Monday, October 3

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Fees must fall mass meeting in Pretoria this morning.

Fees must fall mass meeting in Pretoria this morning. 

The students have agreed to meet at Pretoria at 9 o'clock today. Parents, unemployed youth, high schoolers and out sourced workers are invited to join. 800 people are expected to show up at the meeting.  Enca spoke to one of the leaders of the movement Austin at burgers park in Pretoria this morning. Austin stated that they are needs for #fees must fall and #outsourced workers must fall.  Although they agreed to meet at 9,there isn't much movement at the park as of yet.

Fees must fall movement isn't only affecting Pretoria students but it's a world wide struggle of all students at the moment. Most if not all students are joining forces with the community and surprisingly some of the staff members in the universities. 0%fees must happen or they will be no classes attended ever. In wits the students say they want to continue with classes on Monday.

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