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Saturday, October 1


Slow poison Chapter 25


A pile of documents were scattered ontop of Tommy's desk in his secret study room
He stared at everything with so much frustration until one odd thing stood out about Mr Ngwenya
He was once married , that was nearly 25 years ago and his marriage ended in divorce
Oddly he and his ex wife never had a child yet mr Ngwenya has a son who was now a university student
The funny thing is Tommy's informant said upon his investigation on vusi's neighbors they didn't know about vusi's child

They only started seeing him when he was already a young boy
No one knew where the boy came from or who his mother was or where he was all those years
This was really odd and stood out to tommy
Suddenly it started to make sense
It was around the emerging of that young boy that Grace was seen around random hotels with Vusi
It was becoming clear, the missing boy can as well be vusi's mysterious son
"Dammmit, thats what has been keeping them together" tommy thought out loud
He quickly picked up the documents and started placing them in order
A picture fell out of those documents
With such a heavy heart Tommy picked up the photo
He tried so hard to hold the tears that embraced his eyes but it was impossible
After all those years the pain was still there
It didn't get any better
His mind raced back to what really happened 15 years ago
He relived that moment as if it was happening again
He saw the blue mustang that hit his 10 years younger brother
It literally drove ontop of him crushing his skull into mince meat
Leaving him unrecognizable
Then a guy wearing a mask stepped out of the car and collected the crushed flesh and bones of his brother
He placed it in a black body bag
He remembered running to them, he remembered crying his eyes out asking them to give him back his brother's body
But those goons never budged, he had to watch at gun point when they placed his brother's remains in the trunk
They shot his leg before they got in the car and drove away
Leaving him to bleed to death
He somehow felt like it was his fault, he should have been more alert
He shouldn't have allowed his little brother to play on the streets alone
He still blamed himself even though he knew that his brother was targeted
This was not just a random accident
His older brother tried convincing him to let it go
He tried telling him that it was not his fault
But how was he gonna let it go, he failed his younger brother, loosing parents at a very early age it always has been the three of them against the world
They were suppose to conquer the world together until that faithful night
The nightmare that followed after that was unbearable
" Son of a well known business man crushed beyond recognition in a car crash" was the headline he read from a local newspaper the next day
He somehow knew that it was his brother the press were referring too
With his older brother they made plans to meet up with this so called business man
That's how they met mxolisi and his fucked up family
After they told him everything he immediately knew that this was a foul play
He told them about his psychopath of a wife
Police tried investigating the matter but being a lawyer the wife had all her tracks covered very well
Police found nothing on her
Tommy had to watch as his brother was buried by another family
But somehow that became a blessing in disguise, mxolisi took interest in them
He sponsored their education through out high school and even university
But being obsessed with the truth finally coming out, he decided to join the police force abandoning his engineering career path
He made sure to be the best thats how he ended up being the top private investigator
He snapped out of his thoughts
" Don't worry bro, am so close to the truth, we will finally get the person who did this behind bars" he said before slitting the picture back to the pile of files
He took his phone and called a number
"Hey bafo" the guy on the other end of the line answered
Tommy: hey bro come to my place right away i think i found the connection between Vusi and Grace
" Sho bro am on my way" the guy said
Tommy: sharp
He hung up, and packed the files
I woke up in a dark place with my hands tied behind my back
My ankles were tied too
It was when i started moving that i realised that my movements were restricted
It finally downed to me that i was in a car trunk
I tried screaming but with the duct tape in my mouth it was difficult to do anything really
I felt like i was suffocating
I could feel the rush of hot air taking over
I tried kicking harder with my feet but looks like nobody heard me
I was feeling a bit drowsy and was slowly running out of oxygen
I tried to stay as calm as i possibly can
I remember driving, i was actually heading towards midrand when the tears made it harder for me to concentrate on the road
To avoid causing unnecessary accidents i decided to park near the road, there were trees and a wide bush near by
I had my head buried deep in the driving wheel when i felt a tight grip on my arm
I looked up only to find a gun hole pointing at me
Behind it was a very tall large guy wearing a mask
My mouth hanged opened, i was terrified with fear
"If You want to live to tell the tale you better keep your mouth shut bitch" he said upon seeing that i wanted to scream
" Now you will do as i say, are we clear" he said with his scary husky baritone
I just nodded repeatedly
Him: step out of the car with your hands up
I did as instructed, i stepped out of the car with my leggins dripping wet with pee
Well who wouldn't pee herself at the verge of death
" Please don't kill me, you can take everything, the car, my phones and my purse just spare my life please" i cried out
But the guy never said a word, instead he searched me
Upon seeing that i wasn't carrying anything in my jacket pockets he dragged me to his car where another guy was on the driving seat
He tossed me at the back seat.
" Hayyi joe you can't just leave her like that, what if we get stopped by traffic, utasiniketa inkinga lomuntfu" the other guy said
He was wearing a hat
"I swear i won't get you in trouble please just don't hurt me
If its about THULANI then like i said before i will stay away from him" i said
" Sorry but we can't risk getting caught" the Joe guy said
He took out a needle and injected me, i screamed loud before it was lights out for me
I was still kicking when the car slowed down before coming into halt
I listened carefully and i could hear people talking
I heard foot steps heading to the trunk
I stared with so much curiosity when the door opened
An ugly guy full of scars pulled me out the car
I muttered in an attempt to speak but the tape was really limiting everything
He untied my ankles leaving my hands still tied
My surroundings were familiar, i realised that i was no longer in Jo'burg but i was in nelspruit
I was confused, what the hell was i doing here
" Here is the package boss" the guy said as soon as we entered the huge house
A well built middle aged man was sitting on the couch with a glass of whiskey in his hands
" Well, well, well, who we have here" the man said
He walked towards me
" Mmmh you have your mother's traits and attributes i see
You are just the spitting image of her
Finally i have the pleasure to meet the beautiful thandokuhle nkosi" he whispered in my ear
Now my confusion got worse, so this man knew my mother, who was he and what did he want with me
The pervert sniffed my hair with his eyes closed
" The saint is different though, your mother's is so unique" he said
He paced around a bit
" Don't worry, am trying to get someone's attention
If she cooperate then i will release you unharmed but if she decides to be stubborn then i guess i'll have to show her how serious i am" he said
He came closer and kissed my forehead, i just yanked my head out of his hands
" Feisty i see, well joe take her to the basement"he instructed
The scarred guy dragged me to the basement, so the joe guy was this ugly
Well with this face i would wear a mask too

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