Friday, October 14

Mahlatse Ramatseba

HIV testing now compulsory for varsity acceptance - Minister Blade Nzimande

Minister Blade Nzimande - HIV testing now compulsory for varsity acceptance

As from 2017, all those accepted into Universities will have to undergo an HIV test as part of an awareness program, the government announced through the Ministry of Higher education.

Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande told attendees at a press conference which was thought to be for an update on the #FeesMustFall violence which has seen students all over the country destroying property worth millions. The minister did not utter a word on fees falling, instead focusing on the new program.
“Effective next year, all matric students wanting to go to university must also take an HIV test. If found positive, we need proof you are taking medication and if you can not provide the proof, you will not be accepted into varsity, even if you have good marks”, the minister said.
Various stakeholders have lambasted the move and said it only serves to segregate HIV positive people. LiveMonitor went around schools interviewing matric students who said they might as well start a campaign and call it #AidsMustFall.
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