Monday, October 10

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Khethiwe of Generations shot outside a club for sneaking out after free drinks

Khethiwe of Generations shot outside a club for sneaking out after free drinks.

A lot has happened in the past few years after our then innocent looking Winnie Ntshaba appeared on our screens. On the screen she appeared as the typical rural girl who went to joburg to work as her late sister's husband's right hand woman. They were both helpers of the infamous Tau Mogale whom Khethiwe later fell for.

We all judged her to be the Virgin rural girl who came to joburg to to be a house helper and nothing beyond that but she later took the world by surprise. Her character's story line became a true reflection of her real life. The rural girl in the soapie went from being rural to ratchet.

In real life Winnie Ntshaba got married then divorced just as Khethiwe divorced Khaphela the father of her son. At some point in the story she became a druggie and a drunkard which is exactly what Winnie Ntshaba is going through now. We understand that unemployment is a big turn of events in life but what we recently learned about Winnie Ntshaba has just shown how different people handle the struggle.

Winnie Ntshaba was reported to be seen in almost every joburg clubs on a daily basis since Generation fired her and few other colleagues of hers. A source told us that she's seen with different men who buy her drink then she pretends to be going to the bathroom and dissappear. This time she wasn't so lucky, a nigerian man spent over R2000 on Winnie and her friends that night. When he saw them sneaking out the club he then pulled a trigger and it hit her on the stomach.

The ambulance was seen rushing her to the hospital in the wii hours but progress of how she's doing is still unknown and the Nigerian man has since disappeared.

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