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Thursday, October 13


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 39


Almost the following two days I was behaving so weird. I declined every lunch invite or after work drinks from Milano. I came with excuses. Honestly I hated feeling so bad around him. I hated not being able to just tell him what I knew. For some awkward reasons, I wished he didn’t tell me about Nyiko and his involvement with his brother’s death. I remembered how he initially didn’t want to discuss the issue, fearing that it might affect our relationship and yet I insisted that I was tough enough to handle it. Look at me now, clearly I wasn’t as tough as I thought I was because I was falling apart.
I knew that I wasn’t pushing him away because of the relationship between the Baloyes and the Taus, but somehow my gut feeling was saying I shouldn’t get myself involved in this war. It was between the Mosito-Lebitso family and Nyiko. Who was I to play heroine? After all, I didn’t know who Milano Lebitso was, I was yet to know more about him. And this thing of him being such a closed book, bothered me. I was filled with so much doubt and uncertainty and I honestly didn’t know if I could trust him.
Yes, he did open up to me about his deep secret about TT, but how do I know if this was not just one of the many orders from the Gold Digger himself? After seeing all the stuff and people who were supporting Nyiko, I was even more reluctant to trust him. What if Milano was on Nyiko’s payroll? Was this an honest coincidence that I had to bump into Nyiko at Cape Town and suddenly Milano opens up to me? Or was this a well thought of plan from Nyiko to catch me and Milano was just a bait?
What if I was just beating myself up for nothing? What if this was just God's many unknown plans for my future? Isn’t what my mom and the Bible tells us? That God’s plans are to prosper us and give us a future and not to harm us?
I must say if there was a time in my life that I felt so confused and unsure of anything, was this time. It was truly the worst trying times in my life.
Milano kept sending me sms’es and whatsap and I never took time to respond to them. Even a single “ I love you Booberry” or” I missed kissing you” from him freaked me out. As for going to the office, it became a chore that I dreaded. I was really becoming obvious to Milano that I was somehow avoiding him. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved him and wanted to be with him, it’s just that I was just in a confused zone.
On Thursday evening as I was busy my kids, Milano called me and I answered.
Nna: Hey bae
Milano: Hallo my Booberry, how are you? I missed you today at work.
Nna: Arg, I was just busy but I am good. And you?
Milano: Boo baby, what’s bothering you? You’ve been too busy. Honestly I’m feeling neglected. If I didn’t know you, I’d say you are avoiding me. Cum’on, talk to me my juicy berry.
Nna: Nxoo! I’m not ignoring or neglecting you ( lies) bae, I have been busy with maid of honour duties for my friend's wedding.
Milano: I don’t know hey, that is how I’ve been feeling. Maybe I am wrong but ever since we came back from Cape Town, you seemed so distant. Like something is bothering you. Tell me Booberry , is this about what I told you ka your brother in law?
Nna: No no bae. It’s not. Uhm. I.. I’m sorry that you are feeling neglected but I assure you, it’s nothing like that. I promise, I will make it up to you okay! But bae, why do you think it’s about Cape Town? I had a great time with you there, if it’s any consolation, I would never trade that weekend for anything.
Milano: If you say so my Boo. I really hope that you are being honest with him and that my fears are not realised.
Nna: Haaa Milano? What fears now?
Milano: Remember I told you that I didn’t want to discuss that topic because I feared that it might change our relationship? And you said it won’t. But lately whenever I talk about Gold Digger, and or mention his name, you either ignore me or change the subject. And that really bothers me baby. I don’t want that to come between us. I meant it when I said I love you and I want you to know that I am not ready to lose you, or allow anything else break us up. So I promise, from today onwards, I would never mention the Gold Digger or discuss anything that’s got to do with him. In fact, forget that I said anything about Nyiko Baloye and I am sorry for putting you in such an awkward position.
I want my Booberry back. Bubbly and naughty. This past three days I have been empty without you. We good? From now on it’s all about us. You , me and our berryselves!
We agreed on separating issues and focusing on our relationship. We spoke for a little while and told each other sweet dreams and hung up.
I must say after that call, I was feeling really really bad because Milano was right. I was distancing myself from him because I was distracted. All I could think about was how to handle and deal with the issue. I knew I was being unfair to him in all senses. He trusted me that much, why couldn’t I do the same? To be honest I should not let this Nyiko issue come between us. I knew I wanted Milano in my life, and I would be damned if I continue pushing him away. I must say, this past three days were hell without being my very own self whenever I was around Milberry. I knew that I needed to make up my mind.
Nyiko destroyed my marriage and I was not about to let him destroy the one second chance of love that I found.
I knew that it was time to seek sound and wise advice. And I knew exactly who I should call. I dialled my Mama's numbers. She picked up. I didn’t waste time, I told her about a friend of mine who was in an awkward position. I told her my friend’s dilemma and asked her what would she advise her to do.
Knowing my mom, she asked me if my friend believed and trusted in God. Upon answering yes to the question, she went all biblical on me and referred me to Bible scripts about doing what is right, the godly way. I must say from all the scriptures she told me to give to “my friend” ( unknown to her that I was that friend), there was this one in particular that she dwelled on. It was from book of James 4:17 - Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.
She started by saying: There are two basic ways people sin, either by omission or commission. And said my friend will be guilty for committing a sin of omission.
She went on and said, if the person has the means of doing good to others ; if by his knowledge, his influence he can promote a good cause; if he can consistently with other duties, relieve the distressed, the poor, the prisoner, the oppressed, if he can send the gospel to other lands, or can wipe away the tear of the mourners ; if he has talents by which he can lift a voice that shall be heard in favour of temperance, chastity, liberty, and religion, he is under obligations to do it. But if, by indolence, or avarice, or selfishness, or the dread of the loss of popularity or friendship or relationship, he does not do it, he is guilty of sin before God.
Therefore : it is universally true that if a man knows what is right, and does not do it, he is guilty of sin, especially if and when he understands what his duty is.
Indeed, no man can be released from the obligation to do good in this world to the extent of his ability; no one should desire to be. Mama emphasised that the highest privilege conferred on a mortal, besides that of securing the salvation of his own soul, is that of doing good to others - of alleviating sorrow, instructing ignorance, raising up the bowed down, comforting those that mourn, delivering the wronged and the oppressed, supplying the wants of the needy guiding inquirers into the way of truth, and sending liberty, knowledge, and salvation around the world.
My mother is always on point. It is true that if a man does not do anything about something he knows when he has the means and ability to do so, he sins against his own soul, against humanity, and against his Maker.
I knew that if I choose to do nothing about this, not only will I be guilty and a coward, but I will be letting a lot of people down, and letting a beast continue destroying lives of the innocent people and God won’t won't be pleased with me at all.
Mama is right: if a man chose to do good, and do it cheerfully and to the extent of his means, it likens him more than anything else to God. I thought to myself: “ The Lord is my shepherd. And I shall not fear no evil... even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I am always protected by my Lord of all grace and power.
It was after that phone call that I knew what I needed to do. Immediately after ending my call with one of the most wise woman I’ve ever came across, I went downstairs and dialled Tankiso's numbers from my home phone. She replied and as soon as she realised that it was me, she asked me to hold on and called Reatli.
We greeted and I asked her if she had plans for the Friday. She said she was available. I told her to meet me at Newscafe in Sandton around one o'clock. She was so excited that I called. We hung up immediately.
Yes I decided to hear her out and find out what her plans were and if she was still on operation destroy Nyiko Baloye. I made up my mind that I was going to come clean to Milano about what I knew. So I thought before I speak to Milano, I needed to know why she came over to my house to talk to me and what she meant about me trusting her.
I sent Milberry a naughty sms that I thought of a way to make it up to him. I asked him to book us into a cosy hotel for Friday afternoon. I just said I wanted to remind him of Cape Town. He quickly responded and said he knew the perfect place and that he could not wait to get up-close and personal with me.
I prayed and went to bed. I must say I was looking forward to seeing Reatli and having some afternoon deluxe with my Milberry.
I woke up that Friday morning with so much energy and enthusiasm. Just as I was busy doing my morning exercises, I received a phone call from Milberry. He wanted us to have an early breakfast. He said he had out of office meetings and wanted to spend the morning with me. We agreed to meet at Lattelicious Restaurant at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton at seven thirty.
I quickly jumped into the shower and got ready for work. I told Mamo that I would be home very late so she must sleep in the house with the kokoberries.
I drove to Sandton and arrived exactly at seven thirty five. Milano was already waiting for me. We ordered our breakfast and ate. We just chatted about this and that. Milano told me that he had already made a booking for us as requested. I told him how excited I was and could not wait.
Forty five minutes later we went to the office. Milano left an hour later for his ten thirty meeting. I carried on with my work, fast forwarding time to knock off time. But unfortunately I had a meeting with my sister in law Reatli at one o'clock.
Around twelve I received an sms from Tankiso’s numbers. It was Reatli informing me that she will be leaving the house in half and hour’s time. I replied and said sure.
Before I knew it I was walking into Newscafe . Reatli was already there. Upon seeing me she stood up and meet me halfway with open arms. We hugged for over a minute. I must say, for some odd reason, she was quite excited to see me. I wished I could say the same. We went to our table and sat down. Looking at her, she was not looking good. She seemed depressed and tired and had lost a few noticeable kilos.
Reatli called the waitress that was serving her. She said she took liberty and ordered my favourite Newscafe lunch and said she hoped I didn’t mind. Well, if there is one person I spend a lot of lunch times at Newscafe Sandton with, was Reatli. When she was working for Discovery, and before she traded sister in law title to snakezilla in law. We used to have lunch there at least once a week. And whoever gets there first would order for the other, so when she said she ordered my favourite, I had no doubt that she knew exactly what I loved. I told her that I didn’t mind and ordered my drink.
We spoke about the kids and other normal stuff, like our helpers, my work etc. She asked about my family and I also asked about the Taus. We took a trip down memory lane about the good old days. I asked her what happened between us. And she went on about how she was blinded by jealousy and envy, and how she chose friendship and marriage over family. Something she wanted to rectify.
I changed the topic and asked her, what she wanted to talk to me about.
Reatli: Okay Bobs, to cut the long stories short, I’m going to fill you in on what has been happening. Firstly let me apologise for being so scarce. Rest assured, I am very much still on operation destroy Nyiko, even though you almost blew my cover by telling Nyiko that I was playing him. Luckily I redeemed myself. I had to gain back his trust and told him that you were the one being played. I lied that you had no idea that I acquired half control of MAKOOTA and that you blindly signed over the shares thinking that the Baloyes were helping a supposedly financially struggling MAKOOTA. Mighty Nyiko trusted me, given my financial advisory background. But he still had his doubts even when I assured him that I was doing all this for us. Unfortunately I found out days later that he secretly bugged my cellphone and house phone. Hence I decided to stop any contact between us.
I had to behave like a loyal wife, but few weeks ago he threw a hot one on me. He planned a surprise trip to US. The trip was for him to take over the remaining half of MAKOOTA by buying Kevin’s shares. He had all the paperwork drawn and was planning to rob my brother by promising him a lucrative offer that he wasn’t going to honour. Upon realising his plans, I had to stop him without suspecting that I didn’t approve of his plans. Kevin got tempted about the offer but I managed to secretly talk to my brother and asked him to trust me. I briefly told him that Nyiko was not who we thought he was and he was planning to deceive him. I promised to tell him everything about Nyiko. He was confused but agreed to play along my own plans. So I convinced and reminded Nyiko about our plans to protect all the assets should he be investigated, hence I said Kevin should instead sell half of the company to me not Nyiko.
So since the paperwork had his name, we agreed that Kevin would think about it and when he comes back end of June, he will sign off proper paperwork transferring his shares into my name. Nyiko bought it all. I further told Kevin not to tell you so that you don’t blow up this one again. But I told him that you were aware of the crooked man Nyiko was.
Nna: Phew! I am so relieved Reatli. I thought you were betraying me again. Kevin did mention something about the proposal but not in detail. I must say I am sorry for throwing you out on the rail by telling Nyiko about you playing him. I’m glad you handled it well.
Reatli: No thank you. You did well by saying something because I wouldn’t have known that he met with you behind my back to claim control of the company. It worked to my advantage. I had to emphasise how discreet he ought to remain and let me handle the finances without him being involved.
Knowing how much he loves money and wouldn’t want to lose it, he agreed to let me deal with you. I had to create fake shares certificate and showed him. So rest assured I have been hard at work on hitting him where it hurts. Let me tell you that I am this close of striking Nyiko. I have enough to have him caught.
We have now gotten to a point where he fully trust me to even let me on some of his shady business dealings ( drugs and diamond smuggling). Bobs, the things I found out about him, things that he did, and some hard evidence I uncovered, yooo, they are so disgusting, despicable and scary. That’s why I need to get him removed from society. I know he is the father of my kids but, I wouldn’t want him to be part of our lives any longer than he'd been.
If I don’t act now, his bad deeds might affect us or if he could find out what I am up to, he won’t hesitate to kill me.Obonolo, Nyiko Baloye is a hard-core, ruthless , heartless and cold-blooded criminal and a murderer. He belongs in hell Bobs. It’s just sad that I had been living with such an animal not knowing him. I enjoyed what he did for me not aware of how he makes all this money. Blood money.
People died for me and the kids to live comfortably Bobs. This is not right. It's cruel. But now I don't care anymore about loosing all this luxurious lifestyles. He really needs to pay for everything that he has done. Not only to my family, but a million other families that have suffered from his doing.
Nna: Hai Reatli! You have hard evidence of his crimes? How did you find it? And are you not scared of that man? I think you really need to be very careful. Man like Nyiko don’t just slip up and leave such evidence lying around. Dear, you need to get away from that man before it’s too late. Trust me I know how ruthless Nyiko is. If you saying he has bugged your phones, how sure are you that he’s not having you being followed or tracked? This is very risky Reatli.
Reatli: Don’t worry. I didn’t use my car to come here. I called a maxi taxi. I also brought only hard cash in case he is tracking the cards. No handbag nor purse, no cellphone. Tankiso has been very helpful. Yes Bobs, I have hard-core evidence and I also know where he's been hiding most of the hot stuff ( the guns, the drugs, diamonds, some highly confidential and classified documents, missing police dockets, a whole lot, and guess where? In his home office, behind his bookshelf , there’s a secret door-like, with everything. All this time and I didnt know about it.
I once sneaked up on him. He doesn’t know that I discovered his secret safe. So let’s just say, one phone call to the legal department, Nyiko Baloye is gone forever. My deepest fear and worry is that Nyiko has prominent people at high places working for him and with him. So I don’t know who I can trust Bobo.But I need to expose him.
Nna: Now more than ever, I think we need to have him arrested before he catches up on you. I think we have enough to do so. And I might just know someone who is not on his payroll and would gladly take him down for good, someone with a personal vendetta against the mighty Nyiko Baloye . Question is, would you be interested in cooperating with that person? In terms of providing evidence and all?
Reatli: Aish Bobs, the problem is, can we trust that person? Who is s/he? How do you know for sure that he is not one of Nyiko’s puppets? Unless you give me the name and surname and I will check on his confidential documents if the person is on the enemy or alliance list. Then we can take it from there. I worked so hard and risky to get to where I am and I am not going to let it be compromised or jeopardised in any way. Hope you understand my sister.You are the only person I trust so far.
I must admit, Reatli had a valid point! I wasn’t hundreds about the Mosito/Lebitsos. What if they were on Nyiko’s payroll? But then also what if they were not? I guess I will have to find out from Milano this afternoon before I could give Reatli the name of the man I’m thinking could help us squash Godzilla.
Big question: Can we trust and count on Milano and his brother?

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