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Monday, October 17


Mshoza commit suicide because of her skin condition


Mshoza tries to end her life because of her skin.

The once so beautiful tom boy Mshoza has had insecurities with her looks for a while now. She proved to the world about her low self esteem when she bleached her skin to be a lot lighter than she truly is.

Mshoza was introduced to the world back in the 90's for her entertaining kwaito music. Back then every fan wanted to look like her because she was effortless beauty .
She confused her fans when she opted to bleach her skin to look white. She defended her change of skin tone by saying she want to look and feel good about her self.

Instead of looking good she then looked scary and uglier. Bleaching the skin isn't for everyone. She wasted money on a change that brought out the worst instead of better.

It's been said that she's still not happy with her skin as it gets worse by the day and unfortunately nothing can  be done about it. She's so depressed that she tried killing her self by over dosing pills but her child came to the rescue.

Mshoza's child walked in the room right on time to save mommy dearest. It's true when they says children are gifts from God.

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