Monday, October 3

Mahlatse Ramatseba

HIV Partners can have an HIV free generation.

HIV Partners can have an HIV free generation.

Nompumelelo Yende of health has confirmed that a new centre which will have its main focus on Hiv positive partners who wants to reproduce has been opened. The health statics shows that mother to child transmissions has been increasing daily and that's how they came about opening the center. A lot of Hiv positive mothers who are pregnant are scared of going to the clinics because they claim they get ill treated by the staff.

An Hiv+ mother we spoke to said she went to her local clinic in britz where she disclosed her Hiv status and told the nurse she thinks she could be pregnant so she was there to confirm her pregnancy. The nurse treated me so bad and yelled at me about how I shouldn't even be having unprotected sex with my status. But truth is we are human beings with needs too, instead of her helping me she made me not want to go back to the clinic ever again and that led to me giving birth to an Hiv positive child. The centre will help us a lot and we will protect our children from the disease,she said.

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