Friday, October 14

Mahlatse Ramatseba

VIDEO: Julius Malema HIV Test Results Leaked...!! Watch Now

Malema's public hiv test is Negative...

After a lot of satire going up and down?,side to side and round in circles about the revolutionary leader's hiv status he handled it the best way he knows how to.

We know him to be articulative and quick to dismiss any nonsense going on around him or happening to him. Malema didn't respond to any of the negative publicity thrown his way.

They say that actions speaks most louder than words so Malema just went on and had a public HIV test done. He didn't say a lot . All he said was "mosotho ga kgotsofale" simply meaning weather you do good or bad black people will always talk. And it's true.
After such a short statement he then went on to have a public test and the results came out Negative. He laughed and said next thing you will say I paid the tester to give me the results that I got. Well good luck with the next story headless chickens.

With that good bye statement then we smiled a little thinking now that's the Julius we all know and love. Do you know your HIV status? World Aids day is around the corner.

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