Thursday, October 13

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Protester open bible during the fees must fall protest.

Protester open bible during the fees must fall protest.

Not everyone is taking the protest which is giving students serious sleepless nights serious . Some are ignoring it like it's not even happening. Yesterday the Tshwane University of Technology Students burnt tires and some of the school's property at the main campus in Pretoria West.

They blocked the gate with the burning things so no one enters and headed to town to close down every college operating in the CBD,including private colleges.

The students are angry and one of them was heard saying, it's still going to get ugly . A model looking girl gave us a shock of a life when she slowly walked towards the police.

We all thought they would shoot the poor girl because we know their hobby is shooting. When she got right in front of them she sat down facing her fellow protesters, took out a bible from her bag and started reading it silently with her legs and arms folded.

This shocked everyone there. Only the brave cam do that,facing fully loaded police whom we can't trust with our lives for anything. After sometime they then got her out of the way by picking up the petite girl and carrying her to the side of the road where she just remained sitted and reading her bible.


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