Saturday, October 1

Mahlatse Ramatseba

How to handle your boyfriends baby mama drama.

How to handle your boyfriends baby mama drama.

It's been said and proven that there's nothing as hard as dating a man with kids from his previous relationship/marriage. No matter what happens or how much you and the man love each other you must just always be prepared for anything. Don't walk into the relationship with a mind that tells you that all that matters is how happy he makes you. Think about his kids. Yes a lot of times we convinced our selves that the baby mama is history and she is not a threat at all...but who's fooling who here? The mother will forever be linked to your man's life no matter what.

Chances are that when you fight with your man he seeks comfort in his baby mama and vice versa. There's just a strong link that's hard to break there...when your man argues or have a fall out with his baby mama don't play the middle man and don't even take sides. Respect your man's baby mama and don't ever compete with her for that's as good as fighting a losing battle. The three of you should make the kids a priority and work together to raise the kids well. If the baby mama doesn't want you being a part of the kids's lives then don't force a role where it's not needed that will only drive the baby mama mad which will only make life hard for you. Stay out of each other's business respectfully so.

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