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Thursday, October 6


Slow poison Chapter 28



I carefully opened the front door leading to the lounge with Leza following behind me
By the greatest luck the door was not locked
We sneaked in slowly only to be surprised by moans and groans sounds
By the time we entered the lounge we were met by the most disgusting and horrifying images ever
My so called dad lay naked ontop of some woman
They were busy fucking in the lounge
That gruesome scene was gonna haunt me for the rest of my life
Leza quickly took their clothes ant threw them at the back of the other couch
" What the fuck, geez in the lounge really
That's really disgusting
You should atleast have the decency to lock the door before engaging in such act" I yelled in annoyance
they quickly got up
" Damn boy what are you doing in my house" vusi said
The woman quickly ran around Looking for her clothes
But since the clothes were nowhere she took the couch cloth and wrapped it around her body
My dad pull up his boxer which rested on his knees
" What the hell do you want in my house boy" my dad yelled a bit louder
" Fuck that, where the hell is she dad, where the hell is she" I said pointing a gun at him
But the dude hardly showed any emotions
He just laughed sarcastically
"Ohk so its funny, am now a clown" I said getting worked up
" You will not shoot me boy, we both know you are too weak to pull the trigger
You can never kill your own father" he said
Me: owh you right, maybe I can't shoot you coz I still need some answers from you
But I can shoot her
I pointed the gun at that skunk of a woman he was with
" Aibo vusi khuta, you can't let him shoot me
What the hell is he even talking about" the woman said
" Put the gun down boy, you have no idea what you are doing
Put the fucken gun down right now" my dad said
Me: hell no dad, not until I get the validation that she is still alive
Alex: sho boss
Me: take the passage it will take you down to the basement
Go free her
Dad you give him the basement key or I blow your floozy's brains out
Vusi: fine, its in the room divider on the upper layer
Alex searched for the keys, he got them and went down the passage
" I swear if she's hurt in any way I will shoot this woman" I said
" Its funny how you so hell bent on shooting that woman, do you even know who she is" dad said with a smirk in his face
He clearly was happy with whatever was happening at that moment
" What's really going on vusi, who is he talking about
Who is in the basement" the woman asked with confusion written well all over her face
" Go on dad, tell her how much of a bastard you are
Tell her how you orchestrated a plan to get An innocent girl killed
Tell her just how heartless you are
Tell her about the young girl you are holding hostage on the basement" I yelled
" What girl, what the hell is really going on here vusi" the woman said
Vusi: well he is talking about his girlfriend
Her: what girlfriend
Vusi: thando of'cause
Her: omg what, you mean they, you are telling me that they are together
Owh vusi no, you are lying, it can't be
It jut...
The woman was clearly worked up, she was sweating and tried blowing air on her face with her left hand
Which was very astonishing to me
Why was she bothered about My relationship with thando
I mean she was just a stranger
Vusi: yes grace you got it right, they are dating or should I say sleeping together
Thulani here is dating your daughter
"What, dad did you just say her daughter
So are you telling me that this woman right here is Hlehle's mother
You are sleeping with my girlfriend's mother
Whoa just great, how do you even know her
How low can you get
And you woman how can you sleep with a man who Almost killed your daughter
Are you in this together, did you plan all this shit with him
What kind of a mother are you" I Hissed rather shocked to the core by what I just heard
Her: no, no don't tell me you slept with my daughter
She said her eyes clouded in tears, she seemed rather unsettled and troubled
While my dad just let out a side smile
"They slept together alright" he said still smiling
Her: and you let them, how could you
You know the implication
How can you let this happen vusi
Dad: heyyi they are adults ohk I couldn't have just stood in their way
Me: both of you shut the hell up
Does Nobody really care about the fact that you wanted her dead
Is my relationship with her that much bigger of a deal than her life
I yelled slowly feeling the anger creeping in
Her: wait you keep saying he wanted to kill her
How do you mean
Me: don't act like you don't know
Your evil boyfriend here hired a girl to drug your daughter to death
Your daughter almost lost her life because of this man I call a father
Her: he did what, hell no vusi you didn't
You wouldn't dare
Tell me you didn't hurt my daughter in any way please
Vusi: I have no idea what he's talking about
I hired no such girl and I did nothing to your daughter
Grace you know me, you know I will never hurt you like that
Me: owh really, so you deny having thando drugged
You deny it
If I can bring your errand boy " Keegan" can he vouch for you
My dad kept quiet
Me: I thought as much
The grace woman just shook his heard in disbelief
Tears embraced her cheeks
I took a good look at her, she really did look like Hlehle
The different was hlehle was lighter in complexion than her
But her facial structure and everything else was Hlehle
Accept for her sharp nose of'cause
Its like I was watching the older vision of Hlehle
I may had lost myself in the midst of my thought
A loud gun sound brought me back to life
I had no idea what had just happened or who fired the shot
All I know is that I had a stinging sensation in my right arm
Before I knew it blood was dripping from my hoody
I lifted the sleeve up with my left hand only to realise that I've been shot
Before I could digest that another bullet flew in
It came outside the lounge window
Luckily it missed me and hit the framed photo on the wall
I quickly dogged down
To protect my self from the more shots that followed
We heard another gun firing and the one who was shooting through the window went quiet
What followed was a war of gun shots outside
I took off my hoody and tried wrapping it around my bleeding arm
I loaded the gun with my left arm and took off the silencer
" Did you really think you will get in here and get out alive boy
Then you really have no idea what am capable of" dad said with a conniving smile
The grace woman was still sobbing in the couch
" You are such an evil old man, you deserve to rot in hell
I really can't believe you are my father
I have no monster like you as a father" I said walking towards the door
I needed to get to the war outside
"Clearly not" he boosted
The grace woman shook her head no to what my father just said
Its like she didn't want him to talk any further
Pity I couldn't wait any longer to listen to their deal
I just rushed out and started joining in the shooting
They were few of my father's thugs outside
And my guys on the other side
I started opening fire
Shooting without mercy at my father's thugs
I made sure to shoot to kill, and each bullet that was fired out of my gun landed on someone's flesh
I wasn't called thunder for nothing
I never miss a shot, killing was in my blood
I've been trained by the best as early as 14 years old
This was my thing
I could feel the adrenaline rush talking over
I was in the zone and I was enjoying this
Once again the old me was back, the guy I tried so had to suppress inside my body was slowly creeping out
I fired more shots until I reached my guys
I took cover with them and the shooting continued
Two of my guys laid lifeless on the ground, this sight just added fuel to my already burning fire
I opened fire like heavy rain ready to wash away all the evil doers
I was like a dog ready to bark at their corrupt world
Tommy, mxo and jamal had just reached the Ngwenya house, the minute they opened their car doors they were Greeted by gun sounds
" There's a shoot out" tommy stated the obvious to the others
Jamal: just great, he is a kidnapper and a gangster
Tommy: boss you need to stay in the car for your own safety
I will alert you to get out when its safe to do so
Mxo: but if my son is in there I need to go in
He needs my protection
Jamal: boss what my brother means is that your son needs you alive
He doesn't need to see your dead body
And am sure the boy is in school
He's not in there
Just stay in the car for your own safety please
Mxo: fine, but make sure that this Mr Ngwenya person doesn't die
I need him alive
He has a lot to answer for, I will really like to be the one to put a bullet in his head after all
Jamal just laughed, he and tommy took their loaded guns and walked in the compound
They were met by the two men laying in their pull of blood near the gate
They moved carefully in unison
But the closer they approached the house
They could hear the gun fire dying off
A trail of dead bodies laid on the drive way
" This is a slaughter house" jamal hissed
Tommy: am sure its a gang war, this mr Ngwenya person must be far more dangerous that we think
They were still heading near the house when one of Vusi's goons came flying with a gun
Tommy fired two shots
Which hit him on the chest and forehead
Leaving him dead on the spot
I listened carefully when I had noises outside the door
It sounded like two people fighting
The fight went on a bit longer until I heard a gun shot
Then a bit of struggle before another two shots were fired then it was quiet
I struggled on the chair trying to free myself
But that ugly duckling tied me pretty tight
He sure lacked manners to tie a lady like that
But then his ugliness was enough to show that he wasn't raised well
I was smelling like shit,
Well I had pee'd on myself earlier so I was bound to smell
The sweat mixed with the pEe made me smell like a rotten fish and I needed a shower or a bubble bath at that moment
I was hungry I could eat the greasy bunny chow at any given time
But in the midst of all that I missed Lani
I know Rato insinuated that Lani was behind this but my mind and heart battled to accept that story
I mean Lani will never hurt me like that
He loved me as much as I loved him
We were Inlove
Although they were many morehills and stumbling blocks in our path but I still loved him
I would gladly take another hot slap from carol just to be with him
Right then they were scritching and scratching sounds, someone unlocked the door
I stared with so much curiosity
I wanted to know who it was
When the door flew opened I couldn't help but mumbled under the tape and moved a bit
Gosh was I happy to see Alex there
He was hurt though
His left leg was bleeding
But not that much, he had wrapped a piece of cloth around it
he limped to my direction, carefully he removed the tape from my mouth
And finally I could breathe
"Alex what are you doing here, how did you get here
How did you even know I was here
And where the hell is Thulani" I asked
" Whoa one question at a time, but first let me get you out of her then your questions would be answered" he said untying my hands and ankles
" Damn I've never been happier to see you" I said standing up
I brushed my hands and ankles which had bruises left by the rope
Me: what's really going on alex
Alex: only thulani's father can answer that right now
he is behind all this, he was the one behind your drugging too
And I have no idea why
Me: owh my god, is that man reaLly that heartless
I mean I did nothing to him
Alex: well he is the monster, the devil himself
Me: am sorry about your leg
Alex: its ohk, am glad you are ohk, am sure your man will be glad too
We exited the basement and headed upstairs
Another one might follow later

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