Saturday, October 1

Mahlatse Ramatseba

My inlaws hate me.

My inlaws hate me.

My husband and I live a very sad life, we fake through being happy day by day but truth is we are hurting inside. We both avoid talking about it because whenever we try to talk about it we end up arguing. I feel for him because he's caught up in all this miss and he doesn't want it to look like he's taking sides, of cause I don't want him taking sides because I don't want to make him choose between his family and I. I have tried all I could to get along with his family but none of them like me. The reason why they don't want me in their family is because they believe I'm a home wrecker as my husband divorced his first wife for cheating.

I don't talk to my in laws nor do I visit them and they also don't come to my house.  This is making life very hard for my children but they have made peace with the situation. The only way to avoid drama is just by simply accept that they will never accept me as one of their own. I have accepted and moved past the pain and I'm learning to live with their hate. I hope my kids will one day accept this and find peace. The best thing to do is to love and let live.

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