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Thursday, October 27


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 43


Sunday finally arrived.
I was awoken by my phone ringing. I just pulled it and answered without checking caller ID.
Nna: Hello
Caller: Hello Bobo
Nna: Kevin, hi
Kev: Askies to wake you up so early in the morning, but I promised to call.
Nna: Arg, I was expecting your call and given time difference between us, it’s understandable. What’s up?

Kev: I’m just going to go straight to the reason for this call. Look Bobo, I know we had an agreement with regard to me coming back home end of June to deal with our marriage. I was supposed to come but lately I have been making progress and my therapist suggested that I continue with whatever programme for at least another eight weeks. I know that you were looking forward to end of June but I decided to continue with the programme. I am so sorry.
I hope you understand that I am not deliberately dragging my feet. I came all the way across the world for a purpose and if me staying one more month will yield expected results, I would be stupid not to see to it that I come back home with those results. So, I actually want us to discuss this.
Nna: Oh well, it seems like you already decided that you are staying, I don’t think there’s anything that I can do to change your mind. We will just have to find another way to deal with the divorce. Maybe continue to file for international divorce.
Kev: Are you in such a hurry to divorce me that you can’t wait another month and couple of weeks? Look, I’m not going to try and stop you to do whatever you think is best but I wanted us to sit down properly and agree on settlements and stuff. You and I are not fighting or anything to want to get this over and done with, so for you to want to file for international divorce and waste money doesn’t make sense. Or are you planning to get married as soon as possible?
Nna: No! I am not. I just want to get this divorce out of my way and start planning for my future.
Kev: I understand and I am not standing on your way Bobo. All I ask is a few weeks and I will be home. It’s only a matter of sitting down amicably and agreeing on whatever you and I need out of everything we own, then sign the papers and file. Like I said I would not be fighting with you, so the process will not take long as compared to international process. But it’s your call.
Nna: Aish Kevin, this has been dragging for long now. I am not able to move on with my life freely while I’m still bound by our marriage contract. I’m unable to do certain things with certain people because in both our families’ eyes, God, our church and friends, I’m still a married woman. I'm still your wife.
It gets to me sometimes, hence I was really looking forward to next week. But, you are right, filing for divorce while you are abroad would cost me, financially and otherwise. In as much as I want this resolved, I guess a few weeks can’t hurt.
But I need you to do me a favour. In the meantime, please write down what you want out of the dissolution and I will do the same, then once we agree on everything, I can forward them to your lawyer Motsheoa and my lawyers. In that case we know when you get back we can go through whatever we might not agree on and then finalise the matter amicably.
Kev: Is being married to me such a bad thing mara? Anyway, I don't have a problem with the list. Thank you Bobo. Tell me, have you met someone?
Nna: Haahaaa! Uhm, let’s just say, there’s someone special in my life.
Kev: More special than me? Lucky him!
Nna: Hau, what does that supposed to mean? Have you regained your memory?
Kev: Well Partly! Its not all black and white but I have been remembering a lot of things. Actually the programme I’m currently busy with is more of reliving my life before the accident through captured memories,( videos and pictures of our wedding, our honeymoon, birth of our kids, any celebration, written letters etc). So I have been able to remember some things without looking at the videos and pictures. And you’ve been constantly coming through and every time after my sessions, my therapist would tell me that I keep on going to my wedding day and the twins’ birth. So I pretty much remember that I used to have a wonderful life and beautiful family.
Nna: Ow! That’s great news I guess! All the best. I hope you will come back home with all your memories. So, right back at you, are you seeing someone?
Kev: Yaa, kind of. Nothing serious though. Anyway, I got to go. And thanks again for understanding. Keep well and kiss our kokoberries for me!
Nna: Kokoberries? Do you even know why we call them that?
Kev: Yaah, it’s both their initials KO's ( Kananelo Oboikanyo, Kahoentle Oreatlile ) and your favourite fruits, berries! That’s why KOKOBERRIES. Am I right?
Nna: Hai that is scary. You are spot-on. I am so impressed. The fact that it’s not written anywhere Karabello, you are really getting back your memories. Good for you!
Kev: It just came through. Yoo Bobo, I’m working hard. Although as scary and nerve-wrecking and heart-breaking as it sometimes gets, I also want to remember that life.
Kevin and I spoke a little and hung up. I must say, we had a very civil conversation. And in as much as I hated him for the change of plans, rushing to divorce him via international process might drain me even more. And yes it was not like he was refusing to sign the papers or contesting the divorce. All he needs is for us to sit down and agree on our divorce settlements.
And besides, it’s not like I was rushing to get married to Milano, so, I’m just going to wait another month. But I am going to continue with my life with my Milberry, whoever finds out about our relationship will have to understand. Even though I owe nobody any explanation, I just hope that my relationship with Milano will continue on the down low until I have done the right thing. Officially divorced my first true love, Kevin Karabello Tau!
Church was good. There was an international guest pastor who conducted the service.
Since I went with my helpers to church, I was forced to go back home and drop them off. I decided to change my clothes and wore something sexy. I still had lots of time before my lunch date with the Mosito Lebitso brothers. Milberry did send me a message to meet him before the date. So after I changed, I phoned him that I was leaving home. He send me GPS coordinates for the location he’d be at.
Half an hour later, the madam's voice said I have reached my destination. I was in front of a very beautiful estate in Hurlingham. Hmmm gorgeous! I phoned him to say that I was outside. He asked the security to open for me and directed me to number 109. I got to the place. Milano opened the garage door for me. I parked and got out of the car right into Milberry’s arms. We kissed and kissed and kissed until I decided to pull away.
Milano took my hand and said that this was the place we are going to make lots of love and babies and build memories. I just laughed and asked him if it’s the house that he told me about. He said yes and decided to take me on a tour. I was in awe. The place had no furniture but it looked amazing. He asked me to clear my calendar for the following weekend so that we could go shopping for furniture and arrange it my way! Hmmm Mr I don’t waste time. I agreed.
We spoke about their trip to Bloemfontein and his grandfather’s health. He then took me to the pool area. There was build in lapa with place to sit. We sat down..
Milano: Firstly let me say, I’m aware I might be coming too strong onto you with regard to our relationship and perhaps making you uncomfortable. I just want you to know that I am only acting according to my feelings for. I love you Obonolo. And that’s just me. I tend to be way ahead of things, act crazy in love and forget that you must also find your rhythm to tango with me. So I need to tell you that I perfectly understand and respect the pace that you want to keep. Remember that I told you that I will support you and compromise where needed. I won’t push or pressurise you however, I will try to stay away from the accelerator and be on a cruise control until such time that you will make a decision to change gears to either neutral or catch up with me so that we can just journey together in love.
Having said that, the reason I decided to see you before the lunch is because I wanted us to talk privately, alone. I’m sure by now you are aware that abuti Perry knows who you are and what you are to me and what you know. So after you left on Friday, we had a lengthy discussion. Boo, you did mention twice that you are also a victim of Nyiko’s crimes. First in Cape Town then on Friday. I didn’t want to push for details because I wanted you to voluntarily tell me. I still do.
Since I had to convince my brother that you are not in Nyiko’s camp, he asked me many questions that I wasn’t able to answer. So I know he will be asking you such questions so I wanted you to be prepared. You don’t have to say anything that you are uncomfortable with but, my brother can be very persuasive, especially now that you know who he is and what he’s planning against Nyiko.
Nna: Look Bae, I appreciate your love and attention. And yes, I still have to sort my life out and once sorted I will catch up. As for your brother’s concerns, I fully understand. Actually I was planning to tell you about my relationship with Nyiko on Friday but we got interrupted by your brother’s call. I guess I understand your brother’s reluctance and trust issues, especially when it comes to Nyiko Baloye, I’d also be very careful about who I let into certain things in my life. So, I won’t mind answering your brother’s questions.
Oh and we still have more than an hour before our lunch. How about we take off our clothes and have a quickie in this beautiful pool or, we could just dip in our legs and I'm going to tell you about Nyiko. Take a pick.
Milano: First offer is tempting but I don’t have protection, unless you want to take risks. Anyway, we are Bankers , and our job teaches us that, the high the risks, the high the return...but unfortunately I have to go with second option.
Nna: Haahaaa! I don’t like taking that kind of risks, hence I always come prepared. So I have a sealed packet in my car. So, wanna change your mind? Offer still stands.
Milano: Ohk , in that case I’m gonna settle for both.
Nna: Your wish is my command sir...
Yes, we blessed the pool area and made love. Hai, did I tell you that I love me some dick? Well, yes, I do but I play safe. After our naughty session, we went inside and sat by the stairs. I first told him about Kevin’s phone call and what Nyiko did to me, my marriage and family. Although I wasn’t mentioning names, but I told him everything. Talk about being dick-notised.
I further told him that there’s a way I might be able to help him and his family. I just said someone very close to Nyiko had more information and was prepared to betray him. I told him that I would not say much about it but if his brother is serious and could trust me, I will arrange for him and my person to meet and discuss.
Milano was shocked to learn about what I have been through and what I am prepared to do. Although he was initially a bit disappointed about divorce delays, he also agreed with Kevin about international divorce. He even said that it was clear that my husband was just as much a victim as all of us and felt sorry for him. Iyoooo!
We decided to leave shortly after our chat.
Twelve forty-five we were driving out of the estate heading to Sandton. Milano was driving in front of me. I must say I felt relieved opening up to Milano.
We finally arrived at L'Opulence restaurant. Hmmm, some places we go to? That was indeed luxury in abundance, beautiful place. Joys of rubbing shoulders with politicians.
PT was already there . We greeted and ordered our lunch. While waiting we chatted about this and that. My phone rang, it was my mom. She was checking up on us. We hung up shortly.
PT must have overheard me saying that the twins went to visit their aunt. He asked me about the statement. I told him that I had twins. Right there, Mr PT opened up to me about being a twin, his late twin brother, their time together, his death and how his life changed after burying him.
I swear I spotted some tears gathered in his eyes. I knew the feeling of losing someone that close. I stood up and gave him a serviette and a hug. As I returned to my seat, he thanked me and took the serviette and wiped his eyes.They say strong man never cries but it tore me inside knowing why this man would just broke down. He lost a brother.. Thanks to Nyiko Baloyes.
PT: Ahh you just so sweet you know!
Milano: Ask me about it. That’s why I love her. Oh Booberry, abuti Perry loves berries hence he finds you this sweet.
Nna: Thanks Mr T. Nxoooo you Lesego!
Milano: Haahaaa am just saying!
PT: O’soft, seems like you and I shares a lot in common.
Nna: I did pick that up.
PT: Yeah, seems like we also share common enemy!
Nna: We do?
PT: Yaa I heard we do. And also what you said on Friday about knowing the kind of beast your brother in law is. And how much you want to see justice. So tell me O'soft, did he take something or someone away from you? Just like he did to me?
Nna: Let’s just say, anything or anyone that comes into contact with Gold Digger, gets spoiled or dies. So yaa, he took away so much from me. And just like you, he can never return them back.
PT: I know that Lesego told you everything and well, you are aware of my intentions to get justice and make him pay. But like you said, your brother is a very dangerous man and is involved in dangerous stuff. I want you to stay away and not get involved. I will handle him. I’ve been working on this for a long time now.
Nna: If I may ask Mr T, are you winning in your mission or Mr Gold Digger is just too good to cover up?
PT: Well my dear, man like Nyiko are very careful and they have eyes and ears everywhere. It’s not easy for them to slip up and be caught. So no, I’m not winning, especially with what I really want from him.
Nna: Let me help you. Please!
PT: No O'soft. I don’t want to risk your life. Not with DG. Should he finds out that you are trying anything funny, he won’t hesitate to get you taken care of. So, I’m touched that you would like to see him pay for everything he has done but I don’t want you to jeopardise your life and your family’s.
Nna: It’s too late abuti Perry. Nyiko has gone way too far and got away with a lot. I am not going to let you struggle for another ten years trying to find what you want while I can help you get it in less than a week. Please allow me to help.
PT: Phew Obonolo. What are you talking about? You are one tough cookie, I must give you that. But tell me, how are you going to get me what I want if you don’t even know what I want? You see what I mean? You are willing to risk getting on GD's wrong side and I won’t let you. Let’s just drop the subject. So how is your food?
Nna: I know what you want and I know how you can get it. There’s someone with the same score to settle with GD, who is willing to help and can help you.
PT: Whoa! Did you go telling people about this? O'soft you are really playing with fire. Please stop before we bury you. Leave GD to us, please! And if you don’t mind me asking, who is this person you so much trust that he can help me destroy GD? What’s his catch? No one just wake up and decide to destroy Nyiko Baloye. No one!
Nna: Someone very close. Someone that Nyiko won’t suspect. Someone who is also a victim of Nyiko’s filthy misgivings. Someone who is so prepared to take him down for good. And this person wants to work with someone like. This person has everything that you want and more.
PT: Who is that someone ?
Nna: Someone who is married to The Gold Digger himself! My sister in law!Nyiko's wife!
Although we were in a restaurant, it suddenly felt like we were in some cold room of a mortuary. So freezing cold and silent. PT and Milano looked at each other, then they both looked at me and at almost the same time they said “What?”
I broke the silence and told both of them how it all came about. Mr T just nodded and said he believed me and he further said if indeed the Gold Digger's wife has a personal score to settle, hell hath no fury like a wife scorned. And in that case he believed that only GD's wife could be his downfall. Just like the Samson and Delilah in the Bible.
We ate while chatting and planning the next move. I told PT that my sister in law didn’t want to be that involved in case something happens. But she had all the evidence of GD's shady dealings and business, including TT's murder. Mr T agreed to meet with Reatli and asked me to set up the meeting where the two of us can safely meet with him somewhere. He gave me his business card.We parted.
On Tuesday Reatli and I met at work and I told her everything about PT. She agreed to meet on Thursday. On Wednesday evening I received a call from anonymous number . I answered.
Nna: Hello
Caller: Hi Mrs Tau, it’s Nyiko. Can I see you tomorrow?
Nna: Who? Why? And what do you want from me?
O.M.G.....Is this man not supposed to be in Cape Town, coming back on Friday? And O mpatla eng?
Wait a minute, what if the Gold Digger had been around all along and watching me? What is going on here? A chill went through my spine. Something fishy is going on! And the only way is to find out from the beast himself......

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