Saturday, October 1

Mahlatse Ramatseba

DA stopping more corruption in Tshwane.

DA stopping more corruption in Tshwane.

The DA's Mmusi Maimane spoke about making changes in Tshwane from the very first time they became in charge. We thought it was just bluffing until we heard about how blue lights are unnecessary and how the expensive cars should be released from politicians to the police as they need them more. On that he elaborated further stating that politicians use expensive cars just for show off while some of the police cars aren't fast enough to catch the thugs and criminals.

With further investigations he says that it has also been discovered that mayoral offices are bloated with unnecessary employers, that is just corruption he said. Most of those workers were not appointed rightfully and that's just what is causing unemployment for people who don't know the right people in high places yet these are qualified people.  Money for certain projects is also been used wrongful so. Corruption will evaporate in Tshwane he added.

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