Tuesday, October 11

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Hobos joining the fees must fall movement at Wits.

Hobos joining the fees must fall movement at Wits.

The fees must fall movement seems to be getting stronger and stronger by the day.  Blade Nzimande and our president Jacob Zuma tried to put a stop to the movement by meeting up with the student leaders a few days ago but it seems like they didn't come to an agreement which pleased both.

The wits university students have gotten to a point that they are now totally out of control and it scares their parents at home. One parent from KZN contacted the school asking them to protect their kids. School management then replied by saying we are the ones who need to be protected from your children not the other way round.

One of the journalists who went to the university today said he knew something fishy was going on after seeing how serious the strike had gotten. It didn't make sense to me that people who love education are the ones trying to destroy it in the name of fighting for their rights,he concluded .

After mingling with the student protesters and acting like one of them,I then quickly realised that I'm not the only one acting like one of the students. In the mist of it all I saw homeless boys taking part in this and it made sense to me that they could be the ones destroying the campus. The students have obviously made memories in the campus so they wouldn't destroy it as bad as it is destroyed,he said.

I believe they would destroy it with care and a little bit of conscience but our hobos have no care in the world so they are just out there destroying everything and anything.Few gadgets theft have been reported and im convinced the students are victims of the hobos. Maybe the parents have every right to worry after all.

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