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Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 37


“Fear not [ there is absolutely nothing to fear], for I am with you...I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious and Mighty] right hand...” Isaiah 41:10

All through our lives, we all face situations that feel out of control. During times like these, it’s easy to get discouraged and allow fear to creep in. I decided not to let the mighty Nyiko trample all over me, instead, I decided to focus on the fact that God is holding me in the palm of His hand! There is nothing too difficult for Him; nothing is impossible; nothing is beyond His ability. And not even Nyiko’s connections nor associates could do anything to me. I was raised and taught that when God holds you in His hand, you are safe; you are cared for. I was taught that in His hand, there is victory. In His hand, there is strength. In His hand, there is provision. In His hand there is everything you need.

So no matter what was going on at that unfortunate moment, I knew the only person I had to trust was God, nothing and noone else. Instead of getting down, depressed and worried over the situation, I looked up and got a vision of God turning that situation around
in my favour. I Let faith rise in my heart and focus on His favour, protection and blessing. There must have been God's will to make sure that Nyiko and I, together with Milano and Olwethu meet and reveal everything.
I must say I somehow felt so victorious. I couldn’t wait for Godzilla to come back with his overly emotional and pissed off secretary and lie himself out of the drama that just played before our eyes. Oh boy, I was so looking forward to round two. Touchdown baby!
It’s true that God doesn’t always answer our prayers the way we expect. My mother like to say: As you keep your heart and mind focused on Him and choose to obey His Word, you’ll see those supernatural breaks that will launch you further ahead than you ever thought possible because He holds you with His victorious right hand! How true was this?
For a good two minutes Milano and I just stood frozen and confused by Olwethu ‘s outburst and Nyiko’s hundred metres race he ran behind madam secretary. In my heart I was dancing. That was self inflicted pain to both of them, including Milano. He had some explaining to do.
And this time I was not going to let him brush me off. Firstly he introduced me as a colleague and a good friend which I appreciated because I wouldn't have wanted him saying anything else...but there must be a reason why and I was just so curious to know.

Right there at Mzoli’s, I looked above and utter a silent prayer.

I thanked God for helping me and holding me in His mighty victorious right hand. I was grateful that I chose to trust Him even when things were not making sense, even when things seemed beyond my control. I released all my worries and concerns to him and asked him to someday reveal the truth about Mr Baloye beyond any reasonable doubt. Now it seemed like today was that perfect timing to finally realise that God work all things together for my good in His mighty name.

My trail of thoughts or should I say my moment of glory and praise was distracted by Milano’s phone ringing. He made sure I knew who called him because of how he answered. The call didn’t last even close to a minute. As soon as he hung up, he told me that Nyiko and Olwethu decided to go back to the hotel and that they will catch up with him some other time. I said oh okay, that means more meat for us and you and I could be up close and personal without disturbance. We laughed. Then Milano came closer to me and pulled my chair to face him.

Milano: And then? What was that all about?
Nna: I should be asking you the same, we are all your friends remember?
Milano: Well not necessarily my friends. But people I know through my brother. And you are my Booberry, my beginning of my dream...

Nna: Oh really now? Is that why you introduced me as a good friend and a colleague ?
Milano: Haahaaa, I didn't know what to say especially because we have not discussed our titles in front of strangers and my friends. I know for your family and friends, we are colleagues and friends!

Nna: Well, good going right there Mr. Especially infront of Mr Baloye!
Milano: Yeah, about that, I must say I wasn’t aware that you knew Mr. B
Nna: Maybe you have a short memory sweetheart. But let me remind you. Remember that time at your brother’s house warming I asked you about him? And you said you knew him very well and that He’s one of your brother’s business associates?
Milano: Aish Boo, there were lots of politicians that day so I must have forgotten about that. So, not only do you know each other, there is a relation? A close one for that matter. Tell me Booberry, you said Nyiko is still your brother in law? Care to enlighten me on that statement?
Nna: Well maybe you forgot but I didn’t. Especially the fact that Mr Baloye is married to my husband’s sister , well soon to be my ex-husband. And I spotted him with same yellow boned secretary who just throw a stunt on us.

Milano: Wow! That’s new. You know ever since I met Nyiko Baloye, he’s been with Olwethu. I heard that he was married but we've never met his wife. And all the parties and business functions that I attended with my brother, Nyiko always brought Thadolwethu. Yes even at the housewarming, she was there. They even slept over.

Nna: Yes, I am aware. That is why I decided to spend the evening in your bedroom because I was avoiding to bump into him. You guys seem too close.

Milano: Well you can say that. But so are you and Nyiko Baloye. That much related huh?
Nna: Yes, relation by virtue of marriage. We are legally married to a brother and a sister.
Milano: Shit! This complicates everything! ( speaking out loud )
Nna: What did you say? What is complicating everything?
Milano: Argh Never mind. I think we should go. To say that I am flabbergasted, it’s an understatement. I am really startled.

Nna: Really? Why? I mean you knew we were both married but didn’t know that we were married into same family. There’s nothing startling about that. Anyway why should we leave? Bae we just got here. And the food is already here. I say let’s just eat and talk.

Milano: I just lost my appetite. Seriously! Please Obonolo, Let’s get a takeaway bag and go back to the hotel. Perhaps when we get there I’d have wrapped all this revelation around my head. Right now I am so thunderstruck surprised!

Nna: Why Milano? Firstly you convinced me to come here, now all of a sudden you want to leave. What’s going on? And please don’t tell me it’s nothing because I can see that the fact that Nyiko and I are somewhat related had freaked you out. And I want to know why? Are you perhaps also related to Olwethu or you know something about Nyiko? And hence you spoke about complications? And surprises ?

Milano: Boo, please let’s not get into that one. At least not today. I’m okay. It’s just…Uhm, there’s .. what I just found out about your relationship with Nyiko…its kind of a bomb blast. I’m, can we talk about this some other time please? I am still trying to ingest this.

Nna: No Milano. That revelation can’t freak you out like this. I suspect you are not being upfront and honest about this and I am not backing down, especially where Nyiko Baloye is concerned. Looks like you and I have a lot to talk about. And I suggest we start now. Better yet, let’s get a doggy bag and go to the beach and talk. No more secrets Milano. You and I are dating now, we should be open and honest to each other. Don’t you think? We can’t have drama like what we just witnessed happen to us. We are not going to bed tonight before we talk. Especially about your relation and association with the honourable Nyiko Baloye and madam secretary Olwethu..

Milano: Haahaaa, why you keep on referring to Olwethu as secretary?
Nna: That’s how Mr Baloye introduced me to her earlier today when I bumped into them! He actually told me that he was here on strict business matters and when I looked at the lady waiting for him, he was too quick to say she was his secretary.

Milano: Hmmm! Nyiko “The Gold-Digger” Baloye! Olwethu is many things but not his secretary. Those two are like finger and nail. But Why am I not surprised!

Nna: Surprised by what? Yoo as for the Gold-digger! Mmm, powerful name I must say. Now I am even more interested and curious to know more about the mighty Gold-digging brother in law of mine. I need you to tell me everything Milano. I sense that I will be blown away. Not that I would be surprised, we are talking about Nyiko Baloye here! Man of many mysteries.
Milano: Why do I sense like there is bad blood between the two of you?
Nna: Let me just say that Mr Gold digger is not on the list of my favourite relatives.
Milano: If that’s the case, then I am relieved. Then let’s get out of here and go to the beach and have a serious talk. I guess you are right. Since you and I are dating, I think it’s time I come clean to you.
But promise me one thing: Under no circumstances should you discuss what I will tell you with anyone, not even your sister. Promise me Booberry!
Nna: You can trust me.
Milano kept on apologising for ruining my time at Mzoli’s. I kept telling him that I was cool and that I was not blaming him at all. If there’s someone to blame, it should be Olwethu.

Hee banna, the little diva just pulled a Kelly Khumalo on us. Really? Did she think Mr Baloye was a free agent? No wife nor family? Cum'on bo - Makhwapheni, if he is well shaved and smell an expensive perfume, doesn’t dress in branded coca cola or Heineken t-shirts and only spent some time with you, grab this one: He ain’t a freelancer, but an in-house head of home affairs with a deputy called Wife/Partner who is working damn hard to make you drool over his cheating ass. So relax and let him play dress up and hide and seek with you for the Barbie doll you are meant to be! PLAYED! Tag along missus Louis Vuitton! Gaah!
We got our food packaged and left Gugulethu. The silence in the car was deafening. I didn’t know what to expect from Milano about Nyiko, but whatever it was, I was afraid to hear. But no matter what happens next, it would show how strong or weak our relationship is. Or whether it survive this or not. One thing for sure, Where there is Nyiko, there is trouble.
As I impatiently wait for our heart to heart with Milberry … I just but can’t help to wonder what lies ahead…
We finally arrived at the city.. I was too hungry. I suggested that we go to the hotel and eat then go to the Beach for dessert and find some secluded area and have our talk. Milano agreed. We went to the hotel, ate and went to the Beach.
We walked on the beach for about a kilometre in silence. I hurried in front and stopped right in front of Milano.
Nna: “ A kiss for your thought”
Milano: Haahaaa nice one...but I always thought they said” A penny for your thought”
Nna: Naa, I don’t have a penny on me hence I offered something that I have and that I know will definitely make you come back to the beach, to me... besides , I am not a person who bribes people for information. I play fair. So, what is bothering you?
Milano: This Nyiko/Obonolo relationship. I never in a million years thought you were related to him. Indeed it is a small world.
Nna: Ya it is. But why does that bother you? Is it a bad thing for me to be related to Nyiko? Or vice versa? You make me feel ashamed!
Milano: No it’s not a bad thing. It’s just that I never thought about it that way hence it caught me off guard. Ever heard of conflict of interest? What it actually mean?
Nna: Hmmm I know conflict of interest as a situation in which a person is involved in multiple interests, financial or otherwise, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation or decision-making of that individual. But I don’t know how it applies to my relationship with you and your relationship with Nyiko. Maybe if you could explain what this Nyiko/Obonolo relationship is, then I might understand.
Milano: Look, it’s not a comfortable topic and I am scared of what this might do to our relationship. And I am not really sure if you would be able to handle it.
Nna: Trust me, I’ve handled a whole lot of tough situations. Some from Nyiko’s doing, some from my own husband and his family and some from life in general. So, I might be tiny but this tiny girlfriend of yours had been through the worst and conquered.
Milano: Wow! Impressive. Booberry, have you ever been in a situation that has the potential to undermine the impartiality of a person because of the possibility of a clash between the person's self-interest and professional interest or public interest?
Nna: Yeah but I took my chances and made sure I wasn’t being over analytical of the situation. From your point of view, I know that you might be scared to open up to me about your business interests with Nyiko thinking it might clash or jeopardise our romantic relationship. Milberry, rest assured, I won’t let anything that has nothing to do with our relationship come between us. No one! Not especially anything to do with the Gold Digger... remember , it’s only a matter of weeks before whatever relationship was between me and the Baloyes dissolves together with my marriage to the Taus. So basically there won’t be any conflict of interest.
Milano: Thanks for the assurance Booberry. I really don’t want to lose you. You mean so much more to me. Having said that, I hope that whatever that Nyiko Baloye did to my family, won’t impact on our relationship but I will make sure it doesn’t . ( Clearing his throat )
Uhm, let’s go sit over there. ( Gently pulling my hand and taking us to some rock along the shore )
Okay Booberry, here it goes. I’m sure by now you know who is Perry.
Nna: Who?
Milano: My brother from Sunninghill. He is now one of the most powerful and dedicated politician. But his first love was Law. He was one of the best Attorneys in the country. But unfortunately after the death of my other brother Torry Mosito, abuti Perry lost faith in the justice system and decided to join the political world. His mission is to avenge and find justice for his brother's killers.

Nna: That’s sad hey! Whoa wait a minute, Torry Mosito was your brother? Are you not talking about that famous criminal investigator from Bloemfontein whose death had been all over the news ten years ago? I remember the media said his death was politically motivated and that his killers, mostly powerful people were acquitted of all charges for lack of evidence or something ? Mmh no man that one was TT Mosito. Arg sorry, I must have confused the names.

Milano: You are right, Booberry, that murdered criminal investigator TT Mosito is one and the same Torino Thatoyaone Lebitso twin brother of Perugia ( Perry) Thatego Lebitso. My elder brothers.
Nna: Are you kidding me? Phew! Now that make sense. I now understand your association with Nyiko Baloye. Political influence? But bae, why are you telling me all this? And what does that got to do with my relationship with Nyiko and our relationship?

Milano: This is the hard part. Before my brother Torry was killed, he was investigating Nyiko and his office and he was this close to implicating them and get them arrested for many crimes they committed. Unfortunately he was mysteriously killed and all the evidence he had gathered was stolen. Although Nyiko was not formally charged for Torry's mysterious death, he was believed to be at the top of the list of people who wanted my brother dead, for their political and personal gain. So when thee suspects were exonerated and released we had every reasons to believe that the guilty got away with murder because of foul play by the court of law and the likes of Gold Digger misusing their power and money.
So yah, my brother changed his identity and career just to find answers and justice for his twin brother. And for the past eight years he's been lead to the mastermind Nyiko Baloye. Problem is that he can’t find anything or something that link him to Torry’s murder but we know beyond doubt that Nyiko has everything to do with it.

So Booberry whatever association between my brother and Nyiko Baloye is not what it seems to be. It’s the case of “ keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”. Now you know why I am rubbing shoulders with the likes of Gold Digger and why I freaked out to learn that he is somehow your family.. Please Boo, no matter what can ever happen between us, Nyiko can never know that my brother Perry is PT Mosito, twin brother of TT. I know you guys are related, but your brother in law is one ruthless and dangerous man. A lot of people who once worked or associated with him , say that Gold Digger is a hard nut to crack and one wrong move to disturb his quest for power and money, consider yourself dead!

Nna: Yoo Milano. I am so sorry for your loss. I had no idea about your family. But trust me, I know the kind of animal my sister in law is married to. And what he’s capable of. To say I despise him, would be an understatement. So rest assured, I would never tell anyone about this, not even my best friend nor family. Nothing will ever please me to see the mighty Nyiko Baloye fall and pay for all the crimes he committed and lives he ruined and mostly for the pain he had caused so many people. Myself included. I hope your brother could succeed in ensuring that TT's death was not in vain. So tell me why did you guys changed your identities?

Milano: Nxoooo thanks Boo. Well unfortunately you wouldn’t have known about all this had you refused to go to Mzoli’s. We had to change our identity so that we don’t blow our cover. Nyiko knew the Mosito family, not personally. He only knew that they were those politically influenced families that fought for the struggle during apartheid and obviously knew that Torry came from that family. So when abuti Perry decided to join politics, he didn’t want to be known as the brother of the murdered investigator hence he decided to use mama's maiden name Lebitso. Actually the Mosito surname belongs to our late adopted parents.

Nna: Is it? Yoo! Mr , there’s a lot I’m yet interested to know about you. But for now I am glad you trusted me enough to share this sensitive information with me. I know you hardly ever speak much about your upbringing and family. It really means a lot to me. And I promise, I will keep it with me. I just wish there was something I could do to help you and your family to nail or link Nyiko Baloye to your brother’s death. He needs to pay dearly..

Milano: Just keep my brother’s identity a secret. And do not act or behave differently to Nyiko during any family meetings or anything. He should not see us coming. And Booberry, just be patient with me, one day I will tell you all about Milano Mosito Lebitso. I want you to know who I am, where I come from and what I have been through most of my life. Everything sweetheart. As for nailing Nyiko, I don’t want you to get involved. I would never forgive myself should you try to help and he finds out and hurt you. Stay away from the Gold Digger. That beast is very dangerous and has eyes and ears all over. He’s very discreet and alert.

Nna: You don’t have to tell me about him. I know Nyiko Baloye for who and what he is. I am where I am now all because of Nyiko Baloye. He destroyed my marriage. He was about to destroy my children’s legacy. Actually I know for a fact that he is still doing everything he can to destroy our business. Milano, he needs to be stopped. He cannot get away with everything. There must be something to link him. You must just look harder. Honestly!

I think I was just getting emotional and upset thinking about what Nyiko Baloye had done to a lot of people, to me and to Milano’s family... Milano just kept saying Shhhh and held me in his arms. I stayed there, feeling so safe and secured. All I did was cry. We stayed in that mode for a long time. I found myself thinking about how to help Milano’s family to find closure and peace and make Godzilla pay for killing or being involved in killing TT.

Wait a minute! Those incriminating evidence that is sitting at my house? The ones Dintle had kept and entrusted Sheryl with, those many information on the usb disk, what if they could help? Dintle was like Nyiko’s trusted side chick, who knows, maybe she knew something.

Come to think of it, I never really went through all of them to understand what exactly was in there. All I did was browse through them. I remember opening a few folders and seeing a whole lot of unlawful activities and proof of very hectic stuff that Nyiko and his crew did. I only knew that Nyiko was a very corrupt person and worked with powerful people to accomplish a lot. Never really thought he was some kind of a mastermind behind hectic crimes. Besides I was always interested in the sex tapes, and proving that Kevin was not the twins’ baby daddy nothing more...

But right know I wonder what is actually in those files? And something deep inside is telling me that , whatever is in those files are some pretty hectic information and secrets that Nyiko would kill for. Or better yet something that could link the Gold Digger to TT's death.

Right there in Milano’s arms I thought, maybe it was about time I made time and scrutinise those files.
Who knows, maybe, just maybe I could find something that could help the Mosito-Lebitso family to destroy the mighty Nyiko Baloye, once and for all. But I needed to thread carefully. Like everyone say: Nyiko Baloye was dangerous....

πŸ’πŸ“PS: Wednesday deluxe as promised. Very long and unfortunately not edited. See you next week Monday , back to normal schedule. Missing you my berry family. Enjoy. And do press like.πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ“

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