Tuesday, October 4

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Desmond Tutu looks like a ghost says Robert Mugabe

Desmond Tutu looks like a ghost says Robert Mugabe

The president of Zimbabwe Mr
Robert Mugabe is known for his unkind words so his comment on Bishop Desmond Tutu didn't come as a shock to many.

Bishop Desmond Tutu has been ill for sometime and those who know him know very well that he's no longer young, his sickness isn't much of a surprise to many although it's giving many sleepless nights.

His sickness reminds us of the time Tata Nelson Mandela was sick, the nation was lost and now another great leader's sickness is shaking the world with fear and sadness.

Not everyone feels just as sad. Mr Mugabe however had nothing nice to say about Tutu's sickness. He commented saying Tutu looks like a ghost already yet he's on his death bed, he further added that he can't imagine what he will look like ones he's a ghost for real.  We would like to wish you a speedy recovery Bishop Desmond Tutu.

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