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Saturday, October 1


Slow poison Chapter 26


Grace was in her office when her phone rang
Her face changed the minute she saw that it was vusi calling
" I told you that i cant do this anymore Vusi
Its over, i just can't continue with this relationship" she answered harshly
Vusi: i don't understand why you have to do this to us
You know that i love you, and did You really have to dump me over the phone
Vusi was referring to the previous day's event where grace sent a text message telling him that she can't continue with the relationship anymore
Grace: am sorry ohk, i just have some other important things to deal with right now
Vusi: you can't do this to us, what about our baby
" Uhm its not yours" she whispered
Vusi: am sorry what
Grace: the pregnancy is not yours ohk, i lied, it was never yours
Vusi: what, you kidding right, you mean to tell me that you let that ratchet husband of yours impregnate you again
Grace: no, its not for mxolisi either
Its for another man
For a while the line was dead quiet, Vusi felt more frustrated
But even with so much frustration, he still wanted grace
He still loved her
" Even if its for another man i don't care, we can raise him/her together
I love you, and i don't think i can be able to go on without you" he said
Grace took a deep breath, she didn't understand why Vusi had to make things so difficult
" We cant, i love him, i love the father of my child and am gonna marry him" grace answered with her eyes closed as if she didn't wanna hear the words she omitted
While Vusi bursted with much anger
Vusi: grace you better stop testing my patience
You have no right to do what you are doing
Remember the troubles i went through for you
Have you forgotten that i know all your dirty laundry
Hell am still washing some of those dirty laundry for you
Grace: i know ohk, and am grateful for what you have done for me
But i don't love you like that, i never did
I just put up with you because of what you did for me
But now You have to accept that its over
Vusi: owh so its like that, i didn't want us to get into this but it looks like you are taking it there
Grace: what do you mean
Vusi: if you ever wanna see your daughter alive, you better come to my house right now
Grace: what, what are you talking about and what does Thando have to do with this
Vusi: just come to my house
He then cut the call , then after a few minutes Grace's phone beeped with an incoming message
She opened it only to be met by a picture of Thando tied to a chair, with a duct tape in her mouth
Grace was so terrified, she quickly called vusi back
He answered in the second ring
" Vusi i swear if you have hurt my daughter in any way i will......"
Vusi: just come to my house and she will not be hurt
Vusi cut her mid sentence
He then dropped the call.
Grace took her car keys and headed out her office
On the other side tommy waited patiently until his big brother arrived
He knocked twice before letting himself in
"Hey Sfiso" his brother said
Tommy: wow i haven't been called by that name ever since our parents died
" Just wanted to remind you of them a bit, because you are so stuck in your work you seem to have forgotten yourself" he said
Tommy: ai Jamal you really like exaggerating
Jamal: do you blame me, i mean this job sucks
I have to sleep with that old heartless woman and smile with her everyday while all i want is to suck the life out of her
Just smash her head just like she had our brother killed
Tommy: don't worry bro, i think everything is about to blow out
I think mr Ngwenya's so called son is mxolisi's missing son
Jamal: shit, thats fucked up, but it makes sense because most of the neighbors didn't know that Vusi had a son until one day when a ten years old boy appeared out of nowhere
Owh my god, that's why they were together
Tommy: do you think we should tell mxolisi
Jamal: i think so, lets just call him and notify him
Tommy: ohk then
Jamal: is he still at the hotel
Tommy: yes
Jamal: its funny how grace is not Even touched about his husband sudden death
All shes happy about is finally being married to me
That woman doesn't have a heart, she didn't even bother going to the police station to check the body
Tommy: it just shows how right mxolisi was, he knew that his wife wouldn't go to the police station
Jamal: she deserves to burn in hell , good thing i have the recording
She won't know whats coming to her
Tommy took his phone and called the hotel where he dropped mxolisi at
Mxolisi answered and they talked for a while before they hung up
" Lets go" tommy said taking his car keys
Jamal: where are we going now
Tommy: to pick mxolisi at the hotel then we are going to lekazi to mr Ngwenya's house
Jamal: then we are taking my car
Tommy: ohk fine but am driving since you know what a shitty driver you tend to be
Jamal: well says the person who drives cars for a living
You are right vele am not a driver like you
Tommy: yeah sure you are just a ben 10
Jamal: yanya fana.
He hit his back playfully, while they exited the house
" So did you finally get the chance to talk to Kuhle about your feelings" Jamal asked
Tommy shook his head no
Jamal: why not
Tommy: apparently she's taken, she has a man
Jamal: owh too bad
They got into the car and drove to the hotel
I STILL had my head buried in the ground with tears when the basement door opened
I head heels stamps heading my way
I raised my head only to be met by the biggest shock of my life
What the hell was happening here, what was she doing here
She walked towards me, stopped and stared at me
I gave her a death stare
She took off the tape roughly
I gasped for fresh air
" What the hell, why are you here lerato, what do you want here
What do you want with me" i said
Her: mmh so you really are alive, i see
Me: whats wrong with you, what did i do to you
Why are so hell-bent in ruining my life
Her: hey bitch don't blame me for your scrap yard of a life
Who knows what you did to vusi for him to want you dead
Don't you dare blame me
Me: you are in this too, you drugged me and left me for death
Why, what did i do to you
Her: i was sent to do that, and i had to do it because you are a slut, you were sleeping with my tommy
Me: am confused, which tommy, do you by any chance mean my driver
Hell i never slept with him
He's my driver, i take him as my driver
I have a boyfriend, you of all people know that i love THULANI
Her: yeah right, the same boyfriend who had his father kidnap you
Me: what, what are talking about
Her: the man who has you held here is your so called boyfriend's father
Me: what, why, what does Lani's father wants with me
Her: well that's the question you should answer
Anyway i just wanted to see if you were really alive, although i really wish he can kill you to save us all the troubles
After that she placed the tape back in my mouth
" You make me sick" she said spitting on my face before she exited the room
I was left with such heavy thoughts

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