Saturday, October 8

Mahlatse Ramatseba

SASSA will only pay for one child per mother,Julius Malema Misled Mothers

SASSA will only pay for one child per  mother,Julius Malema Misled Mothers

As high as inflation is taking over the world,our people keep mating and producing offsprings they can't afford. Eff leader Mr Julius Malema made an announcement that if he is to become president then he will make sure that children are well taken care off, in so he will then increase the Sassa amount of R350 to R700 per child. 

He said to the nation that R330 per month can never be able to raise a child,it's too little money he addressed the nation.
We then got statistics from the Department of health which stated that the number of pregnant women has increase drastically since the increase mentioned by Eff leader. Even teenage pregnancy has since been reported to have increased.


A close source of our President we spoke to said that the President and Parliament will never encourage such irresponsible move. By increasing the amount of Sassa means that Eff is saying to the nation it's okay to have unprotected sex and put your selves at risk of contracting chronic diseases. 

There will only be one child paid by Sassa per mother. If you are a mother then you should be able to work!

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