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Saturday, October 1


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 36


I turned around and continued what I was doing. I knew in a minute Godzilla will be behind me. I took my magnum and turned around. Godzilla stood right behind me.
Nyiko: Mrs. Tau, fancy bumping into you here. ( Extending his filthy hand to greet me )
Nna: Afternoon Mr Baloye. I could say the same to you!
Nyiko: So what brings you to mother city? Business or pleasure?
Nna: A bit of both. And you?
Nyiko: I am all for business sweetheart. No time for spending money on entertainment. It’s all about building wealth.

Nna: Oh, I see ( looking towards where the Barbie doll was impatiently waiting). Business neh
Nyiko: Oh that’s my secretary Thadolwethu. As I was saying we must create sustainable legacies for our kids.
Nna: Oh she's your secretary? I see! Look I wish I could stay long and chat with you but I gotta go.
Nyiko: Staying here?
Nna: Yep!
Nyiko: Oh same here. This is going to be my home for the entire week . And you? How long will you be here till? Maybe we can do drinks later.
Nna: I might leave later tonight or early tomorrow morning. So rain check!
Nyiko: What a Pity. Anyway it’s always so refreshing to see you. Looking and sounding so professional and serious. You must loosen up some times Bobs. Ciao. See you whenever we meet again.
Nna: If I didn’t know your wife, I’d say you were in trouble with madam secretary over there. She unlike me seems so pissed off. Maybe you should ask her to loosen up and behave like a professional she’s supposed to be, not a jealous lover. Let me not keep you any further away from her. Goodbye Mr. Baloye.
I walked away and went back to my room. When I got there Milano was busy on his phone. I put the ice creams down and rushed into the bathroom. I was so pressed and needed to wash off Nyiko Baloye's smell and dirt off my hand. As soon as I was done I went back to join Milano. He wrapped up his arms around me and told the person he was talking to that he got to go. He hung up. He grabbed me and kissed me all over my face. We giggled and fell on the bed. He said he missed me while I was gone. I gave him his ice cream and we just relaxed on the bed.
He then told me that I had few missed calls from my phone and jokingly said he didn’t know whether to answer it or not. I said he should have answered and took the message. He said, what if it was Mr. gunman? I asked him who was that? He showed me his shoulder and immediately I knew who he was referring to as Gunman, Kevin.
We jokingly laughed about it. I told him not to worry about Mr. gunman because he rarely phones me. I fetched my phone and checked the missed calls. It was my home phone number and the Don’t Answer ( Fifi). I shook my head in disbelief about Fifi becoming a nuisance to me, calling me non stop. Milano asked me why I seemed irritated by whatever I was seeing on my phone. I brushed him off, saying it’s some lunatic who would not get the message that I didn’t want to speak to her.
I joined him on the bed and threw a hot one at him. I asked him if Mrs. SMS does call him sometimes and if it would be safe to answer his phone? At first he didn’t get my question about Mrs. SMS. He smiled and said I could answer his phone anytime of the day. He further said as for Mrs. SMS aka ex-wife, she’s been trying to call him couple of times but he didn’t answer or return the calls. He then shook his head and said maybe we should change the topic. His excuse was that the weekend was about us and we should not be discussing our past. He said we will have plenty of time to discuss everything. I must say I was a bit uncomfortable to talk about Kevin with Milano so I thought maybe he was right, we should not be talking about our exes. We decided to just enjoy our time together without disturbance and all.
Few minutes later my phone rang. It was my home phone number again. I wondered what Mamo wanted from me. With the kids at my sister’s and she house sitting alone, there was nothing that could be important. I ignored it. She persisted on calling until Milano said I should just answer because it didn’t seem like the caller will give up. I answered.
Nna: Yes Mamorena, what’s up?
Mamo: Hantle ‘me. How are you?
Nna: I’m good thank you. Is everything okay?
Mamo: Ache everything is fine. I’m with Rakgadi wa the twins', Aus Reatlehile.
Nna: What? What does she want? I hope you have not let her be comfortable in my house. And Mamo, remember what I said about people rocking up in my house unannounced, especially in my absence? They must not be allowed in the house and or be left unattended. So please don’t let that one out of your sight. I don’t trust her.
Mamo: I hear you mama. Ke en’oa by my side , she wants to speak to you.
Nna: Okay put her on the phone now and make sure she leaves afterwards!
Reatli: Hello Bobs
Nna: Yes Reatlehile Baloye, what a surprise!
Reatli: I was hoping to find you home. Mamo just told me that you are away for the weekend.
Nna: Yes I'm not home. Maybe you should have called before you drive all the way to my house? Look Reatli I’m in the middle of something, I can’t stay long. So what is it that you want from me?
Reatli: Arg spare of the moment decision to drive over here. But let me not hold you up. I did receive your sms. It’s kind of graphic and confusing. So this morning when I drop off Nyiko at the airport for his business trip to Cape Town, I thought it would be a good chance for us to talk. Actually for me to fill you in. So how about we meet sometime during the week while Nyiko is away?
You decide the time and venue. Bobs, I just want to assure you, family is everything to me. I learned that much. Please trust me, you will understand why I have been quiet. And please do not send me messages or call me on both my phones, even landline. I will leave Tankiso's cellphone numbers with Mamorena you can reach me there during the day. Even if you can sms or WhatsApp me, she will relay the messages.
Nna: Well, I’m just concerned about your sudden turn Reatli? You disappeared from the world and suddenly you want us to talk and me to trust you? Is it because of the sms? Well, you are right about one thing, family is everything to you. I get it. There’s no need to rub it off on me. I figured that you and your husband and your family will do anything for each other. I’m cool with it. Anyway I will let you know when I’m free or ready to talk to you and where we can meet. Good bye.
Reatli: I understand your concern but let’s leave everything for when we meet. The rest I will enlighten you. Please let it be any day before Sunday, I’m going to fetch Nyiko at the airport on Sunday. Sharp then, I will hear from you.
We just hung up. Now all of a Saturday snakezilla want us to talk? And ask me to trust her? Le Khale! I would have to die first before I could believe anything that comes from that snake’s mouth. Now family is important? Didn’t she think of that when she was busy applying for visas to go visit Kevin and asked him not to tell me anything about the trip and the proposal? Mxxxxx. It’s not like she'd been with Nyiko twenty four seven to be able to do what she did today. Mmmm , it’s clear that the message I sent her got her attention as intended, however graphic and confusing she claimed. Anyway, let me forget about the Baloyes and focus on my life with my Milberry..
Milano: Is everything alright?
Nna: Everything is perfect motho-‘aka. Family rivalry nje.
Milano: I get you! As long as you are okay. So how about I take you to Gugulethu for dinner tonight?
Nna: Who? Where?
Milano: Gugulethu is the home of the famous Mzoli's restaurant. You can’t tell people that you were in town if you have not set foot at Mzoli’s .
Nna: Ahhh! I heard about it but I am not sure I’m up for that.
Milano: Cum’on' Booberry! You will love it.The meat, the vibe..to die for!
Nna: Ohk! Gugulethu it is…
Milano: Remember earlier I told you about bumping into an acquaintance of mine?
Nna: Yep, the one that held you hostage with conversation?
Milano: Yes, that one. He's actually the one who suggested that we go there.
Nna: Oh no Milberry! Three is a crowd. You will have someone to talk to… It’s unfair that I will be stuck with you and your friend?
Milano: He’s not coming alone. He’s bringing his girlfriend. So you will also have someone to chat with, besides you have me anytime.
Nna: Okay then I am game. Mzoli’s restaurant here we come.
Milano and I fooled around and decided to go take a lovers walk by the sea. I was really having a good time. I wished we could stay forever in Cape Town. So free and happy, without worrying about who we could bump into blah blah .. Back home we have to be careful and keep our relationship low key until my divorce is finalized and I could tell everyone about us. Well, apart from bumping into Nyiko earlier, my weekend so far was awesome.
We left the Beach and went back to the hotel to get ready for our trip to Mzoli’s. I must say, I was now looking forward to go to Gugulethu. I heard a lot of people raving about Mzoli’s divine food, especially the meat, so I wanted to also get that experience.
Six thirty we were ready to go. I asked Milano if we were traveling with his couple friends or we were meeting at Mzoli’s. He said we were going to meet there. We drove to Gugulethu. The place was packed already. Milano got us a place to sit and went to get some drinks. He finally came back. He said he placed order for the famous meat deluxe and surely will be ready in thirty minutes. I drank my cider and we chatted about this and that and agreed to wait for the friend and his girlfriend to arrive. I decided to go to the ladies.
On my way to the ladies I spotted someone familiar. I didn’t see the person properly because the place was just too packed and it was getting darker. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I proceeded to where the bathrooms were. Just as I reach the bathroom, I bumped into Nyiko’s secretary aka Barbie doll that I saw him with earlier today. Oh shucks my eyes were not playing me. It was clear that the person I thought I saw was indeed Nyiko Baloye.
What a killjoy! My mood was suddenly dampen. I went inside the bathrooms and stayed a little bit longer trying to think what should be my next move. Me and Milano and Nyiko and madam secretary in one place? Hell no, it was not going to work for me. If Nyiko somehow saw me at the Lebitso house, today he might put it together that Milano and I are very close. Too close.
I was planning to get back to Milano and asked him that we should leave Mzoli’s. I was not going to be comfortable stepping on Nyiko’s toes. As I got to the table Milano asked me why I took so long, was I okay? I nodded and he pulled out a chair next to him so that I could sit down. Just as I settled down , I noticed that the other chair had a Louis Vuitton handbag. I asked him whose handbag was that. He told me that the couple that we’ve been waiting for had arrived. He said I just missed them, they went to get some drinks and snacks and bring the food.
Aish! Now that those people were already here, I couldn’t be a party pooper. I decided that I will stay for an hour or so with them, afterwards I would ask Milano that we should leave. All I needed was to pray and hope that Nyiko doesn’t see me. Hell yeah I won’t let Nyiko spoil my time here in Mzoli’s. If it means staying put and far away from the lights and all, I should be fine.
Five minutes later Milano said he was going to check the couple. Initially he wanted me to go with him but I pointed at the handbag and said I will be okay and besides I must now be a bag-guard. He asked me if I was sure that I didn’t mind staying behind, alone. I said I was hundreds ( obviously I didn’t want to risk bumping into Nyiko and his plastic doll). Milano left. I must say I was not comfortable at all. Few minutes later the trio came back to the table. Just as I raise my head to see our couple , I was met by the great shock of my life. I almost fell off the chair.
Who would have thought who the couple I was about to spend an evening with were? Yooo mehlolo ha e fele ka nnete. You can imagine the awkwardness and shock when my eyes finally met with those of the couple, especially the gentleman. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Milano: Ehh Mr. B and Olwethu, meet my colleague and my dear friend Obonolo. Obonolo this is the couple that I told you about.
Nna: Small world indeed. Mr Baloye, we meet again. Oh I didn’t get a chance to formally meet your lovely secretary. Hello Olwethu, ( extending my hand to Barbie doll ), it’s nice to finally meet you.
Olwethu: Like wise..You look so familiar. Like I have seen you before.
Nna: I get that all the time. My face is too common I guess!
Nyiko: I thought you said you were leaving tonight or tomorrow morning.
Nna: Yes you are right, there is an OR between the two times in that statement, so it means I chose the latter. I thought you were here only for business not pleasure?
Nyiko: Well a man deserves a break and must also eat.Oh so the Bank is sponsoring this trip to Gugulethu too?
Nna: Well partly. I guess a timeout is needed. Even presidents make time for pleasure.Hence we are all here to unwind.
Milano: I take it that you two know each other?
Nyiko: Yes we do. I was once her husband’s business partner.
Nna: Oh yes was! But you are still my brother in law akere?
If Nyiko could wish he had super powers in his entire life, he would have wished to have them that day. I am telling you, he would have either just flown away or dug a hole and disappeared from the world that moment I mentioned brother in law and his secretary and Milano giving him a” what is she talking about look”.
Immediately, I realized that I must have said something that I was not supposed to say. Nyiko must have lied to both Milano and “ secretary” about his marital status. Why at the mention of brother in law, there was silence between the four of us?
I looked at Milano, then Nyiko, then Olwethu then said, how about we all sit down and eat this deliciously smelling meat. Nyiko and Milano nodded in agreement and the secretary grabbed her handbag, fuming with rage and just stomped away without uttering a single word, running towards the exit. Nyiko excused himself and followed her.
Nna: Ouch! Did I say something wrong to upset Mr. Baloye’s secretary Olwethu?
Hmmmm this is all so interesting. Mr Baloye....How are you mara?

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