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Thursday, October 13


Slow poison Chapter 30


It was a long wait for everyone, for few minutes there, the lounge was dead quiet
it was no lie that everybody was anxious and curious to know who tommy called
Teekay had tucked himself nicely in Lani's arms who held her close tightly as if he was afraid that if he loosen the grip the woman he loves will slip away
He really had no intentions of loosing her this time around
And teekay felt like she was blessed to have a man who was willing to fight for her through thick and thin
Grace on the far end couch had her head buried in the ground
Still confused and lost at what reaLly was happening
A lot of possible scenarios were playing in her head
She thought that maybe jamal finally found out the real deal about her unusual relationship with vusi and has brought police to arrest her
I mean that was the only possible explanation for his presence in vusi's house
She kept swallowing saliva that wasn't even there
On the two seater couch sat Vusi who was busy attending to the bullet hole in his hand
The bullet had pass through his palm leaving a large hole in the centre of his hand
He still winched in pain
And part of him wanted so badly to pick up his gun from the floor
And shoot straight at Thulani's chest silencing him for good
But with such a full house it was hard to do such a thing
Near the door stood jamal who was busy tapping his shoe on the ground much to everyone's irritation
With such quietness the shoe tapping sound seemed to be louder
Like a buzzing bee on your ear
The sound was so annoying and unbearable but nobody dared told him to stop
Alex sat near the steps, he was really trying to dismiss the pain that came from the gun wound in his leg
The only thoughts that ran in his mind was how messed up his friend's father was
It really amazed him how a father can detest his own son like that
He really hated how vusi tempered with Thulani's recovering progress
This stunt he pulled has driven thulani back into the gutter no doubt
Just when his friend was becoming a better man, his father decided to become the enemy of progress
He kept stAring sharply at Vusi who kept looking at the gun on the floor
Alex could see that vusi was planning something sinister so he decided to keep a close eye on him
Tommy was busy browsing nothing in his phone
He waited eagerly for mxo to make his entrance
Part of his heart was a bit relieved knowing that finally his brother's death will be accounted for
He was happy that there was gonna be no escape for grace this time around
Suddenly everyone's heart rate elevated upon hearing the firm footsteps that was heard on the other side of the door
Everybody waited eagerly to see the face on the other side of the door
Those few steps seemed to be longer than they usually take that day for vusi
He anticipated every sounds made on the other side of the wall
For once everyone in the house ,with the exception of jamal and tommy, were afraid of the unknown
Hearts were ready to fly out their chest when a soft knock was heard on the door
Tommy who was standing near the door held the door handle
He swayed it down and the glass door opened a bit enough for him to be able to peek
" Ey boss kushubile" tommy said to the person who was on the other side of the door
" Kantsi kwentekani ( what's happening)" the voice on the other side responded
Upon hearing that voice thando quickly recognized it
While Grace so sure that she knew that voice froze on that couch
Her mind entered the in denial
She held for his dear life on the leather couch
Her long artificial nails clawed in deeper leaving bits of holes in the arm rest of the couch
" UTatibonela boss yonke lentfo yinyakanyaka nje ( you will see for your self boss, this whole thing is just a mess)" tommy said
He opened the door a Bit wider, stepped aside and allowed mxolisi to step in
All eyes were on the door and to some their expectations were shattered and to some they were gruesome while others remained in the dark and confused when mxolisi walked in
" Papa" teekay said running to her dad
She literally jumped on him and hung her hands around his neck
Mxolisi as confused as hell held on tight to his little girL
His mind wondered what was thando doing in Vusi's house
" What are you doing here dad" thando asked curiously still tucked in her dad arms
" I should be asking you that same question
What are you doing here, ain't you suppose to be in school" mxolisi asked
" No,,, you are dead, jamal he is dead isn't he
I.... I saw you drinking the water
The police confirmed your death
Owh lord you are a ghost,, but isn't it too soon for you to become a ghost
Jamal tell me am seeing things" a deranged Grace said pointing her finger at mxolisi
" Don't worry baby, you are not crazzy just yet you still intact
I told you a storm was coming, you should have listened to me and got an umbrella for your evil heart" jamal responded sarcastically with a conniving smile
" Yes grace as you can see I am very much alive
Sorry to have busted your bubbles" mxolisi said breaking the hug with thando
He headed towards grace
" No.. Jamallll" that's all grace managed to say before she felt so suffocated
A hot rush of air took over her surrounding
She tried making a fan with her hand but at that point and time her hand was rendered useless
It didn't produce adequate air
So as a results she collapsed on the couch
" Owh not so soon devil's advocate you can't play dead just yet
There's still a lot you need to answer for" jamal said shaking her
" Can someone get us a glass of cold water" tommy said
Thulani ran to the kitchen to get the water
While teekay ran to her mother's unconscious body
"Mom please wake up, please can somebody please wake her up
Please" teekay cried out busy shaking her
Tommy had to pull her away
Tommy: don't worry nana she will be ohk she just fainted that's all
Jamal: besides she won't die just yet
She has a lot to answer for before faking her early death
Teekay: what's really going on here dad, why are you here
Can anyone please explain to me what's the real connection here
From this man( pointing at vusi) trying
To kill me and kidnapping me
To you guys being gathered In his living room
"Trying to kill you, am sorry what,
Did I just hear you saying that this goat here kidnapped you" mxolisi asked so amazed
without even waiting for a respond mxo flew to the couch where vusi was sitting and a very hard mind blowing punch landed on vusi's cheek
" You bursted, you laid your filthy hands on my daughter how dare you" mxo said punching vusi repeatedly
Until the guys jumped in and tried pulling him away from vusi who was trying to fight back but couldn't really because of his wounded hand
" No let me beat the bullshit out of him" mxo yelled trying to break free from the guys grasp
Tommy: boss you have to remember why you are here
You can't kill the guy just yet
We need answers remember
Teekay: and can we get them now please because I am actually dying to know what's going on
Right then Thulani came back with the jug of cold water
" Ah finally, can we wake her up already" jamal said
He took the jug from thulani and poured the cold water roughly on Grace's face
" God please don't kill me" she screamed and gasped rapidly before sitting up straight
" Relax would you, I doubt God can kill you now
Infact I don't think he even want to have your black blood soiled in his hands
So sorry madam don't flatter yourself although for your evil deeds you deserve the most horrible death
Just like the one you brought upon my brother" jamal said furiously
" What, baby what are you talking about and how is mxolisi here you said the poison was...." She kept quiet upon seeing her daughter's sharp gaze
" ReaLly you don't know what am talking about
You are a murderer woman" jamal yelled with so much anger
Tommy: brother please come down
Jamal: no, I have held back so much for far too long
This woman is a murder, she killed our little brother
Grace: whoaw am sorry what, what are you talking about
Can someone clarify what he is talking about
Teekay: tommy what is your friend talking about
Tell him to stop, he can't just label my mother as a murder
Dad say something
mxolisi cleared his throat
" Am sorry to be a carrier of bad news honey but jamal is telling the whole truth
Your mother here is a monster in the flesh
She has a lot of explaining to do starting from the innocent ten year old young boy she got killed in order to stage a killing of my son
And how she planned to kill me" mxolisi said
" Not my mother
Mother tell me that's a lie
Mom can't do that, she will never do something like that
And she can't go as far as trying To kill you dad
This is just madness
Its insane" teekay said refusing to believe the bitter truth that had just surface about her mother
She felt like she was about to hit the ground as her knees were failing her
So she acquired balance to the person she trusted the most which was Thulani
" Its ohk hlehle, we'll get to the bottom of this" lani said brushing her back
Teekay: its a lie, mom please tell them its a lie
Jamal: jah grace tell us, are we really lying
What's the real deal between you and vusi accept for the fact that you two are banging of'cause
Grace: baby please
"Which one is your real baby again, is it me or your supposedly dead husband or vusi" jamal said
Grace: jamal please, you know its you i love
I can do anything for you, for us
Think about our baby
She/he needs us both
" So this is the father of your baby, the guy you dumped me for" vusi talked for the first time since mxolisi walked in
Grace: yes vusi, he is the father of my child and I love him
Jamal laughed so hard, mxo and tommy joined in that laughter
" You really are that naïve to believe that I impregnated you
I can never do such a thing, you are not really pregnant grace
And for your information there never was an "us"
This whole thing was a setup
We staged everything just like you staged the death of your soon to be ex husband's son
The doctor injected you with a pregnancy hormone
Its fake you not caring any child
Well definitely not my child " jamal said inbetween the laughter
Grace: baby please don't say that, you know am carrying your child
And what we had was real, think of all the time we spend together it was real
I love you
Vusi: really, you are so pathetic grace
I can't believe how much stupid you can get
I can't believe you left me for something that was not there
You got played sweety
Grace: no I refuse to believe it
Mxo: then why don't you ask your self why am still alive
Its because I came up with the plan of killing me
I drew the plan to jamal and he simply carried it out
There never was real poison in that bottle
It was just pure water
Grace: but, but the police called, they said you died in that car accident
Mxo: yeah a police called and it was tommy
There never was any accident
Knowing how heartless you can be I knew that you would never follow up
I knew that you wouldn't have bothered going to the police station to identify my body
And you did just that, you proved me right
And now you gonna go down for attempted murder
Mxolisi said that taking out and playing a tap recording of grace stating how she poisoned his husband's water in her conversation with jamal
Grace was so crushed upon hearing that
She was literally speechless well mostly because of the look her daughter gave her upon hearing that tape
The look was so intense and carried so much hatred
" So jamal you are a police" grace finally said
Jamal: yeah grace me and my brother tommy here are actually working for the law
And we are about to close the case that was left cold 15 years ago
Right now we are wearing wires
Detectives are listening to this conversation
You better start explaining what happened 15 years ago or be prepared to be locked up for a very long time
Grace: I have no idea what you are talking about
Jamal: really, so can Mr Ngwenya back you up in that
Vusi can you testify to this woman's claims and be dragged down with her or are you ready to start talking
Vusi, feeling so cornered and under pressure saw no need protecting a woman who didn't even love him
He looked at her for a while
Grace slowly shook her head alerting him not to speak
But vusi had no reason to protect her
" I will talk only if I get immunity" vusi said
" Vusi its me, you can't betray me like that
When I go down you will go down with me" grace blabbed looking all scared
Tommy: don't worry mr ngwenya just talk and immunity will be granted to you
Grace: no baby no, I will be with you
I will spend the rest of my life with you
Just don't do this
Vusi just gave her a death stare
" Well it all started 16 years ago, this woman right here had this master plan to cut all ties between her sister and his husband
I had knew her from university cause we once dated there but lost contact after we graduated
So when I met her four years later old flames were restored
And she told me that she needed help
She was so convincing about how her husband abused her and cheated on her with her sister hence the outcome was a son
Grace wanted that son gone
She wanted to hurt her sister so badly but couldn't soiled her hands with family blood
That's when she looked for a young orphan whom nobody will lay claim on to stage a perfect plan
She asked me to get some strong guys for her to do the job
That's when I told her about stone and sgiva
Two guys who were gonna do a clean job
She hired them to kill that young boy
The plan was to smash him beyond recognition then deem him as her sister's son
I was friends with the doctor who examined the body so we paid him to say that the death boy was indeed her sister's son
Then later she showed up with a young boy on my door step and asked me to raise as my own in return we will recandle our
And because I still loved her I agreed
But she master minded everything" vusi said
Mxo: and then the boy where is he
Vusi's continuous gaze at thulani just confirmed the most thing everybody knew
While some were still in the dark
Mxolisi headed to thulani and grabbed his arm
And the birth mark embedded on his arm just confirmed the story
Mxolisi knew that birth mark because tinyiko also had it
And he knew that Thulani bear the mark from birth
" Omg its him, its really is him
He still has her mother's eyes" mxolisi said with a sad but most joyful tone
His voice trembled
While everyone stood awkwardly waiting for what was to follow
Thulani: what's going on, why are you looking at my arm
Mxo: that's because I know that mark
Your mother has it too
You are indeed my son
" Am sorry what!!!" Teekay said astonished by what she just heard
Mxo: she is your brother babygirl, well your half brother but you still binded by my blood, i know this is a lot and new but I will explain everything to you
" No,,, hell no" both Thulani and Teekay said
Thulani: no, not this, you can't be my father
Well...she can't be my sister
Well please don't be my father, tell me this a joke please
" Mom please tell me this is not true" Teekay said with a shaky voice with tears already in her chin
Her mom wailed a bit louder, she staggered a bit as if someone had died
" Am sorry baby but its true, its all true
He is your half brother, you two are siblings
You share the same father
I am so sorry, I didn't mean for things to get this out of hands" grace finally said
That harsh truth cut deeply into Teekay's heart
It was so overwhelming, it all felt unreal
"No, I impregnated my own sister" Thulani said with his hands on his head
" What!!!!" Everybody exclaimed
Teekay: am pregnant?
Thulani: no you lost the baby in the drug overdose incident
I couldn't tell you because I didn't wanna break your heart
Mxo: whoa wait, you two slept together
Thulani: we are or should I say were dating
Jamal: now that's something we don't see everyday
Alex: its really is a fucked up shit
"And all because of one heartless monster of a woman
I hate you and from today you seize to be my mom" teekay said
she then ran out of the house, her mom tried calling her name but Thando was long gone
tommy ran after her while without thinking twice a bullet shot through vusi's skull and he fell on the couch with blood covering his face
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