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Wednesday, October 19


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 40


One Bombshell after another. That’s how things were happening in my life.
Yaa neh! I must say, as I drove back to work that day, I was overwhelmed by everything that Reatli just told me. I felt bad for not trusting her before, but it was justified. She really had put her life in danger for her quest to destroy her husband and I was now scared for her safety. Nyiko was not the type to be betrayed. And one little slip up, all hell will break loose.
I really take my hat off to her for her bravery. I never thought he would pull it off. I never trusted that he would one day woke up from his fairy tale sleep and see Nyiko for who he really was. And sad as it was, all this was personal for her. Nyiko must have hurt her too deeply for her to endure and risk staying with him just to destroy him. And now that she was at the finishing line to complete her mission, there was no room for errors or mistakes, let alone no turning back. Because any f#ck up, both my life and hers could be in serious danger....and it was now in our hands to ensure that we beat Nyiko Baloye at his game and also receives a visit from dear Karma.
As I get to the office, Milano phoned me to inform me that his last meeting was cancelled and that he was not coming back to the office. He told me that he will sms me the details of our getaway place. We hung up.
There was no way I was able to concentrate after my meeting with Reatli. I decided to do some online research on the TT Mosito's story. I must say that there wasn’t anything out of the norm. It was basically biased reports and speculations of what might happened to him, his funeral, the court and the verdict and that was it. Nothing about his past life before his high profile investigation. I had lots of information about the Mosito family, especially honourable comrades Thabang and Tshepo Mosito. I must say they were praised for the good work they had done for the country. Especially the late Thabang Mosito ( must be the man who adopted the Lebitso kids)
I got caught up on my research that I lost track of time . Thanks to the sms from Milano with GPS coordinates, I snapped out of my absent mindedness. I quickly packed my stuff and left the office. I just inputted the coordinates on my device and drove. Silly man just said I should just follow the instructions until the voice tells me that I have reached my destination. I drove for at least twenty minutes on N1 Polokwane not knowing reaching my destination.
Just as I was about to phone Milano and ask him where exactly was I driving to, the madam told me to turn right onto a very familiar off ramp. Initially I thought it could not possibly be and continued driving with the hope that I will be directed somewhere else. Unfortunately when the madam instructed to take a left into a certain cul-de-sac, I knew where I was going to spend my afternoon. Yep at exactly four thirty, I reached my destination, The Duncan hotel. Touché
I remembered the good old days spent in that place with Richmond Phalane Dikgale aka Malankane. As I parked my car, I thought let me just touch base with him. Ever since he left for overseas and got back, I haven’t really had a chance to catch up with him. With a whole lot of drama that was surrounding me, he either called me at a wrong time or I’d cut him off and promised that I will call him back and never did. I dialled his numbers and he never answered. I left him a voicemail message saying that I was just thinking about him and promised to call him again later or something.
I walked inside the hotel and called Milberry that I had arrived. He told me the room number. It wasn’t that hard to get to the room because it was on the same floor that I last spend a night there. I finally got to the room. Milberry was literally ready for me, nude bearing all. I didn’t even get to say hallo, he just pulled me in his arms and kissed me like crazy. I just gave in and went with the flow.
He pulled up my dress just till my belly button, and propped me up on the end of the bed, bending me over far enough so my tight jelly-jar was visible and ready for his yellomamba, sliding down my g-string but keeping my legs together. He kept kissing and touching me. I loved the feeling of his warm mamba as it’s head teases the entrance of my jj looking for a way in. Then followed that complete feeling as he drives it in nice and deep. He just smashed and banged me like there was no tomorrow. He kept driving me for the good ten minutes until he exploded a final time. We cleaned up and just lie on the bed.
Milano: Good afternoon Booberry. I’m sorry that I could not help myself, that dress, hai, it made me loose control. Did you go home first to change? You had a denim jeans on in the morning.
Nna: Indeed, it is a very good one. Haahaa! A girl must always be unpredictable. I had it in my car to go with the whole afternoon treat.
Milano: Oh well planned. Neh? It blew me!
Nna: That was the whole idea and I’m glad it worked.
Milano: Hmm! I could get used to this treats, daily. When is gunman coming back?
Nna: Why this question?
Milano: I just want to know when will this sneaking around stop. I just want to be able to have this kind of treats whenever I want. Actually, I want to wake up with you by my side, every day, permanently!
Nna: Haahaa, you are sex-notised. Se o bua ka di permanent joale? I thought we spoke about this remember? Taking it slow and just enjoying the time and getting to know each other. Well, Mr gunman is supposed to come back end of this month, which is in two weeks time. So brother, you must get used to some few months in hotels until we make drastic changes.
Milano: I’ve been thinking about that and working on it. Boo, I know what I want. And it’s all right in front of me. Permanent should not scare you baby. All I am saying is that I just want us to be free to be together. And I know you will only be free when you have finalised your divorce and you are legally single.

Nna: But still, the hotel sneaking won’t just stop because he would sign the divorce papers. Remember, we agreed that we won’t shag each other on the same beds we shagged our exes. So unfortunately we will be frequenting hotels.
Milano: Not anymore. I don’t like this set up.
Nna: Hee banna why? Don’t you enjoy this stolen moments?
Milano: No baby, huuu I enjoy every single moment I get to spend with you , hence I decided to move out of my old place. As part of the divorce settlement, my ex and I decided to sell the house and share the proceeds. So, I have bought us a house somewhere closer to work and I will be moving in beginning of July.Maybe with you.
Nna: Oh nice! That’s a pleasant surprise. Congratulations bae! Did you say us? Hmmm I like the sound of it. Tempting.
Milano: Don't enter my life without knowing I'm gonna change everything about yours. I’m not someone you’re just gonna hook-up with and fool around with. I’m not some rebound you’ll date immediately after your ex. No. I’m serious about us. I’m the guy you’re gonna want at the end of the altar. The one who will rob you of your sleep if it ends. Booberry, I do love you. So very much.
You are that woman I’ve always dreamed of. So I am not going to be in your life and see how things go. I will make things happen. Only if you allow me, I’ll change your definition of love because I know how to do it the right way.
I’m gonna support you in whatever obstacles you face in your life. If you have a minor setback in life, I’ll be the one telling you this is a chance to come back. I’ll always be in your corner. I’ll always be cheering you on. I’ll believe in you. I’m gonna love you the right way. All I need is for you to let me in. No pressure Booberry. Just know my intentions about us. Yes us, you , me, the kokoberries and our berryselves..
Nna: Nxoo! You are just so sweet. And I love you too. Even though I am scared. Being with you has always made me feel good.
Milano: Don’t be scared. I promise you that I will never let anyone or anything hurt you. I want you to trust you, just as I trust you. I know I am not a very open book but whenever I am with you, I just let go and be lost in your embrace . I know you have been hurt, and the reason you’ve been hurt was because they weren’t the right love for you.
But I am. We are. I love you aren’t just words. They’re actions. It’s showing someone they’re the most important person in your life. That’s what I hope to do for you. Hence I am doing all this crazy things... Actually , I want you to meet my family...not as my colleague or special friend but as my girlfriend, my future wife, the future mother of my kids.I am crazy about you Booberry..
What kind of woman won’t be flattered by all this? Hmm? A sexy naked man declaring his love for me took me right into a double climax. Oh fire we made. I must say, Milano has this way of making me feel like the only woman alive. I just forget everything and enjoy the moment with him. We just connect in ways that I am not able to explain. Right there in our suite, we made love so sweet and tenderly. And promised to invest in our relationship.
An hour later we decided to go to the bar and have some drinks. My stomach had butterflies playing inside. It was a good feeling. Was this love? Or was this a thrill of the moment? Or I was just dick-notised? Here I was with one of the sexiest man, with his eyes looking at me with love and lips that told me million words of love yet deep inside I knew I was not being open and honest about something. Was I being unfair to him? Or was it perhaps not the right time to be that open to him?
To think that on my way to the hotel, I rehearsed how I was going to tell him about the Gold Digger and a possibility of introducing him to the Gold Digger's wife, but something kept stopping me.
What do they say about gut feeling? Didn’t they say it’s kind of guardian angels whispering something to you? Honestly, my gut feeling was failing me. I tried to remember the advise from book of James and mama's teaching. All I could think of was her words saying that we must always take advantage of the opportunities we have. We should never expect that they will remain available tomorrow because too many other things can happen.
Milano left me by our table and went to get our drinks. He left his phone by the table. Shortly after he left, the phone kept vibrating. I just ignored it. Then mine rang. I checked the caller ID, it was Rich. I picked up. He just said that he was returning my call and asked me where I was. I laughed and told him that I was at some place that reminded me of him. He knew exactly where I was and asked if he could join me. I told him that I had company and that I will arrange for us to meet sometimes soon. We just hang up.
Milano’s phone continued to ring and stopped. A few minutes later he came back. We chatted about this and that asked me what I would like to eat? I jokingly said I would like to eat him. He got excited and said we must go back to the suite and have each other for dinner. Just as we laughed about our silliness, his phone rang again. He just looked at it and put it on silent. He said it was his aunt. I asked him why doesn’t he answer her call. He said it was those aunts who only calls when they need money so, he will call her later.
Milano: One day you will meet her and trust me, you will understand why I ignore her sometimes. She won’t even mind asking you for twenty rands to buy beer. That’s my aunt for you.
Nna: Agh we all have those nuisances family members, but the more you ignore them, the more they will persist. Is she your mom or dad’s sister?
Milano: Booberry, my family is complicated. But let me tell you the structure so that you don’t get confused. I have two and half families. Mom’s family, the Lebitsos, adopted family, the Mositos and Leballo family (my biological dad’s ). I have two brothers and two sisters. Remember I once told you that my mom has, been suffering from chronic depression? Yes, I did.
So my parents divorced when I was about two years. Mom took us back home to Lesotho. She got very sick, not coping. My other relatives thought she was battling because of divorce, hence they got her committed. My mom made a tough decision to let her best friend Puleng Mosito ( who was battling to have kids) be our legal guardian but dad refused and took the five of us away from mom.
It was a tough time to be separated with our mom. So times went by and whenever mom felt better, she would come for us. We would only spent not more than a year with her before she relapse and went back to the institution and dad would come again for us. So we spent most of our childhood in a very unstable and dysfunctional upbringing. Between homes.
One Christmas holidays, we visited my mom. I think I was around eight years old. My dad came to fetch us, I overheard him and mom shouting. And she said I want my boys back, besides they are not yours. Then dad said he always known but since she was insisting, he would not be raising another man’s bastards and he will only take his flesh and blood. I figured he was talking about the twins because he further said the boys should stop using his last name. The shouting continued. I then ran away from home and went to my uncle. I think I asked my uncle what my dad meant. Yoo, I was beaten up for eavesdropping on my parents. I then told him that if dad was serious about leaving my brothers behind, then I was not going back with him also. My uncle said I could stay with him. Few days later my uncle took me home to my mom only to find the girls gone and mom was left with the twins. She soon relapsed again. I then went back to stay with my uncle, then the twins were taken to the Mositos in Bloemfontein while mom went back to hospital.
Most school holidays I would be excited that my dad would come fetch me to go visit but he never came.. instead my uncle would take me to the Mositos to see my brothers. We've never seen our sisters for over ten years, till we found out that our dad passed away. Me and my brothers went to the funeral and tried to reconnect with our sisters...but it was too hard, it was as if we were strangers. Anyway to cut the long story short, when I was fifteen, I permanently went to stay at the Mositos We had since been known as the Mosito kids. When our adopted parents ( Puleng and Thabang’s) passed away in exile, grandfather Tshepo Mosito raised us. But we have a great relationship with our mom. So the aunt that you are asking about is my late adopted father, Thabang’s sister, rakgadi Mamikie Mosito.”
Phew! I must say I was in awe and also sad for Milano. He seemed so emotional opening such a part of his painful life to me. I stood up and went to sit on his lap. I just comforted him and told him that I appreciated the efforts of being that open to me. He jokingly said that I must have given him some love portion because he just gets so vulnerable with me, something he was not able to do, even with his ex wife. I must say I was humbled.
It’s true that you must not judge a book by it’s cover. You must first read through it to understand. Now I know why Milano has been a closed book. There’ so much about him but you know, he is trying to open up to me. But here I was, with every opportunity to just open up to Milano about my own dilemmas but instead I kept stalling. But suddenly it took me remembering his words and our promise to always be open and honest to each other that I finally decided to talk.
Life is about risks and I decided to take one risk with Milberry, telling him about my toxic relationship with the Baloyes and how I ended up with usb disks with scary information.
Nna: Nxooo. I’m sorry about your family Bae. I must say I am proud of you for not letting your unfortunate circumstances stop you from achieving your goals. Just know that everyone has a past or something drastic that happened to them to make them who they are. I too have had my fair share of toughest mountains that I had to climb. And I need to share them with you. Since you trusted me with your own life, there’s something I have to tell you.
Milano: Aish, hold that thought Boo , my phone has been ringing non-stop. I bet it is rakgadi Mamikie and she won’t stop until I promise to deliver some money. You know Black Tax... But let me quickly check who it is then you can tell me everything.
( Oh, it’s abuti Perry. Let me tell him that I will get back to him)
Milano picked up his phone. I stood up and went back to my seat. I then checked my messages. I had two sms. One was from Obakeng reminding me of our Saturday appointment with the bridal crew. I just replied and said I was aware. The second sms was from Kevin. His message upset me more than anything. He was letting me know that he was no longer coming back home month end. And that he will call me on Sunday morning to discuss everything. I just bang the phone on the table and said F#ck you, unaware that Milano had long finished talking on the phone and just starring at me.
Nna: Sorry about that. I’m just pissed off.
Milano: It’s ok. I am also kind of upset.
Nna: What’s wrong?
Milano: My brother wants me to urgently get to his place asap. I told him that I was kind of caught up somewhere but he wouldn’t hear it. He said he would not have called if it was not so important. I said I will call him back. So what do you think? Let’s go together... Perfect chance to meet abuti Perry, officially.
Nna: No bae, you go ahead and I will just leave. Family is important and you said he called you for something important. So honestly I don’t want to impose. I will meet your brother some other time. You and I will have afternoon ice cream with the kokoberries on Sunday neh!
Milano: No Boo , you are my family too and we planned this time for us. I want you to tell me what upsets you earlier. So we have two options. Either we check out and go to my brother’s house together or we carry on with our heart to heart conversation and I will go there after our check out time , which is about four hours away.
I could not make Milano choose me over his family. It didn’t feel right. Besides, my mood was dampen by that sms from overseas. I might not be such a good company after all. But just then I had ideas of my own.
Milano just said I was like family to him. So, either his brother knew about me or he was ready to introduce me to Mr PT Mosito. AND who knows? Maybe I might be let on some family secret and after that I would know if the Lebitso Mosito relationship with the Baloyes was Enemies or Alliances ...
I thought to myself: Wouldn’t it be such a great idea for me to meet Mr Perugia Thatego Lebitso Mosito on a personal level?

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