Saturday, October 29

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Connie Ferguson: My husband infected me with STI eight times.

Connie Ferguson: Shona Ferguson infected me with STI eight times but i still love him because he is young.

People tend to walk out on relationships or marriage for reasons as small as being cheated on once. I'm not saying it's right to be cheated on but once and you walk away then that's just a bit dramatic.

The very private Connie Ferguson finally opens up about how she's been infected with STI eight times. Their marriage looks everything rosey and classy but the saying that no one is perfect has been evident in this life time. Connie says her husband Shona Ferguson is a very loving husband and a great father but with all that he has his flows. Temptation can easily mess with our men and they need us to be strong when that happens.
All men cheat but what's important is the respect and love he shows and gives to you even in moments of weaknesses of being tempted. When women see a happy marriage going from strength to strength they will do anything to try and destroy it but I'm more focused on leaving a legacy for our kids everything else don't matter.

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