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Thursday, October 27


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 45


Tuesday morning when I get to the office, Milano was waiting for me. Just as I entered he came and wrapped me in his arms for a very long time. I swear I almost suffocated. I pulled away and put my laptop bag and my handbag on my desk. I was wondering what was going on. I went closer to him and cuffed his face in my hands and sweetly placed a peck of soft kisses on his lips.
I asked him what he was doing in my office. He just went on thanking me for what I have done for his family, especially PT. He said whatever they found in the usb was everything that his brother had lived almost ten years searching for. It’s one greatest gift he’s ever received. He further said that not only did I made their grandfather's dying wish come alive, but I have given the Mositos closure and peace and said that they will never forget what I and GD’s wife did. The Mositos will forever be in our debts.
Milano told me that as we spoke, his brother has flown to Cape Town to meet up with people who are going to help him take GD down for good.
I asked him what was going to happen next.
Milano said with every documented evidence on that usb, Perry was planning to get urgent warrant of arrest. Should GD set his foot at our grandfather’s funeral, Nyiko will be arrested on the spot. He said apparently for now they didn’t even need the hard evidence to act. However PT said that they will rely on Reatli’s cooperation to lead them to where everything is, and the law will handle it appropriately.
According to Milano. Reatli and I were free to move on with our lives without getting our hands dirty and without anyone knowing that we are the heroines who smoked GD’s freedom like nyaope. Perfect!
I must say that I couldn’t wait for all these to be over. I wanted to focus on my life. I must say that I was at that point where I somehow trusted Reatli and I was positive that she will corporate. Although you can never completely trust, I didn’t tell her about the evidence on the usb and the fact that I was planning to give it to the Mositos. So, if for some reasons she back down on helping PT with the hard evidence, I will.
All the Mositos and the law need is a search warrant and a tip from me as to where in GD's study must they look to get hold of all the hard evidence they need to wrap up the tight case and make sure that the mighty Nyiko Baloye together with his crew finally get busted.
Milano and I spoke for a few minutes and he left my office. We planned lunch date.
Time went pretty fast. Reatli promised to call me as soon as they landed on Thursday.
Oh after last night’s call we planned on how to mislead and double cross Nyiko about the sale of Kevin’s half shares. We agreed that she should ask Nyiko for time alone with Kevin to persuade him to sign. I then emailed her few pages of the paperwork with incorrect information to swop with the ones Nyiko had drawn. Basically Kevin was selling his half share back to the trust not his sister's name as GD planned...
Nyiko Baloye must know better not to mess with my kids’ future! So I had nothing to worry about loosing a part of my company. I just laughed and said: When a player gets played, victory tastes so good.
Lunch time Milano and I decided to take a walk to MacDonald. We were actually saying goodbye because he was leaving after work to Bloemfontein. Wednesday was his grandfather’s memorial service and he will stay behind for the funeral. I was sad that I will only see him on Monday the following week. I told him that I will really miss him.
He asked me to come to Bloemfontein on Friday for support. I was not really expecting that, so I declined. He convinced and begged me to come. He jokingly asked me if I didn’t want to see the look on Nyiko’s face when he get handcuffed at a funeral full of his colleagues and fellow comrades. Mmmmm, I wouldn’t want to miss that for anything.
Although as tempting as the invite was, I told him that I will think about it and get back to him by Thursday.
Time went by, on Wednesday night I decided that I won’t be going to Bloemfontein for two reasons. I know how Milano gets excited about me, so I didn’t want him introducing me to half of his family. I was not ready for that. Another reason was that I didn’t want to be bumping into his ex wife in case she decided to show up. As for the Gold Digger’s arrest, I could always watch it on TV or read the papers.
I decided to hook up with my best friend Tshwarelo aka Relo. Since last Saturday I didn’t get a chance to introduce her to Milberry and chat to her about other stuff, I wanted us to have drinks and catch up on a whole lot. On Thursday midday, I decided to call her. I asked her about her Friday or Saturday plans. She said she had plans that she wish she could abandon. I was disappointed and asked her what kind of plans. She told me that on Friday afternoon she was flying to Bloemfontein for a Saturday funeral.
I asked her whose funeral was it. I was shocked when she said Ntate Tshepo. I asked if it was Mosito funeral and she confirmed that it was. She said that she and her other colleagues were going to represent their department. By the way! I sometimes forget that my friend is one of the directors at one of the government departments. So it made sense that she would attend the Mosito funeral.
Right there, I told her that I wanted to go with them. She laughed and said she didn’t know I was a groupie who liked things this much to wanna go to a funeral of a very old and well known politician. I laughed and told her that I was searching for a soulmate, so maybe I could score myself a minister of tender loving care or a junior Mosito. We laughed and she agreed. She even offered to pay for my trip. She said all expenses paid. Knowing my friend, she already researched about the night clubs in Bloemfontein, where we would be spending our evening. Hmmm our tax money!
Before I knew it we were booking ourselves in a guesthouse somewhere in Bloemfontein not too far from the Mosito residence. Oh, Milano didn’t know that I was coming. I planned to surprise him and Relo. After settling in, the ladies started planning for the night outing. I decided to phone Milberry. He sounded sleepy. I asked him if he knew The Cuba Lodge, he laughed and asked me how did I knew that he was hiding there? I just laughed and said I just sensed it.
What a perfect timing and place to surprise him. I asked Relo to work her charm and help me trace someone’s room number in the lodge. My friend has this way of getting away with a lot of things. We got to reception and she said she was from the office of the presidency and made reservations for a certain minister and wanted to check if he has checked in already and which room number was he in.
The guy refused at first saying that he is not allowed to do that. Relo worked her magic. The guy asked for the surname. Relo looked at me and I whispered Lebitso! The guy looked puzzled and asked me to repeat again. I then said Mosito. The guy wrote something on the piece of paper and gave to Relo. Relo gave him a hundred rand note. We left.
As we were heading to the room number given, Relo told me I better start talking before we reach the room. I promised to tell her everything once I was sure that I was directed to the right room. I knocked twice, then I heard a key sound. I moved backwards and waited to see who was behind the door.
Oh great! Ausi O'nice opened the door and we hugged. She said she was not expecting me. I then introduced her to Relo and explained how I ended up in Bloemfontein. I told her that Lesego didn’t know that I was there and I found out that he was also in the same Lodge as us. She laughed and just gave me the room number.
We went to the room. We knocked for a while and a voice that melts my heart asked whose there. I whispered to Relo to say : Your sweet berry.. Milano asked again who was knocking and I put my finger on Relo's mouth, preventing her to talk.
As I heard the sound of the key turning, I quickly moved aside, leaving Relo right in front of the door. Milano stood by the door wearing his sweat pants and a muscle T-shirt. Huu my man is hot bathong. Even Relo stood frozen, drooling over the finest art standing in front of her.
Milano greeted Relo and asked her who she is and what she wanted. Relo said her name was sweet berry and she was looking for Lesego. Milano repeated Relo's statement, obviously shocked and asked her where she’s from. I just jumped in front of him and shouted : Sweetberry from Booberry-Ville! Surprise!
Milano couldn’t help himself. He just picked me up and kissed me so sweet and tenderly for a minute long. Relo just put her hands on her waist and asked us to get a room. We laughed and went inside Milano’s room.
I officially introduced Sweetberry and Milberry. Milano said that from that day, he will start addressing Relo as Sweetberry. Relo was just shocked and surprised. I told her that I was planning to surprise her and it worked. Just like Obakeng, she and Milberry clicked right away.
Relo decided to go get ready for the night out, she asked me to accompany her to our room. We left Milano’s room. And we spoke about my relationship with my colleague and boy, just like Obakeng, she gave me a lecture. Haaaowa all my friends are kevinotised. But as soon as I remind them that Kevin is the one who brought all this and that I also deserved some happiness, and the fact that I was truly happy with Milano, they start understanding.
Relo asked me if I was going to join them later, I took a rain check and decided to spend time with my man. I went back to Milberry’s room. He told me to get all my stuff and come spend the night with him. I went back to the room I was sharing with Relo to fetch my stuff. I told Relo that I was relocating to a presidential suite. She didn’t mind.
The ladies were looking sizzling hot and about to hit the club. I took them few pictures and they left.
While packing my bags, I received a call from a number I didn’t know. I answered. It was Reatli. She just said their flight was delayed but they landed in the morning and she was now home. I asked her about her husband. She said he took another flight and said he will be back sometime next week.
I asked her if GD didn’t suspect anything about bogus paperwork. She said Nyiko has never been a vigilant person especially when it comes to paying great attention to details. Apparently after Kevin signed over his half shares, Nyiko promised to make a transfer for the agreed amount to him as soon as he had the title deed transferred to Reatli’s name. Kevin just agreed. Nyiko held on tight to the signed paperwork and even took it with him wherever he went.
I asked her if she had any idea where he went. Turned out that he took a flight to Cape Town. We spoke shortly about PT’s plans and her role to provide with the evidence. She said she was scared but ready. We also spoke about the Mosito funeral. I didn’t tell her that I was in Bloemfontein. Before we hung up, she said since Tankiso was not available, I should call her on the new number she used. We hung up.
I went back to Milberry’s room. I told him about GD's arrival in South Africa and his continued trip to Cape Town. I further told him that I was kind of relieved that Nyiko was not going to be at the funeral. I told him that I thought Reatli should not have to see or hear about her husband’s arrest on social media. She at least needed to be told and be prepared for whatever was about to happen.
That was then that Milano said there was change of plans. Turned out that Nyiko was not the mastermind behind everything. There is the Kingpin that Nyiko gets instructions from. And this man, more dangerous and powerful than GD, stays in Cape Town. Milano told me that Perry and his team planned a huge bust and couple of arrest in few weeks. They just needed to get their plans in order so that the entire syndicate goes down for good.
Saturday morning finally arrived. We got ready for the service. Milano left early to get to his grandfather’s home and promised to see me after the funeral. Since Relo booked a car, we drove straight to the church for the service. Yooo! Never ask me to go to a funeral of either a celebrity or a government official or a well-known person ever again! Hai! I didn’t even get to sit down the way it was too full and the speeches? No thank you.
After the burial everyone made their way to the Mosito residence for refreshments, (tee’nyana as the family representative called it ).
While we were standing and eating, Milano phoned me. He wanted to know where I was. I directed him where we were standing. Just as we continued eating and chatting some woman came over where I was standing. She looked very familiar but I couldn’t remember where I have seen her before. She greeted me with a huge smile on her face. She pulled me aside and apologised for forgetting my name and told me that she was Manthatisi.
Oh, yes, Fifi’s mother. We found empty chairs next to a marquee. We sat down and chatted a bit. I asked her where Fifi was and her health. She said Fifi was in and out of the clinic. She said she desperately wanted to come to the funeral but her doctors thought it was not a good idea.
My phone rang, I saw that it was Milano. I told Manthatisi that I had to go because someone was looking for me.
We said our goodbyes and I went to where Relo and the girls were standing. Milano was already there. He grabbed my hand and said there’s someone he wanted me to meet. I thought to myself, “ there he goes”. I reluctantly agreed. We walked inside the yard. Just in front of the huge house, was a very beautiful woman sitting alone. She looked same age as my mother, but she seemed not too well. Milano held her up and said: “Boo, meet the woman who gave birth to me, my mother Sharon Lebitso. Mama, this is my very special friend Obonolo.”
Yooooooo! Awkward! We shook hands in silence, both very uncomfortable. His mom just said she was pleased to meet me and I said like wise.
Thanks to the guy who pulled Milano away, I said goodbye to his mom and walked out of the yard to where I left Relo and crew. Just as I was searching for the ladies, I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I couldn’t believe who I just locked eyes with. I had no choice but to go to where they were standing.
Nna: Dumelang baholo.
Daddy: Dumela Koti, is this really you? I thought I was seeing your lookalike.
Mama: Heelang Makananelo! I also thought I saw someone like at the cemetery and you just passed us here a few minutes ago. What are you doing here? Where are my grandkids?
Nna: Ao hle, I didn’t see you. I guess I wasn’t expecting to see you here. Mama, I came here for a funeral to support our colleague. Oh the twins went to visit nkhono wa bona. And lona? What brings you here?
Daddyt: Same reason as yours. We came to bury Ntate Tshepo. What a hero he was. He fought for the struggle and our liberation. Just like his late son, Thabang Mosito, my good old friend. Oh may their souls rest in peace. .. I really had to come to pay my last respect because....
MamaTau: Oh enough hle ntate Tau. Once you start with that, you would not finish. You will bore Makananelo. Joale Koti, when are we going to spend time with our grandkids? Ka nnete we miss them. Oh excuse me, there’s someone I need to talk to. Koti ke hantle if you will leave before I come back.
Nna: Hantle Mme.
DaddyT: Aow koti, it's good to see you. How are you doing? Ka nnete we missed you and our grandkids. Is your hand healed? Chehe you look good.
Yep! I bumped into my mother and father in-law at the Mositos and turned out that the Taus knew them very well. Very interesting. Hmmm I just want to see the look on dearest MamaTau’s face when her beloved son in law gets arrested for killing member of the Mosito family and find out that he even fathered the twins that she claims to be their grandmother. Ooh! I can’t wait.
While I was busy catching up with my Daddyt, Milano phoned me again and asked me to come to where I met his mom. Oh this man though? He’s really on another mission that I dreaded. It’s enough that I met his mother, I can’t let him parading me around. Kevin’s parents are around and I would not want to disrespect them like that.
I excused myself from daddyt and went to where I was earlier. When I looked back, daddyt was looking at me. I just searched for Milano and saw him standing next to his mom. I stood on the other side. Milano said his mom was not feeling well but she had to come, now she was leaving.
As awkward as it felt I just made small talks and wished his mom well and said one day we will visit her in Lesotho. His mom faintly smiled and said she would love that. She stood up and gave me a hug. And some guy took her to the car. I looked at Milano with those” never pull this kind of meet the family stunts on me again” eyes.
He just shrugged and said his mom loves me. I just laughed.
He said there was one last person he wanted me to meet. Oh hell no Milberry ! That’s enough. I said to myself.
Before I could utter the words out, he pulled my hand and said he spotted the person he wanted me to meet, his one and only aunt, Mamikie Mosito. He stopped halfway and said his aunt had company, so we must wait a few moments for her to finish talking to her old friend.
Five minutes later, his aunt was still talking to the friend. I told him that maybe Relo and the crew were looking for me so I must go back to them. I then asked him to just point her aunt out to me and I will meet her properly some other time. Milano said he'd already told his aunt that I was there and she was looking forward to meet me. He further said Relo and the girls left with the others for the after tears at the Lodge. So we need to see his aunt and then go join them.
I then told him that we should go closer to where his aunt was so that she could see that we needed her attention. Milano wanted to hold my hand but I quickly folded them and walked along with him. Hell no! I didn’t know if Daddyt and MamaTau were watching me or not, and I didn’t want to risk it. After all, they are still my in-laws.
We reached the marquee and stopped. Milano said I should look next to the big speakers on the right side of the marquee. The woman wearing baby blue suit was his aunt. How could I have missed that she was Rakgadi Mamikie? At the graveyard, when they lowered the coffin down she fainted not far from where I was standing and someone kept comforting her, but they called her Dimakatso. Her bright suit and too much make up stood out. So she is the famous and the only surviving Mosito?
Wait a minute, is that not my mother in law standing and talking to Rakgadi?
I asked Milano who was the woman talking to his aunt. Milano said she is rakgadi's friend and also that her family were close friends with the Mositos. He asked me why was I asking?
Just as I was about to answer, Milano’s phone rang and he excused himself to answer the phone.
I quickly got inside the marquee behind where aunt Mamikie and MaNthabeleng were standing. I didn’t want my mother in law to see me . I took a seat and waited. I could hear them speak. Although I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I overheard MaNthabeleng saying please many times, as if she was begging Mamikie. As loud as she could answer, I heard Mamikie saying something to MaNthabeleng.
Mamikie: Puseletso, ache, I have kept your secret for far too long now. Don’t you think it’s time you tell the truth? Chehe ka nnete, I don’t think I could keep it anymore.
Puseletso: No Dimaki, this could ruin lives. No one can ever know what happened years ago. Please!
Mamikie: Wait a minute, are you telling me that you still haven’t told Motheo? Ache o sebete mosadi. I don’t know how you sleep at night! Anyway let me go get my beer and mind my own business. But mark my words princess Puse, the truth has a nasty way of coming out.
Puseletso: Its more complicated than that. Promise me that you will keep this secret. Like you have done all this time. Please! Dimakatso!
Mamikie walked away from MaNthabeleng. Hmmmm ! This sounds serious! What secret is Rakgadi Mamikie keeping for Puseletso Tau aka my cruella- momzilla in law ?
What did Milano say about Rakgadi and her truelove for Beer? They are like toe and nail....
Maybe , just maybe, meeting this woman is not such a bad idea after all.
In fact, maybe it’s about time I should get a very expensive bottle of whatever her favourite drink is and who knows? I might uncover some Princess Puseletso’s hidden secrets....
Oops! Careful Mrs Tau senior. There's a very Naughty Detective behind you. Her name.. Obonolo Makananelo Dire-Tau

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