Tuesday, October 11

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Teboho from muvhango doesn't know she is in a foursome relationship

Teboho from muvhango doesn't know she is in a 4-some relationship

Teboho from muvhango has polygamy drama even in real life.

The actress, who proudly showed off her husband to the media had no idea what would hit her.The Mpumalanga businessman Thabo Twala,the man who put a smile on her face, her husband is a polygamist and she had no idea or she just chose to be ignorant. We have been alerted that Twala's first wife, Kate, recently asked Liteboho to leave her husband alone after she declared her love for their husband on the media.Twala wedded and blessed Liteboho with a Merc and a crib in one of the rich kingdoms suburbs of Johannesburg.

"When I met him, Kate was history. She was just another part of his past. Even now they are no longer together. In fact, Thabo had just broken up with some woman called Mpho when I met him. He paid lobola for me and we live with our child," she said. It seems she's living in a world of denial because when contacting Thabo he confirmed that he has three wives whom he's got children with a of them because he can afford them. He said he loves all of them. He seems to be contradicting his third wife's statement.
Liteboho - who plays Teboho, wife of mayor Mulalo Mukwevho in the soapie - said Twala and Kate's last-born child had just turned three when she started dating him and for that I'm called names. They say I'm a home wrecker and in our society the woman always takes the blame in situations like these.Kate insisted she doesn't recognise Liteboho's marriage to Twala. She said she's the only wife to her husband while Mpho said she and Kate are very close. Mpho agreed to being the second wife so obviously the tenderpreneur is playing a very confusing game and so are his wives.
"I have nothing much to say except that in as far as I'm concerned, I'm my husband.

Twala bought cars and houses for all his three wives because his love for them is equal. He declared himself a traditional man there for having many wives is not a taboo to him.

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