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Thursday, October 27


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 44


I woke up Thursday morning very anxious . As I prepare for the day ahead, I remembered the events of last night. I must say I had a bad feeling about all this. I figured that Nyiko just rocked up unannounced. Reatli was so sure that she was going to fetch him at airport on Friday afternoon, but to be surprised like that? Yaa talk about unexpected.
Oh , after that phone call from Nyiko last night, I told him that I will get back to him about his request. I immediately called Tankiso’s number. I needed to find out what was going on. I wanted to check with Reatli about her husband’s whereabouts and our meeting plans with PT. Tankiso answered after third ring. She just asked me to hold on. A few seconds later she told me that she won’t able to talk to me now. She said she was instructed by her madam to send me a message. I asked her what the message was about. She said she was busy in the kitchen doing dishes and will get back to me. I thanked her and we hung up.
Fifteen minutes later I received an sms from Tankiso. She apologised for the bad timing, said something about being careful about our conversations. She then told me that Rakgadi wa bana won’t be able to talk to me because she was already at her bedroom with Mr Baloye who just arrived home unexpected. She said Reatli said we should postpone our meeting till further notice.
I just replied and said thank you.
I then phoned abuti Perry and told them that our meeting would not happen because GD just rocked up and the wife asked for postponement. He told me that he was with Milano. I asked him to put me on speaker, so that I could speak to both of them. I told them about Gold Digger’s phone call to meet with him. I told them how Mr GD begged me to meet up with him and even suggested that he could come to my house, they said I should just relax and meet up with him at a very public place.
Since PT accepted the change of plans and okay'ed my meeting with GD, I called Nyiko back and told him that we could meet. I told him that I would sms him meeting details in the morning as to where and what time.
I arrived at work earlier than usual. Milano asked me to come early so that we could talk before I send Nyiko our meeting details. We went to the canteen and had our breakfast.
Milano: You seemed a bit scared last night. How are you feeling?
Nna: It’s just scary bae. You and your brother and everyone knows how dangerous GD is, now he suddenly want to meet with me? It’s hardly two weeks since his wife and I decided to have him busted, now this? Won’t you be freaking out?
Milano: Yaa I guess. But maybe it’s probably got nothing to do with everything else. So, like abuti Perry said, just be calm, and relaxed and go hear him out.
Nna: I have a really bad feeling. What if the wife trapped me? Or abuti Perry? Look, like I told you on Sunday I’m battling with trust issues especially my sister in law. She backstabbed me before, what if she does it again? What if Nyiko found out about who you are and put two and two together? What if your brother said something to a wrong person and now Nyiko knows what we are planning?
Milano: Shhhh Booberry, you are going to drive yourself crazy. Just be calm. My brother hasn’t spoken to anyone about GD. And I doubt that your sister in law could sell you out. I must say that I’m just as concerned as you are about GD's sudden call but I don’t think it is about the plans. But the only way to find out is to get Nyiko come over here for the meeting and hear him out. I’d suggest you book a Meeting room or boardroom as if you are meeting with a new client. In that case, I will be waiting for you in the building and you will be safe. He won’t try anything funny.
Nna: I guess you are right. Let me send him the sms.
I send Nyiko the sms asking him to come through to my work at lunch time. Milano was right. The office would be an ideal and safe place to meet. He will go through the client process of signing in and being directed to the meeting room. Nor matter what he’s planning, he won’t try anything funny. Even if he does, he will be caught.
I must say I was not looking forward to one thirty. Meeting with the Gold Digger. But I had to do it. I phoned my mom and just asked her to pray for me. Honestly, I was scared.
At exactly twelve fifty, Zama called me. She said my one thirty has arrived. She asked if she should take him through the meeting room or I will come fetch him. I told her to sign him in and that I will come fetch him. I rushed to Milberry's office and told him that I was off to my meeting. He just kissed me and wished me luck.
I went to the reception area to fetch Nyiko Baloye.
Nna: Good day Mr Baloye( hand shaking him), please come through.
Nyiko: Hello Mrs Tau. Hai now I know why you are always so formal. We must organise you a position somewhere at one of the government departments and teach people how to conduct themselves. You know, rub some “ I’m dead serious, I love my job attitude”.
Nna: That’s a compliment! But no thanks I will pass. I love working in the private sector. It’s enough that I have some government officials as clients but to work for government? Nah! I will leave that to you. So would you like coffee or tea or anything to drink?
Nyiko: See what I am talking about? All work no play. Hai Obonolo, you must learn to have some fun’nyana sometimes. This is just a social meeting. Relax. Water will be fine.
Nna: Mr B, I do have my ways of having fun. But when I am at work, I do just that: Work and be professional. So how can I help you?
Nyiko: Okay. Let me not waste your time. I actually came here as a brother, you know, family type of business. I’m kind of low on cash and need you to loan me some money. I will reimburse you in a couple of weeks or so.
Nna: Ow! Family neh! Well how much are we talking? And why did you come to me of all family members?
Nyiko: Well, I need at least two million and the reason I approached you is that I was expecting some cash and it seems like there has been some change of plans. And I desperately need that money as soon as possible and I also know that you do have that kind of money. So, are you going to lend me? I promise I will pay interest for the time it will be with me. We can even sign some contract or agreement.
Nna: Yooh! So much money? It’s not even what I make here in a year. I’m a mere Banker, not CEO. What makes you think I have such money lying around somewhere?
Nyiko: Well I know you don’t make that much, but MAKOOTA does and you happen to be the CEO of that company and I recently paid almost that amount of money into its bank account, plus, my wife also invested almost double that amount into MAKOOTA . Surely you have it and can authorise the loan and yaa, I will repay every cent.
Nna: Oh Modimo! Nyiko Baloye you have all this figured out neh? Well let me tell you this. Over above what you just pointed out, you are forgetting one or two important things: firstly, I don’t own MAKOOTA alone, Kevin , who happens to be one of the owners is halfway across the world, so I can’t just authorise such large amount of money to a non-staff member.
And secondly, that money you paid into MAKOOTA was stolen from the account, leaving the company in the red, so, as soon as you paid it back, it was used to clean up the mess that you created, and lastly the investment that you are talking about that your wife made, is between her and MAKOOTA, so if she wants to withdraw from it or anything, it’s best that she is the one who approaches me and follow correct procedure.
So all in all, my hands are really tied. Unfortunately I can’t help you.
Nyiko: You can always call Kevin to give you a go-ahead. Don’t you have some powers on his behalf? Surely you can bypass some things. It’s only a two weeks loan. Please Obonolo. I would not have came here to ask for a loan if I wasn’t desperate!
Nna: I can’t bypass anything, it will be cheating or defrauding my company. I’m really sorry. Like I said, I can’t make that call alone. Maybe speak to your wife and see what she can do.
Nyiko: Can’t do it or don’t want to do it? Anyway my wife doesn’t know that I need the money. And I’d appreciate it if it stays that way. Since you saying you don’t want to help me, I will make a plan. I always do.
Nna: Hau? Your wife doesn’t know about your financial situation? Hmmm! Anyway, it’s none of my business besides, I haven’t spoken to your wife in months, why will I ran and discuss this with her? Like really.
Thank you for understanding that I can’t help you. But you are a very resourceful man. I’m sure you can make a plan. Good luck brother in law.
Nyiko: Good then. Just keep this between us. I don’t want to worry my wife. Let me know if you changed your mind. I have to go now. Thank you for your time.
I accompanied Mr GD to the exit and hurried back to Milberry’s office. Yoo, imagine! Taking my money and loaning it to a man killer? Mxxxxx! Even if I had, I wouldn’t have given him. What if he was going to use it to pay a hitman? And what does he want two million rands for? And why doesn’t his wife have to know about it?
I reached Milano’s office and told him about my meeting. He just laughed and said either Nyiko was lying or he really needs money. I told Milano that most of his money is tied up in an investment that only his wife has access to, so chances are he really needed it.
Days went by, I still haven’t heard from Reatli. I didn’t want to be too much pushy. Even PT advised that I should let her make contact whenever he was free. On Friday the 21st June, I got home early to say goodbye to the kokoberries. Omontle was taking them to Mmatau for the school holidays. Mama was so much looking forward to having her grandkids.
Milano and I spend the weekend shopping for furniture for his house. Abuti Perry and his wife went away on business for a week and asked Milano to house sit. Milberry and Booberry made the Mosito Lebitso residence their love nest for the entire week. It was really great waking up together and driving to and from work in one car.
I must say we were getting pretty close. And I liked it. We even went for HIV testing together just in case we get out of order and forget to use protection. Kevin tried calling me almost every day and since the kids were not with me, I ignored his calls.
On Saturday the girls planned a get together. So I decided that I was going to tell them about the new man in my life. I then asked Milberry to drive me to the meeting place. When I got there, only Obakeng was there. I decided that I will introduce him when he comes back to fetch me. I sat with my best friend and told her about Kevin’s phone call and about Milano. She was not thrilled at first because she’s always been team Kevin and hoped that we would one day work things out and live happily ever after. I had to remind her about how I fought for my marriage and still it didn’t work out. I told her how much happy I was with Milano.
Finally she said the words I want everyone including my family to say. “ As long as you are happy Obonolo and Milano does make you happy, then I am happy for you.”
All the girls arrived and we had fun.
Just an hour before Milano was supposed to pick me up he called me. I rushed outside to pick up. He apologised for ruining my night and told me that he just heard the bad news. His grandfather Tshepo Mosito passed away. Apparently abuti Perry and wife flew back and rushed to Bloemfontein. He said they booked him a late flight and he has to fly to Bloemfontein in two hours. He suggested to come fetch me since my car was since parked there and my stuff was there too. I told him that I would ask my friend to drop me off there.
Obakeng didn’t mind. We rushed to PT's house. The two most important people in my life met and clicked right away. I finished packing my stuff. Milano wanted me to stay behind alone at his brother’s house, I refused and told him that I will se him when he comes back. Obakeng left us. We had a good-bye session. I drove him to the airport and went to my house.
Milano and his brother came back Monday afternoon. They called me over to the house. I finally met Mrs O’nice. The brothers called me to PT's study. They were basically telling me that since their grandfather was a well known politicians, he was going to be given a state funeral. They further said if Nyiko shows up at the funeral, he might find out who they are and their cover might be blown, jeopardising their mission. Abuti Perry asked me to try and get hold of Reatli and plead with her to meet with us before the funeral on Saturday.
Immediately I dialled Tankiso’s numbers. She answered immediately. I asked her if I could speak to Reatli. She said unfortunately she was not in Jo’burg. She went to Giyane with the kids. I asked her to try and contact Reatli and asked her to urgently call me. She promised to come back to me.
Five minutes later she called back and said all her phones are off and the house phone just ring unanswered! I asked her to keep trying her until she gets hold of her. I had to tell the Mosito brothers the unfortunate news. Where is Reatli when I need her the most? Like this was going to be a serious problem.
PT was right, if Nyiko attend that funeral and learn who Thatz and Lesego Lebitso's real identity and their connection to Mositos is, he will connect the dots and figure out. And should he gets busted one day, he might trace everything back to me. And who knows what he might do?
Just then I remembered that I had some evidence with me. So it was time I handed it over to them. At least they might do something to Nyiko before the funeral and once we get hold of Reatli, she would provide with the physical evidence. I didn’t tell the brothers about the usb. I just left. My plan was to get home and make the copy of TTM Information and give it to Milberry the next day at work.
I got home around nine o'clock in the evening. Just as I finished taking a shower, my phone rang. I checked caller ID and it was an international code. I knew that it was Kevin. I decided to answer so that he could stop bothering me and also tell him that the kids were visiting their grandmother Tsholofelo and that he can call them on her number.
Nna: Hello Karabello
Caller: Hey Bobs, it’s Reatli.
Nna: What on earth are you doing overseas? I have been looking for you.We have a problem.
Reatli: Me too! I have been trying to call you with Karabello's number you were not picking up. I can’t talk long. I also have a serious problem. I came here with Nyiko. To cut the long story short, Nyiko found out that Karabello was no longer coming back as planned, meaning no sale of MAKOOTA shares for another months. So he literally booked us tickets to come over here and make Kevin sign over his shares. So I wanted to let you know and ask you what we can do to mess up this deal. Nyiko seems so desperate for money and really persuading me to make sure that Kevin signs the paperwork. I don’t know what to do. He made sure we brought all the required documents for the transfer and I don’t want Kevin to sign and at the same time I don’t want him to see that I disapprove of his plans to scheme my brother. What must I do?
Oh not this again! Nyiko doesn’t give up. What is he really up to? Why does he desperately want to own a part of MAKOOTA so bad? Just the other day he wanted me to loan him two million, now he travelled all the way overseas to force Kevin to sign over his half shares? Ka nnete, he must be in deep trouble and desperate for money.
It’s about time we put a stop on this Beast. Once and for all. He is going too far. I smsed Milano to get to my house as soon as he can. Milano arrived. I told him what GD has done and gave him the usb. I told him what was inside and that GD’s wife have all the supporting hard evidence of his brother’s death. I told him to give it to PT to act fast.
We spoke shortly. Then he left.
Once Reatli provide with the evidence, Nyiko Baloye will have to make prison his new home for the rest of his life and I cannot wait to go visit him inside his hell hole.
One thing for sure: The minute Nyiko Baloye set foot on South African soil on Thursday, he will be arrested ....

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