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Wednesday, October 19


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 41


Half an hour later we were gracing PT's residence with our presence.
Since the last time I was there, the place looked different. A few renovations, additional furnishings and a blooming garden made it even more beautiful. In my heart I jealousy said: Our Tax money...
We used a different entrance. When we got inside Mr PT was busy on the phone. Milano took me to the patio, and offered me something to drink. Since I was drinking my favourite cocktail at the Duncan I asked for one if available. Milano told me that he will make me a delicious cocktail from scratch. Hmmm I scored myself yet another man of many skills. I waited alone in the patio, admiring the beauty of the background garden. I must say looking at the patio furniture and accessories, Hmmm Mr and Mrs PT really had some good taste. I could learn a lot or take some notes.
While drooling over the finest things at the Lebitso Mosito residence, I heard footsteps. I thought it was my juicy Milberry. As I turn to check who wa behind me, a man extended his hand and politely greeted me.
PT: Hello ausi, sorry for my rudeness, I have been on the phone for ever, but I saw that Lesego brought a guest. Oh by the way, I’m Thatego, my friends calls me Thatz. Nice to meet you.
Nna: Nice meeting you again Mr T. I am Obonolo, my friends calls me Noli or Nolo, take your pick. I must say you have such a beautiful home. I am so in love with it.
PT: Compliments to my wife. But thanks very much O'soft, hope you don’t mind the name. Did you say we’ve met before? Please forgive me and remind me. Where and when did we meet?
Nna: O'soft? Ache that’s classic and unique. Oh, Mr. T, I met you and your beautiful wife last year end of November, I think. On your housewarming party.
PT: Really? Well, its understandable. Given the timing and being a host. But I must say maybe I was drunk because I don’t recall seeing such a beautiful face before.
Nna: I guess you can’t possibly remember every face that you met that day. It was too packed.
PT: Jo’burg for you. A small party turns into something huge. But thanks for coming that day. And again welcome. It’s a pity O'nice is not home. She went to visit her parents at Cape Town.
Nna: Sorry, who?
PT: Oh my wife. See her name is Okuhle, so I call her O'nice.. I just like giving people unique names that only I can address them with. You see I hate following the crowd. And you know what, I loved that about you. I told you my full name and the one my friends and most people use but you chose to address me as Mr T, which I like and I am not going to forget you because of that. Hence I am gonna call you O'soft, for meaning of Obonolo. In that way, I’d never forget you. Get me?
Nna: I get you Mr T and I think that’s clever. And pretty cool. Your own trend!
PT: Haahaaa. Anyway, let me go finish up what I was doing. Your friend rushed out to the shops. He mentioned buying something for your cocktail. So just feel at home.
Nna: Really? He had to just sneak out to go buy something for cocktail? That’s crazy. He should have just offered me something else to drink. Anyway thanks for a warm welcome.

Hai, chehe ka nnete. The Lebitso species are blessed with looks. I must say the last time I looked at him he was just an okay looking brother. But yooo today, having been face to face with him, the brother looked even more handsome. I swear his face looked way too familiar. Other than the fact that I did meet him before or being Milano’s brother, I swear he looked so much like my soon to be ex husband. His dimpled smile and his nose, his nicely arranged tooth, pure white. Honestly if it wasn’t about age difference, I’d be convinced that they were separated at birth. The resemblance between him and Kevin was so uncanny. Well except the skin tone. Mr PT was more caramelised. And his deep coarse voice, bathong! Scary sexy!
Milano distracted my wild thoughts by apologising for neglecting me. He went on explaining how he was missing the key ingredients for the cocktail and decided to quickly rush out to buy them. He then handed me a huge cocktail glass. I just took a sip and told him that I forgive him for dumping me on the patio and disappearing into thin air. The cocktail was so delicious and worth the effort and trouble he took to make it.
Milano: Did you meet my brother and sister? I got so focused on getting you your cocktail that I didn’t even get to introduce you properly and also ask my brother about the urgent call that really brought us here.
Nna Oh yes, we met. Only your brother though. He came over here. We had some good chat. He is quite a charming gentleman. He told me that O'nice went home for the weekend.
Milano: Haahaaa! O'nice neh? Yaa that brother of mine can be funny when he really likes. So he even told you about Aus Okuhle? You two seems like you hit off. But I’m glad he didn’t become so serious and made you uncomfortable. I bet there’s nothing urgent he called me here for. Chances are he was lonely and bored. Mxxxxx! Booberry please excuse me for a second.
Milano went back inside. I just sat there enjoying my berrylicious cocktail. Mr T came outside to check on me. He saw me drinking cocktail and said he seemed to be missing his brother and said he was glad Lesego came back. As he was busy telling me about the challenges of getting an early flight, Milano came back with some food platter and distracted his brother asking him where he was going early in the morning.
PT: We are going to Bloemfontein, first flight tomorrow morning.
Milano: We? I wasn’t planning to go to Bloem until end of July. What’s happening there?
PT: Haibo Lesego, didn’t you speak to rakgadi Mamikie or received her message?
Milano: No! I just ignored her calls and didn’t get time to read her messages. Is there something wrong?
PT: Ntatemoholo took turn for the worst. He is in hospital and asked to see us! When I called you earlier, I thought you already knew and wanted us to rush there tonight. But I have been battling to get late flights. But at least I managed to get an early one. So we will leave first thing tomorrow.
Milano: Oh shit! This sounds so serious. Can’t we just drive there tonight, right now?
PT: No, don’t panic. I already phoned the hospital. He is now stable. So tomorrow morning should be fine. Don’t be like that, be a gentleman, you have a guest! You can’t just ditch her and drive off to Bloem.
Milano: No, I wasn’t going to ditch my guest. She was going to drive with us to Bloem. Isn’t it Booberry?
PT: ( looking shocked)- Hau! Booberry? What am I missing here? I thought your name was O’soft ?
Nna: Haahaa! You didn’t miss anything Mr T. My name is Obonolo. I guess just like you, Milano is just being unique with names.
Milano: Unique? Never! Abuti Perry, remember I told you that there’s someone special that have captured my heart? This is she. My Booberry... future Mrs Lebitso.
PT: Oh nice! Finally we get to meet her. The woman who drives my little brother crazy. How I wish O'nice was here to see you. She’s been asking Lesego about when he was going to bring the mysterious lady for a visit. Unfortunately it took my grandfather’s sickness for the meeting to finally happen. I am happy to meet you. And little bro, good choice, great catch. You learn fast. She’s beautiful. Let me leave you lovebirds and go nurse my lonely heart.
Yoo! You can imagine the awkwardness I was placed on. I didn’t see that one coming. When Milano didn’t formally introduce me to his brother earlier, I was excited. I thought we’ve gotten over the intro stage but I guess I was wrong. I know that we agreed to just let go and follow our hearts and admit our deep feelings for each other but he was on the fast lane. Getting too up close and personal, buying houses, wanting me to meet his family, talking about babies. I was just overwhelmed. It’s okay to want us to invest in our relationship but I felt like he was just rushing.
He might have dealt with his issues of divorce and settlements and was ready for a new chapter but I still had a lot to deal with and a long way ahead. First I needed Kevin to sign the divorce papers, agree on certain things, plan my new life with him properly and at my own pace. Not feeling pressured. And now with Kevin duck and diving, and dragging his feet to come back, it’s another draw back.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Milberry and appreciated the fact that he was ready to settle down with me but it had to go on a certain speed limit.
Unfortunately he will be disappointed to learn that Mr gunman is playing hide and seek and not planning to honour our agreement. But regardless of his stalling and delay tactics, I will consult with my lawyers and find a way to speed up and finalise the dissolution of our marriage, with him across the country.
Fact of the matter is that Kevin and I were done and Milano and I were jetting off to Loveville period.. nor matter the speed.
I snapped out of my trail of thoughts and found Milano busy reading his messages.
Milano: A kiss for your thought?
Nna: Yes please!
Milano: For real, you seemed like you were on a plane to Deep Thoughts. What is on your mind?
Nna: Argh I’m just preoccupied with somethings
Milano: Yes, before we were interrupted earlier at TDH ( The Duncan hotel), you seemed pissed off and said you wanted to tell me something. What was it?
Nna: Oh that? Uhm can we talk about it some other time please? I’m not completely comfortable especially because we are not really alone.
Milano: Look, I understand. I guess you have a point. On that note, can I ask you something?
Nna: Anything bae..
Milano: I know I promised not to mention Gold Digger in your presence but I really need to know how you feel or would feel about me disclosing to abuti Perry the fact that you and Nyiko are related. I haven’t told anyone because I needed to check first with you. And Boo, I won’t say it if you are not comfortable with it.
Nna: Phew! That neh? I guess sooner or later it will come out. So, better soon rather than later. At least we will know whether your brother would still approve or disapprove of our relationship.
Milano: I don’t think my brother’s approval or disapproval matters. Besides, you are not Nyiko nor do you work or support him. My brother is not like that Boo. Since I told him about us dating, and seeing how excited he was about you, I thought it was best to just let him know.
I also want to avoid unfortunate situations where he might one day mention your name in Nyiko’s presence or a situation where we bump into him and Nyiko and he starts saying things about our relationship that you are not ready for the family to know. So you are right, rather sooner than later. Abuti Perry must know that our relationship is still not public and that it won’t jeopardise or comprise his plans to go after him and also the fact that you and Gold Digger are water and oil.
Nna: So true. Yoo I can’t imagine one day bumping into Nyiko and you brother going on about me being his little brother’s girlfriend! No, we can’t have that happening. So I say let’s come clean, today...now! And let’s tell him everything.
Milano asked me many times if I was sure that I wanted to do it. I told him that it was best for us. He dialled his brother’s phone and hung up.
Milano: I wonder if he heard the phone ring. I bet he is at his bar, playing his loud jazz and drinking his whisky, bandaging his lonely heart..
PT: Yes you are right. And you disturbed me. Why are you buzzing me?.
Milano: Haahaaa! I thought so! Anyway Obonolo and I want to tell you something.
PT: Are you getting married or you are expecting or what? Hai Noh congrats guys. That’s good news. I am just kidding. What’s up?
Milano: That’s all in the pipeline. We waiting for Booberry’s divorce to be finalised.
PT: Hee banna! Divorce? I didn’t know that you are married. Earlier on I secretly checked your fingers and was happy to see nothing shiny.
Nna: Haha, askies Mr T. You wouldn’t have known. This days most married people don’t wear those shiny things for different reasons. So yaa, legally I’m still married but haven’t had a marriage for over a year and a half. So technically I’m not married, If you know what I mean.
PT: Oh I see. A year and a half? That’s a long time to be in an absent marriage. If you don’t mind me asking why have you stayed that long?
Nna: Aish, that is a long sad story for another day. Remind me to answer that neh!
PT: Fair enough. I will. So what do you two wanted to tell me?
Milano: Actually abuti, we wanted to tell you about something of that nature. You see, Booberry here is married to Nyiko Baloye’s brother in law. So since the divorce is still pending, Booberry hasn’t told both her families about our relationship.
PT: What? Wait a minute! Are you telling me that O'soft and Mr. B are family? Like married to brother and sister?. Okay let me go get my drink so that you can unpack this for me.
( Five minutes later…)
PT: Sorry about interrupting you. Lesego just tell me how you guys met and what you guys are going with this. And why you felt I should know about all this.
Milano: Look, the short version of this long story is that, Obonolo and I work together. And I just happened to fall in love with her the first minute I laid eyes on her. We were just strangers. We did not date right away because we were still married. Both our marriages were not working out. So last year we gotten pretty close. I invited her here for the housewarming and apparently she spotted Mr. B and Thadolwethu. We decided to stay in my room the rest of the evening. Still she didn’t tell me that she knew him.
Remember the Red Golf saga? And how it ended? Yes, she is the one that was nearly killed. After that accident we decided that life was too short and declare our feelings and now dating. So, last weekend we went to Cape Town on a romantic trip. We bumped into Mr. B and Lwethu separate times. Mr. B invited me to join them for drinks at Mzoli’s, I took Booberry with me. Yooo! Bombshell! The four of us met and hell broke loose when I was introducing them. That’s when I learned about Mr. B’s relationship with Booberry and that he is married to her sister in law.
PT: That’s some shit story! Guys? Are you serious? Okay let me understand this, O'soft here is the mysterious lady that nearly got killed by the crazy stalker in the red Golf that belonged to her own husband that she is now divorcing, and the same husband happened to be the gunman that shot you? Oh and the very same woman who received thread sms from your crazy ex-wife and accused her of the accident? Lesego! You must be crazy? This is all a crazy.
And wena monna, why are you only telling me this now? O'soft no offense but whatever you two are doing is scary shit. I really like you, you seem like a great woman but you need to stop this before one of you get seriously hurt. Honestly. This is not going to work.
So tell me clever boy! What happened after the Mzoli saga? Does Mr. B know that you are dating his wife’s brother’s wife? F#ck Lesego, this even sound so weird. Don't you see what’s really happening here? And do you know what’s going to happen if this madness continues? Wait a minute, what happened to Lwethu? You know what, O'soft please excuse us. You, Mr. follow me now.”
I just looked at Milano and thought to myself: This is not going well. It ain't happening. Maybe this is my cue to hit the road...

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