Monday, October 3

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Hundreds of women protests against Abortion Ban.

Hundreds of women protests against Abortion Ban.

A lot of women were angered by the new law underway. Apparently according to the Government there's been a high increase on abortion statistics since the law declared it legal. The amount of abortions being done yearly are now becoming disturbing said one of the health ministers.

This new law is still underway but it's introduction to the nation made a lot of women furious for reasons which are unknown. We spoke to one of the women protesting who chose to be anonymous and her view on this was that when someone is really sick then the Doctor's consider operations because it's necessary. 

She further stated that no woman in their right mind would just consider an abortion for fun, when a woman takes such a step then better recognize that it is because it is very necessary so the government shouldn't interfere in things that they know nothing about.

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