Thursday, October 13

Mahlatse Ramatseba

'I have been hurt but I re wrote my chapter' Sonia sedibe

Sonia Sedibe - Ntombi from generation 'I have been hurt but I re wrote my chapter'

Though I walked through the valley of pain,hurt and embarrassment,I still went on living like all is well. For days,weeks, months and years I believed that pain was meant to be a part of me.

Friends smiled at me and tried making me forget about my suffering but I kept believing that they are just doing it because they felt they had to. I never stopped praying through it all. I was miserable because I left my happiness in the hands of a careless,self absorbed and pain causing man.

See, I knew he wasn't a good man but I still chose to turn a blind eye on his ungratefulness because I preferred looking at him with the eye that I created. I drew a beautiful none existence of a good and loving man.

Why did I put my self through all that, you wonder. I used to see my self mothering his kids and my self being a home to him when the works serves him the bitterness that's within him,I saw my self as his comfort. See,I couldn't let go of him irregardless of the cut throat pain he has caused me. They say love is blind but here blindness I am not going to blame. I put my self through that and I am proud to say I got my self out of it and yes I forgave him because he is the reason I am much stronger today.

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