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Monday, October 31


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 46


By the time Milano came back from answering his phone his aunt was nowhere to be seen. He asked me to wait up while he went to the house to look for her. As Milano made his way, I went to the direction my mother in law took.
Just as I located them, they said they were leaving. My mother in law was in such a hurry to leave. She even held her husband’s hand and pulling him towards the side of the road.
Daddyt even commented about her sudden urgency to go. I just ignored momzilla and asked daddyt when last had he spoken to Kevin. Yoo my momzilla nearly bite my head off saying that this was not a place to be discussing her children and that if I wanted to know about such matters, I should come to Sebokeng. She cried fatigue and stuff. Said goodbye to me, let go of daddyt’s hand and . I apologised and gave daddyt a hug and said my goodbyes.
A few minutes later I decided to go back and sit down at the marquee. Milano finally came back and told me that we must go back to the Lodge, apparently that’s where Rakgadi was. We went across the street and got into Milano’s car. Just out of curiosity I asked him why would Rakgadi leave the house to go to the Lodge? He said Rakgadi likes any place where there’s free booze and music. And since Perry had organised the after tears at the Lodge, Rakgadi was bound to be there. It was then that Milano told me that the Mositos owned the Lodge. Interesting.
We finally arrived at the Lodge. I got to meet Rakgadi Mamikie. Although she was already drunk. She thanked me for the support and said I should visit properly. I agreed and went to the room to pack. The ladies were waiting for me. Milano tried to convince me to stay one more night but I refused. We finally left Bloemfontein.
Weeks went by. I was very hectic with planning for Obakeng's bridal party and other stuff. Milano and I continued our relationship, we were extremely close. Milano had finally moved to his new place. I must say I was spending half of my time with him at “our place”. We were planning to go to Obakeng’s wedding as a couple. PT was also hectic with his work and also the operation destroy Nyiko and crew. He once phoned me to update me. He said the case was too complex hence it was taking time. But he assured me that he has a very strong case and Nyiko and his people were going down..
I spoke to Kevin a few times, mostly about the kids. He still hasn’t send me the list we spoke about. I reminded him once and decided to just let go because in two weeks time he was coming home. I spoke to Reatli few times. I told her that I went to the Mosito funeral. She laughed and told me that her parents already told her. I even asked her if she knew that the Taus were family friends with the Mositos. She said she was not aware. Upon learning the friendship between the two families, she was more impatient with the operation. She said it was about time Nyiko get arrested. I always assured her that it would happen.
At one time I spoke to her, she told me that she was suspecting that Nyiko was up to something but couldn’t pin out what. Apparently since the overseas trip, Nyiko had been so distant and spending a lot of time away from home. More like he was avoiding her or something. She said one thing that scared her most was that Nyiko has not spoken about the shares or paying Kevin. She asked me if Nyiko hadn’t approach me to “gloat” about the Baloyes owning 25% of MAKOOTA? I told her that according to the WinDeed company search, nothing has changed, and also because I haven’t received any notification from SearchInsure regarding any changes to company or director profile. Either Nyiko has not submitted the application for the transfer or he realised that he’s been played. Which could be good and bad. For our sake, hoping that he hasn’t picked up on what Reatli did.
On the 20th July, I threw my best friend a fabulous bridal shower. It was very intimate. Wedding preps were all underway. We were waiting for the big day. I was also looking forward to end of the month because when my friend will be signing her marriage certificate, I will be signing my divorce papers. How sad can life be mara? Well it was what it was. Just like Obakeng who already signed both marriage and divorce papers before, I had hope that ending a marriage is not as bad as some people, even myself had thought it was. It’s simply the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.
While at the bridal shower, I received a call from “don’t answer” Fifi. I picked up. She was crying and begging me to help her. I asked her what kind of help was she looking for this time? Just as she mentioned something about Nyiko, the car papers and money, I told her that unfortunately I can’t help her and asked her to deal with Nyiko without involving me. I asked her to stop phoning me or else I would be forced to report her to the police for stalking me. Just before I hung up on her she said, “He is here”. I ignored her. Really... I couldn’t care whether Nyiko visited her or not. I mean why must I help Kefiloe?
I decided to call Reatli and tell her about her crazy friend Fifi. Her phone went straight to voicemail. I just hung up without leaving a message.
Around six thirty, Milano came to fetch me at the venue we had the shower. We went straight to his house. While relaxing, his phone kept ringing and he kept ignoring it.
Nna: Rakgadi Mamikie asking for booze money?.
Milano: No it’s not her. Hau, didn’t I tell you? Since the reading of the will, Rakgadi had been sober. One of the conditions in the will was that she could only receive her portion of the inheritance if she stopped drinking alcohol. So she has been sober for weeks now and focusing on bettering her life. So she does no longer bother us.
Nna: Oh! Nice! Shame, must be hard! But the rewards are worth it. So who are you ignoring then?
Milano: My ex wife. She’s been calling me non-stop today and I’ve been ignoring her. She send me couple of messages, asking for help.
Nna: And....why are you ignoring her? What kind of help does she need from you? Did you reply?
Milano: Arg Booberry, she’s asking for impossible things. Money, or wanting me to get her from Bloemfontein to come stay with me etc. I haven’t made time to answer her. She will stop calling when she realises that I don’t entertain her. Booberry I’ve moved on with my life, she should do the same.
Nna: Is that so? But why is it difficult for you to reply or talk to her? Mind you, if you don’t answer her, she will continue contacting you. I suggest that you return her call now and tell her that you cannot help her once and for all. I’m going to take a shower.
Like really? I don’t understand why people would choose to string people along. If someone asks you for something that you are sure that you can’t offer or provide, why not tell them, instead of just ignoring them? I honestly don’t get it. Unless if you are contemplating to help them. I just went upstairs and ran the shower. I was a bit tired from the day’s happenings. So I just stood up in the shower and let the water ran over my body.
Five minutes later Milano joined me. I asked him if he called his ex wife and he shook his head and said he will call her tomorrow morning. Right now he just wanted to just spend time with me in the shower. I let him be.
We just fooled around and did our thing and went to bed. Just as we were chatting and cuddling, my phone rang. It was still in my handbag. I was lazy to get up so I asked Milano to get it for me. He took it out, checked the caller ID and laughed. I asked him why he was laughing, and he said “ don’t answer” was looking for me. Oh hell no. Fifi again? Really, this woman was really crazy. How many times must I tell her that I am not interested in her issues with Nyiko?
Nna: Bae , please press ignore or just answer it.
Milano: Hell no! I don’t want another bullet on my shoulder.
Nna: Hai suka! It’s not Mr gunman. Unlike you, I don’t ignore my ex's calls.
Milano: Ouch! That hurts. Anyway, I deserve that. So who is it that you even saved as don’t answer? Tell me!
Nna: It’s that crazy person who nearly killed me. The she-devil that sat at the back of the red Golf.
Milano: Oh no! What does she want from you?
Nna: You could ask that again. Bae, remember that I told you about her connection with GD? So apparently she got mixed up with GD and now she needs me to help her. I spoke to her in the afternoon and told her to stop calling me. She just doesn’t want to stop. I want nothing to do with her.
Milano: Its understandable Boo. Honestly the lady must be crazy to think that after what she has done, you would help her. Let her deal with GD alone. Maybe block her permanently. Speaking of GD, I heard he is on the run. Apparently he owes one of his drug lords a whole lot of money. Maybe that is why he approached you to borrow him some money.
Nna: Is it? Yoo! That explains. His wife said he’s been away from home more than usual. I guess also the fact that he transferred all his assets to his wife, it is impacting on his financial problems. Shame he is the Gold Digger, I’m sure he would improvise. Enough about crazy people....
So Mr Lebitso, I’ve been meaning to ask you! I was hoping to see Mrs. sms at the funeral. Actually I thought you were going to introduce us...Oh and what’s her real name?
Milano: Haahaa! Where does that come from? It’s Matebello Petunia. Anyway I think I would have introduced you if she came. To be honest, I didn’t see her, so I don’t know if she came or not. Besides, she doesn’t really know much about our relationship with the Mositos.
Nna: How so? She was your wife. Athe for how long were you married and what really happened between the two of you? If you don’t mind me asking!
Milano opened up about his four years marriage to Matebello. Everything about their meeting, eloping, staying in Cape Town for the first two years of their marriage, then coming to stay and work in Jo’burg after his wife was diagnosed with some mental disorder. He went on telling me about how things started to get complicated shortly after starting his new job, also his wife’s illness taking a toll on their marriage, her insecurities and unstableness then finally making the toughest decision to end it.
It was really sad to learn about his experience in marriage. I even told Milano that I felt guilty that perhaps had he not met and fallen for me, maybe their marriage would have stood a chance to survive. Milano spoke about how he fought for his marriage but it just didn’t survive.
One thing I realised, Milano did love his wife against all the odds. It was one of those unfortunate cases where their love and marriage just didn’t stand the test of time.
Unlike mine that was polluted by infidelity and the likes of boLSG etc.
We continued talking about us and promised each other that nor matter where life will take us, we will fight for the survival of our relationship and let only death come between us. Milano just rolled ontop of me and started declaring his love for me. He even went as far as asking me about remarriage , having kids and another happily ever after with him. Heeheee, when a man is lying butt naked between a woman’s legs, they tend to say anything and everything just to keep him there, that’s my late grandmother’s say. And boy, she was right.
I said yes to all of Milberry’s questions. And for the first time since we were dating, I actually meant every word. Perhaps this was my chance to get my fairy tale marriage since the first one didn’t live up to its vows and promises.
Well sorry for Matebello. As guilty as it felt knowing that I somehow played a direct or indirect role in wrecking their marriage, I found myself a sexy, strong and loving man. I had fallen in love with Milano Lesego Lebitso Leballo Mosito.
We just held on to each other until we fell asleep. The Milano effect. This man made me feel like I’m the only woman alive... I was happy and complete. Day by day I just kept falling extremely, head over heels and deeply in love with him. And it felt so good.
Before we knew it, it was Sunday...
Since I wasn’t planning to go to church, we decided to woke up late. Around midday we decided to have an outing. I phoned Mamo to prepare the kids. We went to fetch the kokoberries and went to Gold Reef. We spent our afternoon there and went home.
Monday we went to work. Oh Milano moved to a new department on a different floor. So we no longer see each other regularly like before. Anyway since he moved to a new place, we were spending a lot of time together. Sometimes we’d even drive there during lunch time for some jelly tots. A few people already knew that we were seeing each other beyond work place. But we still haven’t made it official or admit to it. So yeah, now and then we’d have stolen moments at work.
On Monday evening just after the kokoberries went to sleep, Mamo came rushing to me with my phone. She said it’s been ringing non-stop and she decided to pick up in case it was an urgent call. So I took the phone from her and answered. Since I didn’t know who the caller was, I just said hallo.
It sounded like a male voice, but couldn’t hear the person clearly, because he seemed like he was crying. I kept asking who is this. Just then I heard clearly who it was and he just said.
Caller: Obonolo, she’s dead. It’s all my fault. I killed her... I killed my wife!
Nna: What? What do you mean? What happened?
My entire body was numb with shock. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. All I could think about was, why did he kill her, how did he kill her and when did it all happened.
I started feeling guilty and also blaming myself for what happened. Just as I was about to talk....
He hung up on me without giving a single answer or explanation.

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