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Thursday, October 13


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 38


Before I knew it, I was waiting for Mamo to come fetch me and the kids from Aus Tsitsi’s place. Milano insisted on dropping me off at Greenstone from OR airport. I initially lied to Aus Tsitsi about the trip being work related so when I arrived, I just pretended to be too tired to discuss my trip. I didn’t want to end up saying things I wasn’t supposed to say. We just spoke about the kids and Obakeng's upcoming wedding.
We didn’t wait long, Mamo arrived shortly. We loaded our bags and said goodbye to Mrs Bogatsu and her kids. Mamo drove us home safely.
I must say I had such a great time with Milberry. I wished we had taken a week long vacation. But we promised to have this kind of alone time more often especially because weekdays were strictly for work. The way Milano was driving me so crazy I was so tempted to tell my friends and family about us but the thought of being judged and lectured for “ having an extramarital affair”, always stopped me. Although I once hinted to Obakeng about bringing a special friend to the wedding, she always reminded me that Kevin would be back from the states by then and I would abandon my special for him. But the way I was feeling, Kevin has already lost me to Milano and soon, I will make my relationship with my Milberry known.
DK and Mamo dished up for us. We ate supper and prepared the kids for bed. I went to my bedroom took a shower and prepared to sleep.
Just as I finish reading my Bible , about to pray and sleep, my Milberry phoned me.
He was just checking up on me, asking about the kokoberries and telling me how much he was missing me. We fooled around over the phone and hung up. As soon as I hung up, I remembered our Saturday evening chat. I jumped off the bed and headed to my study. I took my laptop and went to the safe and took out the envelope with usb disks and went back upstairs to my bedroom.
I didn’t waste any time, I went through everything on the disk from top to bottom, every single folder on the usb that I overlooked before. My eyes caught a folder named” Fun Box”. I clicked on it. It had pictures of the Gosiame girls on trips and partying. Then others were video clips of them having fun with men etc etc. I thought maybe that folder had only those nude and fun pictures of the Gosiames fun time. And since I didn't feel like continuing to where I'd end up seeing them with Kevin having good time, I decided to stop browsing. Just as I was closing the fun folder off, I spotted a sub folder named Gold Digger. I tried to open it, but it had password protection. I thought there must be a way to break into the file but how?
I decided to phone my IT guru Lesedi. She took me through the tricks. She said I should first try the password hint and if it fails, I must bring the disk to work and she will try to crack it.
I tried all the password hint questions and came across one asking " My baby daddy ‘s surname." It was not such a difficult question given what I already knew about Dintle's son Tshenolo and who his father was. I gladly typed Baloye. Walla! I was inside the folder. Modimo wa batshedi!
Right before my eyes was about four folders. One specific folder caught my attention, it was clearly labelled TTM INFORMATION. I opened it, my eyes met an entire investigation report comprising of photos, audio and video clips , telephone records, financial statements and list of people who were being investigated and the sources all compiled by the late TT Mosito. My jaw nearly dropped down to the floor. Everything was in there. I was literally shaking to realise what I had uncovered.
I continued opening other sub-folders under TTM folder. Lord of Nazareth, what I found in those files not only proved how dangerous Nyiko was but it linked him to a whole lot of unsolved murder cases, criminal activities, proof of evidence and payments to the people at the top who helped him destroy evidence gathered against him and also let him get away with murder...
It was like I was watching a crime investigation Channel with the most dangerous criminal finally caught and been shown all the evidence and incriminating information against him.
As I exited the TTM folder; I caught yet another interesting folder name. It was named REVENGE. I clicked on it. There was two audio recordings. One named Get Rid of Her and the other one named My Last Words.
Just as I press play on the one named Get Rid of Her, it was Nyiko’s voice recording. I listened to it and realise that he was actually recorded by someone. He was ordering someone to get rid of some lady because she knew too much. There was discussion on hitman’s price and Nyiko giving full details of the planned hit. Apparently Nyiko was planning to go to Cape Town with the target, his business partner and another lady. He wanted the hitman to also get to Cape Town . His orders were very detailed and accurate and well planned. The deal was to have the lady in question killed and the business partner be framed for the murder. On Nyiko’s audio, there were no names mentioned but he told the hitman that he would sent a parcel with half the price money together with an envelope with pictures of the target and the man that should take the fall for the murder to a certain location. The audio ends with Nyiko saying: ” You must sweep everything clean. The Gold Digger hates fuck' ups”
Distraught and disgusted as I was, I continued to the next audio file. My last words. As I pressed play, a lady’s voice came out. She started by saying her full name and then laughing to say if someone is playing this, then it means the Gold Digger finally succeeded to kill her. A chill went down my spine. Tsedintle Verona Gosiame, famously known as Dintle went on and on about how she met Nyiko, falling for him, their relationship, what they did blah blah. She then apologised to a number of people including her little sister Lemosego for her part she played in causing them so much pain because of Nyiko’s instructions.
In her recording spoke about one unfortunate day, Nyiko visited her at her place when he received a mysterious call. He was suddenly uncomfortable talking in front of her. He went by the balcony and half closed the door. Dintle tiptoed behind the door and eavesdropped on Nyiko planning a hit on some lady. Dintle decided to go to him to hear about the hit. Upon seeing Dintle, he cut the call and asked Dintle to give him some privacy to talk to someone about something serious. Dintle got curious about the person Nyiko wanted dead. She quickly went back inside and put a recorder under her pillow and told Nyiko to get back inside and make that call while she goes shopping for something to eat and drink.
Turned out that Nyiko’s conversation was all recorded. Dintle went on talking about how she listened to the recording, and how she managed to trace the hitman before thee date and how she seduced the hitman and stole the parcel. She further spoke about how she got a glimpse of what was in the envelope and to her shock and devastation, she painfully learned the truth about the target. Turned out that her own picture and that of Nyiko’s business partner, Kevin Tau were inside the envelope. Making her the target and Kevin the one to be framed for her death.
That’s when she decided to pretend as if she was not aware of Nyiko’s plans. Ever since the revealed plan, she started ignoring and declining Nyiko’s request to go away with him. She further spoke about how Nyiko was beginning to suspect her, and her decision to compile every damning information she knew about Nyiko and all evidence in case Nyiko manages to get her killed eventually. She spoke about how she helped Nyiko commit a lot his crimes and why she couldn’t get him arrested because she too was as guilty as him. She went and explained why she decided to record he last words and hoped that Nyiko Baloye will finally be brought to justice for everything he had done.
I must say I got so frightened to learn about Dintle Gosiame’s last heart-breaking words and Nyiko’s initial plan to kill Dintle and frame Kevin for the murder? Shoo!
It dawned to me that everyone who saw or were in possession of any copies of the usb disks ( myself, Reatli, Aus Tsitsi, the Taus ) had no idea about the hidden contents in those usb. Not even the Gold Digger himself and Sheryl.
What surprised me was that Sheryl was sitting with such crucial information all along and not aware of it. It seemed like she, like everyone else were , only knew about the sex tapes and money laundering, tenderpreneurship, fraud, one case of murder of some drunkard woman and petty crimes that Nyiko had committed. Little did she know that her own sister had recorded everything and compiled it for her to use for avenging her death, instead her only focus was on using edited sex video and threatening to expose Nyiko and Kevin to their wives and milking money from them!. I’m definitely sure that she never came across this folders nor took time to go through them, otherwise she would have done something about it. Or maybe not. Who knows, she didn’t want to lose her meal ticket and chose to let her sister’s death be in vain. Or, like Dintle, she was scared of going down with Gold Digger.
Truly speaking I was just so scared, disgusted and confused. One thing for sure, I needed to do something about all this. A lot of lives had been taken, ruined and some innocent people went to prison for the crimes they didn’t commit while a heartless Godzilla was walking around free and still ruining lives. I knew that I was just a small ant facing a huge Godzilla. And in as much as I wanted to see the mighty Gold Digger fall, was I that brave enough to take him on? Taking into consideration that not only was this a very dangerous beast that I was somehow related to but he was an extremely cruel, vicious, deadly powerful, heartless, and well connected one for that matter. If he could manage to eliminate such powerful people and was capable of framing his own brother in law and hurt his own wife, what more could he do to an ordinary person like me?
The questions playing in my mind remained:
Should I do something, anything about this on my own and risk my own life and that of my loved ones?
Should I just distance myself away from all this and play ignorance of all the newly found revelation?
I knelt down and prayed God for wisdom, guidance and for advice on what to do with everything that I just uncovered. Right before my eyes I had enough proof to get Nyiko arrested and thrown in hell for the rest of his miserable life. As I lain myself to sleep, I knew God will reveal to me what to do. And I knew he didn’t bring me this far to leave me.
Monday came, I must say I was not looking forward to seeing Milano. I still didn’t know how I was going to handle the situation or do with it. This whole revelation was really weighing on me. How I wished it was beginning of July already. Milano was moving to a different department, so it was going to be easy because I wasn’t going to be stuck with him. I spent half of my day avoiding any close contact with him.
Some times before lunch Milano send me an sms asking if we could drive out for lunch. He was flirting. Something he never used to do before. I was so flattered, and couldn’t resist. So I agreed. We drove in his car and went to MacDonald’s drive thru. I ordered a folder over meal and he ordered a big Mac meal. We drove to the nearest park and ate our lunch. We initially spoke about work and he mentioned Cape Town. I focused on our time together at the hotel and he mentioned our Saturday night time at the beach and Gold Digger. My mood suddenly changed.
I was not even able to look at Milano in the eyes without feeling like a traitor and a backstabber. Just on Saturday evening I told him that we should be open and honest to each other about anything, good or bad, yet, here I was not knowing if I should come clean about the Gold Digger or keep it to myself. The question was, how do I just trust him with all this? And how do I begin to tell him that I had all along been sitting with the proof his family was so desperately looking for, the entire decade? It was really hard. I was caught between a rock and a hard place.
Out of guilt I lied about an urgent email I needed to sent and asked him to drive us back to the office. Poor Milberry, he was ready to kiss me and be all so lovey dovey with me but I was not there. I just casually kissed him and he felt my cold response. He even asked me if I was okay. I just nodded and smiled. We drove back to the office.
On our way back to the office Milano put on my favourite song Her heart by Anthony Hamilton. Normally I would sing along or rave about it but that day, I was just so preoccupied with guilt. I just took out my cellphone and dialled Aus Tsitsi. Actually I was returning her call. She didn’t answer her phone, I just left her a message. We arrived at work. I just pulled Milano and kissed him so tender. I told him that I loved him and got out of the car and walked to my office.
Obonolo, what are you going to do? What should you do? If tables were turned and you were from the Mosito- Lebitso family, how would you want Milano to do with what he had or knew?
All that was playing in my mind were more questions and no answers...
Should I just trust Milano and tell him everything and let him and his family take Nyiko down? OR
Should I anonymously send a copy of all this information to Mr Perry Lebitso and let him deal with the Gold Digger without revealing myself?
What would you do Berry Family, if you were in my shoes ? Honestly! Please comment.

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wooahh that is a tough one,i would say pray more about it.
and i think maybe send it to MIllberry's brother anonymously...

14 October 2016 at 21:06 delete

I would send an email annonymously to both Milberry and the Brother and pretent i dnt know anything

Diary ya ga Obonolo
16 November 2016 at 14:18 delete

😍Thanks for the support. I am humbled