo with us?” Thando asked me.
“I have plans for this afternoon, I’ll come next time.”
“Plans with my husband?” Emily hissed.
Levi and Thando looked gobsmacked by her question.
I was mortified by Emily’s question and stood up quickly, I was not going to sit around and get cross examined about my untitled thing with Joel.
“Joel…. is Joel the new friend?” Thando gasped.
“I don’t think we should meddle.” Tryphina warned, folding her newspaper.
I stormed out of the room, leaving all their questions unanswered.
Thando ran after me and grabbed my hand to pull me to a stop. I yanked my hand out of her grip and continued up the stairs.
“Ma, ujola no Joel? [Are you dating Joel?]” Thando asked flatly with no expression on her face or in her voice.
“No.” We weren’t dating.
“Is he the one you went out with last night?”
I stopped to look at her. “Emily and Joel are separated and they have been separated for a while now.” I informed her, preempting her objection.
“Ma, that man is evil. uSathane uqobo lwakhe [He is the devil]. I can’t tell you everything but you have to trust me. Joel is not the type of guy you need to be with, he is using you.” She said angrily.
I shot a withering look at Thando. “You don’t know Joel, you never took the time to get to know him. Can you really blame him for being cold towards you if his family treats him like an outcast? I don’t meddle in your relationship with Levi so I expect the same courtesy.”
Thando’s face was pale and she looked as if she’d been slapped. “You need to ask yourself why his family treats him that way.”
I could tell that Thando was truly upset. I walked over to her to give her a hug. “Thando, I don’t want to fight with you. Nobody is perfect my child. I have my imperfections, you aren’t perfect and Joel has his own shortcomings. Don’t worry about me, I can look after myself. Joel and I are getting to know each other and we enjoy each other’s company –that it. It’s not like we are running off to get married so relax.”
Thando sighed, defeated. “I would tell you everything if I wasn’t scared for my life… my daughter’s life. I will say this, Sandiso is an angel compared to Joel.”
Unadmonished panic clawed at my stomach. “What are you saying? Joel killed people!?”
“I’m saying he is capable. Mom you know me, I always see the best in people. Trust me when I say there is nothing good that would ever come out of any sort of relationship with Joel.” Tears brimmed her eyes. “Promise me that you will stay away from him.”
“Don’t cry. You’ve known him for much longer so I trust your judgment. I’ll stay away from him.” I promised.
As promised, I cancelled my meeting with Joel and deleted his number. I didn’t know why my daughter called him the devil or feared for her life but something must have happened. I trusted Thando’s judgment better than my own. Thuthuka’s father, Sandiso and Mayihlome were clear indications that I wasn’t a good judge of character.
“S.” I heard and I turned around, I was convinced I was imagining it until I saw Kwame darting across the parking lot, headed in my direction.
I clutched my laptop bag and forced my feet to move faster, I’d never been very athletic but my adrenaline was in full effect. I turned the corner towards my allocated parking bay and I began to tire.
“S, stop!” Kwame yelled again. I stopped. I stopped dead in my tracks when I didn’t see my car in the spot where I left it when I got to work that morning.
“I took it in for a paint job.” Kwame said.
When I turned around to face him he was only a few feet away, due to the shocked expression he held, I knew he didn’t expect me to stop.
“What Kwame! What could you possibly want from me?” I screamed.
My heart was pounding from running and from him breaking it.
“I…” he seemed to be at a loss for words for once. “I am sorry for the way I reacted when you told me you were pregnant. It’s just that you told me that you were on the pill and you should have told me when you stopped taking the pill. You should have said you wanted a baby because it was a decision that we were supposed to make together.”
“So now it’s your baby?” I huffed and took another step forward so I was face to face with him, well I would have been if he wasn’t so much taller than me. My anger was rolling off me.
“S… baby you have to see things from my perspective. You can’t really blame me for wanting a blood test to prove that I am actually the father. The baby is going to come out of your vagina so you can be sure that it’s yours but how am I supposed to be sure? How do you know that it’s not Alu’s baby? What makes you so sure that its mine?” He asked quietly. He looked into my eyes and reached his hand out to take mine but I swatted it away.
“I am sorry.” He reiterated.
“You are sorry? You are sorry?” I repeated with a laugh.
“Yes. I am.”
“Go to hell Kwame!” I began to walk away, he grabbed my arm and my anger boiled over. My hand flew up and smacked him, hard. I was as surprised by my violent actions as he was and I almost wanted to apologize for hitting him, but the pain he’d caused me was much more than a slap on the cheek.
Kwame rubbed his cheek with his hand and looked back at me.
“What the hell is your problem? I am humbling myself and trying to fix things even though this is all your fault.” He yelled.
“How it this all my fault? Did I fuck myself and get myself pregnant?” I heaved.
“I’m starting to think that you did this because you are so desperate for marriage!”
A car passed and the driver stared but I ignored him. I didn’t care about causing a scene right now.
“Kwame, I told you that I switched to the patch and I must have miscalculated the weeks. I told you that I don’t want a baby…. not like this. All of this has made it very clear that you lied to me and played me like a fool.
Just when I’d gotten to a point of believing that we had a future, that I could trust you, you threw me out like yesterday’s trash when I needed you most. If you are so happy with your wife why do you keep coming back to me?
You fed me bullshit about being in love with me and begged me to stay in this mess of a relationship so you can continue to use me! I got my period and I took the test – I am not pregnant and I am so thankful. I am turning over a new leaf, starting a new chapter with Alu. It’s just me and him from now on. He is paying lobola next week.” I informed him.
“WHAT!?” Kwame bellowed.
“It is over. I am done with you. Stop calling and texting. I never want to see you again!” I said and I meant it.
“You are overreacting,” he stated and it took everything in me not to smack him again.
“I’m overreacting? We can’t be seen together in public lest your wife or someone she knows sees us. I can’t post anything about you or us on social media. You expect me to wait until your kids are grown to make a real commitment. Does that sound fair to you? Does it make sense to sit and wait until my pubic hair turns grey and my breasts are sagging before I get a ring from you?
I was stupid enough to convince myself that this was enough for me but you ripped the wool off my eyes and I see clearly now. There is no future in this. You drilled that in my thick skull when you left me all alone for two whole weeks at the thought of having a child with me. I could have been carrying your child but you didn’t even care if I ate… if I was safe. Alu called every morning and every evening to check up on me and see how I was doing. That made me realize that I was pining over a man that abandoned me when I needed him most while there was someone who thinks the world of me. I was short changing myself by settling for you.
I gave you all that I am and I let you become my world, you defined the meaning of my existence and that is where I went wrong. I gave you too much power. I get it now, you are not this superhero that I conjured up in my mind, you are just a spineless swain.” I said, my voice quieter, exhausted. I wiped the fresh tears from my face and waited for his response.
“If you were so unhappy why did you let me uproot my family and relocate to South Africa? My wife is struggling to get a job. My daughter was told she couldn’t participate in the school play because she is too dark and she speaks funny. My kids are suddenly questioning what is wrong with them because they are being discriminated against. My colleagues see me as something inferior to them simply because I wasn’t born here. I also made sacrifices to be with you. What was all of this for if you are just going to throw it all away over one dissagreement?”
I didn’t say anything.
“S. I fucked up big time. I can never apologise enough for my poor lapse in judgment. I was stressed from work, my wife was on my case and my son told me he hopes he doesn’t grow up to be like me. I don’t even know how he found out about us but he hasn’t spoken to me since. I know I sound like I am making excuses but I just lost it when you sprung pregnancy up on me. Let me make it up to you. We can go back to the way things were.”
I huffed. “You thought you’d come here and bend my will by taking my car for a paint job without my knowledge and we’d somehow end up back together again. I am getting off this rollercoaster. It. Is. Over.”
“Didn’t you get the money I sent you?” he asked.
The pain in my chest was magnified by a thousand.
“Do…” I started to say but I didn’t even know what to say to this pig toe that clearly thought I was for sale.
“I made you who you are today.” He ventured. “When we met you were an illiterate girl from the rural areas. I took you to school and paid for your studies. I saw something in you when nobody else did and now you think you have made it. You are where you are today because of me.”
“I depended on you.” I admitted. I was already humiliated so I had nothing to lose. “If you think I was with you for your money then I only have myself to blame for all the wasted years. After all that has happened I am not mad at you, I am mad at myself for believing the dream that you sold me. I knew exactly who you were when I allowed myself to fall for you again. I knew you would hurt me but I hoped you wouldn’t. Stop sending me money. I want my car back. Just leave the illiterate girl alone!” I sobbed.
Pain flashed in his eyes, well, what looked like pain.
I no longer wanted to play these exhausting games with him. I turned away from him again and began to walk back to my office block, I had to get back to my office to call my fiancé to come and fetch me seeing as I’d left my phone at home. I was tired of Kwame’s calls and text messages. I needed a break.
“Where are you going? You don’t have a car.” He stated the obvious. It hurt me that he didn’t try to take back his mean words. He’d only confirmed what I already knew, that he was heartless.
“I’m going to call my fiancé.”
I walked faster, only a few more steps and I’d hide in the building.
“Why would you call him?”
“Because I can depend on him.”
“You can’t depend on me?” he asked. He couldn’t be serious.
“Are you really that delusional or are you fucking with my mind again? You can’t possibly think I could ever depend on you or even trust you again.” I spat.
We were back to the steps of the building when he yanked my laptop and my bag and told me that he was going to take me home.
The security guard appeared in the doorway and I rushed to his side. “Can I use your cellphone? Please.” I begged and he nodded.
Kwame stood in front of me while I called Alu and asked me to pick me up. Kwame and the security guard stared at each other for a second before Kwame looked away and back to me.
“Is he coming?” The security guard asked, voice full of concern, when I gave him his phone.
“Yea, he will be here in a few minutes. Thank you for letting me use your phone.” I told him, ignoring Kwame.
“No problem. Do you want me to wait with you?” he asked.
“No. I will wait with her.” Kwame’s voice was full of venom.
“I would love it if you waited with me.” I said and Kwame balled his fists at his side. I took my bags and walked back down the steps with the security guard.
Kwame being the asshole that he was followed us down the steps and stood behind us awkwardly.
A huge wave of relief washed over me when Alu’s car pulled up.
“Thank you again.” I told the security guard.
“No problem. Don’t forget what I asked.” He smiled, reminding me of his proposition to take me out on a date. It was one of those propositions that made me wonder if I really looked so bad that people like him thought they stood a chance.
“S…” Kwame called and I stepped away. “You know that I cherish you above anything else in my life.” I ignored him.
“Pumpkin,” he called louder.
“What the hell do you want Kwame? I have said all that I have to say to you. I am done listening to you and your bullshit.” I whisper screamed.
I was aware of the security guard and Alu’s eyes on us but I’d had enough. “If you follow me I will tell your wife about us. Now leave me alone!” I stormed off.
“I…. S.” he called, running after me. “I love you,” he yelled.
All the air from my lungs disappeared as Alu sounded like he was choking.
“You are sick Kwame. You are really demented.” I grabbed the door handle on Alu’s car but my hand was yanked away by Kwame. Despite the fact that I knew that this was part of his game, it still felt good to hear those words from his lips.
“S… I love you with everything in me. I know you won’t believe me but I do, I love you. I cannot live without you. Please don’t let what happened in Belgium ruin what we have.” His voice broke like he was on the brink of tears. He was better at this than I thought. I couldn’t believe that he was doing this in front of Alu who was dumbfounded by what he was witnessing.
I shoved Kwame backwards and opened the door. I hurried in and locked the door before Kwame gained his balance.
“Please drive. Just get me away from here.” I begged Alu as Kwame banged his hands against the window.
I put my hands over my face so Kwame couldn’t see me cry.
“What is going on? Who is that guy?” Alu asked after I finally stopped sobbing.
“He is an ex that refuses to let go.” I told him.
“Did I hear him say that he was in Belgium with you?” Alu asked quietly.
“Yes. I was in Belgium with him.” I felt my heart shatter ay my confession.
“Are you cheating on me?” he simply asked.
“I was.” My voice came out strained and my words too bare, not even offering some sort of explanation.

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