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Mahlatse Ramatseba

DNA proves Hlaudi and Zuma are brothers - Both no Education,its in their DNA

DNA proves Hlaudi and Zuma are brothers - Both no Education,its in their DNA

A rumor that has been circulating over the years that Motsoeneng Hlaudi and Jacob Zuma are brothers was confirmed yesterday when DNA tests results proved 99.99% that Hlaudi and Zuma are actually blood brothers.
The tests results, which were leaked by a laboratory employee were done at the beginning of September. The revelation could explain why Hlaudi seems untouchable and is worshiped in SABC. The source confirmed that Jacob and Motsoeneng have always suspected they could be related judging by their complete disregard of the law and enriching themselves. According to sources, Hlaudi’s mother (who is a sangoma) had an affair with Jacob’s father back in the apartheid days and Motsoeneng was a result of the affair.

LiveMonitor spoke to Motsoeneng’s mother who confirmed the affair but said she did not want anything to do with the Zuma’s “Yes, I had an affair Nobhekisisa ( Jacob’s father) and I got pregnant. He (Nobhekesisa) denied it and chased me away so I left”, she said.
According to sources, Jacob Zuma and Hlaudi have a lot in common. One source who refused to be named said “These guys have the same mannerisms and laugh. Their way of operating is also quiet identical. They are literally twins”, the source said. Another source said the news did not come as a surprise though as they knew about it. “They just wanted to confirm it”, the source said.
A ceremony is to be conducted before Christmas to welcome Motsoeneng to the Zuma family. This despite the fact that Motsoeneng’s mother is against the idea. Motsoeneng is said to be excited to finally connect with his family, the Zumas.
Source : onine

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