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Thursday, October 13


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 87


Chapter 87.
" well I think it would be a great experience for the boys hey" I said smiling to my father in law.
" babe are you sure about this? You don't have to feel intimidated by anyone over this. We can just discuss it overnight you know" Mordecai suggested as he took my hands into his.
" I'm sure, unless you are not sure about this.. It wouldn't be a bad idea for the boys to see the world you grew up in and if we miss them, we can always hop on the next plane to London! I know it would be tiring but I'm doing it for the boys!"
Mr Martins got up and hugged me.
" this means a lot to me. It really does"

I told him that if he was two timing me, he would regret the day he even thought of it.
It wasn't like I had a plan or something but I just had to scare him off nje.
I didn't sleep that night. I was awake thinking if I made the right decision.
As for taking over the family business, we decided we were going to do it. I missed being boss lady though.
On Monday I went to hand in my resignation letter at work.
" wow it was long overdue though. We thought you would never resign" Rochelle said as she entered the office in the shortest dress I have ever seen. The make up was overly done she looked like an art gallery.
" the word privacy doesn't really exist in you vocabulary Rochelle? The CEO lashed out on her.
Well he might have woken up in a wrong side of the bed because he usually just smile when she does it.
" but..bu......" She stuttered but he shut her up.
" anyways let's all go to the boardroom" we all followed him although I just wanted to leave. He didn't really say anything when I handed in my letter.
" well I'm not gonna waste your time but this company is going through some tough time and therefore we will be retrenching people. On the board you will find names of those that are remaining. Mrs Martins was among the 5 people remaining but since she is resigning none of you should have any ideas that you will take her space" he said as he made his way back to the office.
" you gotta be kidding me Mr high and mighty. I can't be retrenched from this job, otherwise your wife will know of what has been happening during those late hours you claimed you were working. You better put my name in there" Rochelle ranted as she followed him.
I didn't stay for all that drama, I left. I couldn't even say proper goodbyes because it was all mixed up.
I had to tell my mom about the twins and the lecture I got was more than I expected.
" vele vele, you have lost your mind her Francesca. If you couldn't afford those twins, you should have just brought them here like you always do than giving it to that guy who is two faced nje. You might never actually see them ever again"
I did try to reason with her but she didn't wanna hear any of it and so did Christina. Nandi was the only one who thought it wasn't a bad idea.
Well days went by faster than I expected. Soon it was the festive holidays. Mr martins invited us to spend it there. When I told my mom she literally jumped for joy. You could swear it wasn't the same woman calling Mr Martins the devil who can't be trusted.
Her joy couldn't be compared to that of Nandi. She immideately posted a status saying she would be going to London. Mr Martins was paying for everyone.
It was one of the best festive seasons we ever had. Just simply amazing. Not because of the place, but my people made it a memorable one.
It was just sad when I had to leave the twins behind but they weren't worried or sad.
We got back to SA to start a life without boys around, first month was the hardest. We skyped almost every night but it wasn't the same.
My husband tried by all means to make it fun for the two of us. Roger was left behind as he wanted to be with the twins.
The company was doing good under our administration. All was well.
Allan finally married Christy before their second baby was born. The boys came back to attend. They looked way bigger than the last time I saw them. They looked happy, so I was happy.
Nandi and her new boyfriend were going strong too although she kept on worrying about how she was going to tell him about her HIV status.
Well it wasn't an easy thing to do especially in the world full of stigma against HIV positive people. Christy and I advised her to take her time
Well when she finally did, the results wasn't all that she expected. She said after telling him about her status, he accepted it. Telling her, he was there for her. Well talk about a once in a lifetime kind of man. He was heaven sent.
My girlfriends would start talking about kids and that wasn't a topic I wanted to take part in. I would find an excuse not to answer anyone who would ask if I didn't want other kids or when was I having them.
God knows I was trying. I didn't tell Mordecai about it but I'm sure he did pick it up.
The year went down by with no sign of me getting pregnant. The boys came for the holidays. We decided they should continue with school there until they were done with primary school.
The fact that I couldn't fall pregnant was driving me nuts. I was even pushing Mordecai away and didn't want to tell him what's was going on.
" I know you want another baby. I know you badly want it but you have been acting like not getting one is your fault while its not. Babe this isn't about you alone. What if I'm the problem here and the one who must see a doctor? " he said one night just after we were done having sex.
Sex for me was no longer fun but rather' I just want him to ejaculate" kinda thing.
I just hugged him and cried.
The next day we went to see the doctor and got checked up. When the results came, none of us had any problem whatsoever. The doctor gave us medication to help us be more fertile.
Nothing changed. I just had to accept that two kids was what God gave me and I had to be thankful. Some people couldn't even get one baby.
Two more years down the line I have actually accepted the whole thing and started enjoying life as it came.
The boys were around for a visit. Gosh they were big guys. More like their father. To think they left when they were just small five year olds now they were actually big eight year olds.
" mom why don't you eat the pan cakes we made for ya" Adrian said as we sat down for breakfast one morning.
" I have been saying I'm not feeling well. Your father seems to be enjoying them. That's something" I said smiling trying to shift the focus from me but that didn't stop them from pestering me with their pancakes.
I didn't like the smell of eggs and milk. I felt like I was eating them raw and with just one bite , I felt really nauseous.
I immideately ran to grab the nearest bowl and vomited.
Mordecai ran to check up on me.
" mom are you fine" the boys asked in unison clearly panicking.
I didn't say anything because I passed out.
I woke up in the hospital.
" oh thank heaven you are awake. We have been worrying about you " aiden said hugging me and Adrian ran out calling for his dad.
They all hugged me.
" guys I can't breath " I said laughing and they all broke the hug. Mordecai told me the doctor was waiting for the tests results. I was secretly praying the cancer wasn't coming back.
" well I can see you are all having some family time" the doctor said smiling as he entered.
We just nodded. It was clear he had the test results. My boys looked scared too. I never told them about that cancer unless somebody did or they just investigated.
"I had bad news and good news " he said as he felt my skin for the temperature I suppose.
I looked at Mordecai signaling him to tell the boys to leave but the doctor continued talking before he could even say something.
" well I can tell you alone while your family wait outside"
" well just say it. Its fine" I blurted out.
" bad news is I have to keep you at the hospital for 3 more days while the good news is you are 12 weeks pregnan.... "
He didn't finish the statement because we all just screamed in joy.
" this is so cool, we going to have a little sister" aiden said hugging his brother.
" or little brother " Adrian added.
We just laughed.
"Well God works in a mysterious way babes" my husband said kissing me.
" I have always been suspicious babe. You gained weight, you were so lazy these days and your boobs too" he continued.
I was suspicious too but I just didn't want to get my false hopes up.
" well more good news is you Mrs Martins are going to have twins" he added with a grin.
" what? " I asked in disbelief.
Mordecai and the boys also asked the same thing.
" this is cool" aiden and Adrian said in unison.
Well I wasn't sure if I was ready for another set of twins again. It was scary.
" I hope its boys" Mordecai said smiling and the boys cheered on.
They all knew very well I wanted a girl so I just kept a straight face while they laughed at me.
" well we will just have to wait and find out" the doctor said as he walked out.
I just looked at my family laughing and goofing around.
God was indeed able!
The end.
I decided to end the story here because.... Well Ria and Morde deserved a break. New story will be coming this Friday and hope you will give it your time as well 

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