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Lillian Dube dates a Ben 10.

Lillian Dube dates a Ben 10.

perceptions are no match for the love they share.

Actress and producer Lillian Dube

finds lost love. She opened up about being completely besotted with her man and how finding love has helped her fight her cancer battle.

Speaking to the broadcaster the actress explained that she had dated her boyfriend 13 years ago‚ but they had lost touch with each other.

Until three years ago when Kenneth Mgqamqo reconnected with Lillian on Valentines Day.
“He sent me a message‚ saying ‘happy Valentines Day.’ I replied saying‚ ‘thank you very much‚ same to you‚” Lillian explained.

She added that Kenneth then messaged to ask her if she knew who the message was from. “I was like‚ I know its Kenneth. He then asked me when we could meet for coffee‚ and I was ‘like now‚’” Lillian said.

Opening up about why she loves her guy‚ Lillian says that his charming good looks is at the top of the list.
“He’s very handsome‚ I like handsome men. I’ve never had an ugly man but he’s the handsomest of them all. He’s also gentle and educated‚ which I’m not‚ so I grow from him.”

Despite being head over heels in love Lillian says she has no plans to get married‚ and is happy just “being in love and feeling like a 16 year old“.

Lillian‚ who has been fighting a renewed cancer scare which reared its ugly head again in 2015‚ after she had a single mastectomy nine years ago‚ says that fighting this battle has taken its toll on those around her.
“I’m at peace but people who are in your life and love you struggle. They always think that you’re going to die. I know I’m going to die but I don’t let it in my head.”

Ever since being diagnosed with breast cancer Lillian has become an advocate to create awareness around the disease.

Speaking to TMG Entertainment earlier this year those close to Lillian said that “her priority is to send a message of early detection.

Source:sowetan live

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